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Interview, Jackson Laboratory, History, Transcript, Susan Mehrtens

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The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, Maine

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The Jackson Laboratory Historical Archives


Susan Mehrtens' Note:

Dale Foley was the administrative "right arm" of both Little and Green, and, as such, was in a position to comment on the Lab's financial and administrative activities from the perspective of a key participant. As we began, he brought out several pages of notes, which formed the basis of the monologue that followed. To my surprise, his tape consists almost totally of accounts of the acquisition of property and building of the major Jax buildings. Aside from references to several valued Jax volunteers--several of them wealthy Trustees--Foley stuck to the physical plant in his interview. Intuitively, I felt venturing into more global topics-- Jax administrative evolution, management vs. administration, bureaucracy and the lack of it--would have gotten me nowhere. So I refrained from pressing on these issues. As a native, Foley was much more forthcoming and voluble than I had anticipated, but given his central position as key administrator for so many years, he could have provided a wealth of information beyond what is on these tapes. Value this tape for its background on the buildings of the Lab, and its descriptions of some key "unsung heroes" among trustees and Lab friends.