John Fuller

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Interview, Jackson Laboratory, History, Scientists, Transcript, Susan Mehrtens, Hamilton Station

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The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, Maine

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The Jackson Laboratory Historical Archives


Susan Mehrtens' Note:

Fuller was a close associate of J.P. Scott's in the Lab's animal behavior section at Hamilton Station Since all the records of Ham Station were destroyed after that area was closed down, both Scott's and Fuller's tapes are particularly valuable as rare sources of information in this aspect of the Lab's work.

Our meeting took place in the Wonderview Motel, with Fuller's wife, Ruth, listening and occasionally interrupting. Fuller describes the work at Ham Station, his role as Assistant Director of the Lab, his decision to leave MDI and Jax -- all in the most gental and careful terms.

While this interview never gets pointedly critical, incisive in its assessments, or astute in its evaluations, it does offer more information on Ham Station and behavioral aspect of Jax's research. For this it is to be valued.