Leroy Stevens

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Interview, Jackson Laboratory, History, Scientists, Transcript, Susan Mehrtens, teratoma, testicular teratoma

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The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, Maine

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The Jackson Laboratory Historical Archives


Dr. Stevens seemed remarkably nervous throughout our taping, commenting several times that he felt he had nothing to say. In fact, he did, but only in a corroborating way: his tape confirms much said by Russell, Snell and other old-timers. Interestingly, Stevens represents an age group, or "generation" with few members left at Jax: the immediate post-World War II group hired by C.C. Little just as federal funding began to be a feature of American science. Stevens makes reference to five or six scientists hired when he was, who are no longer at Jax. In terms of anecdote, or vignette, this tape is thin. Since Stevens was full of such stories after I had packed up the recorder and was on my way out, I imagine fear of the microphone paralyzed his memory. Like everyone on the staff, Stevens was aware of the differences in style and personality between C.C. Little and Earl Green. As do many of the scientists I interviewed, Stevens tends to his science, holed up in his little corner of the Lab, and willingly forgets the outer world. A picture of the intra-Lab social scene is provided here, in passing, in Steven's reference to the "jack-ass~ club. I have no reason to question Stevens' veracity or reliability, but since this tape says so little and nothing not stated elsewhere and in more detail, its veracity is not an issue.