Submissions from 1960

Standardized nomenclature for inbred strains of mice. Second listing.

The elution of precipitating antibodies to specific antigens of liver and hepatoma in mice., G I. Abelev and Z A. Avenirova

The immunofiltration method for the elution of a specific antigen of a transplantable mouse hepatoma., G I. Abelev and V S. Tsvetkov

The mechanism of the action of androgenic hormones on mouse-liver catalase., D H. Adams

Some factors affecting the permeability of large-granule membranes to mouse-liver catalase in vitro., D H. Adams and E A. Burgess

Effect of sex hormones on ehrlich mouse ascites cancer., C G. Ahlstrom and N Jonsson

Decreased radiation mortality in mice treated with a pseudomonas pyrogen. Abstr., E J. Ainsworth and P D. Forbes

The effect of proteus morganii endotoxin on radiation mortality in mice., E J. Ainsworth and M H. Hatch

Transplantation des tumeurs cerebrales experimentales., I S. Aksel and T B. Aykan

The effect of litter rank on the development of mouse lymph nodes., S Albert

Lymph node morphology and metabolism in mammary tumor-susceptible and -resistant mice., S Albert and R M. Johnson

The effect of foster-nursing on mouse lymph nodes., S Albert and R M. Johnson

Metabolic studies on the chrysoidin hepatoma in mice. (summary), Z Albert, K Medras, and M Ortowski

Some peculiar biological and biochemical properties of a mouse hepatoma induced by chrysoidin. I. Biological and biochemical characteristics of the hepatoma., Z Albert and M Ortowski

Some peculiar biological and biochemical properties of a mouse hepatoma induced by chrysoidin. Iii. Activity of glucose-6-phos- phatase., Z Albert and M Ortowski

Some peculiar biological and biochemical properties of a mouse hepatoma induced by chrysoidin. II. Metabolic properties of the hepatoma., Z Albert and M Ortowski

Shortening of the life span of mice by irradiation with x-rays and treatment with radiomimetic chemicals., P Alexander and D I. Connell

Effect of nitrogen mustards and related compounds on the nucleo- proteins of the cell nucleus., P Alexander and K A. Stacey

A histochemical study of 3(beta)-sterol dehydrogenase in the adrenal cortex of the developing mouse., J M. Allen

Some enzymatic properties of the x-zone of the mouse adrenal gland studied by cytochemical studies. Abstr., J M. Allen

A histochemical study of enzymes in the epididymis of normal, castrated and hormone replaced castrated mice separated by zone electrophoresis in starch gels., J M. Allen and R L. Hunter

Abnormal distribution of nucleic acid in tissue culture cells infected with polyoma virus., A C. Allison and J A. Armstrong

Localization of a halogenated porphyrin in mouse tumours., K I. Altman and K Salomon

Differences between the surface properties of normal and tumour cells., E J. Ambrose and G C. Easty

Attempts at extending the therapeutic index of radiation therapy of the leukemias., J L. Ambrus, C M. Ambrus, and E T. Feltz

Injection a des souris nouveau-nees de cellules hematopoietigues homologues de donneurs adultes ou embryonnaires. Frequence de la greffe erythroblastique et de la 'runt disease'., J L. Amiel and G Mathe

Possible relationships between the cytotoxic effects of isoantibody and host cell function., D B. Amos

Biochemistry of cancer., E P. Anderson and L W. Law

Some factors involved in the induction or growth of testicular tumors in balb/c mice., H B. Andervont, M B. Shimkin, and H Y. Canter

The growth of estrogen-induced interstitial-cell testicular tumours in balb/c mice., H B. Andervont, M B. Shimkin, and H Y. Canter

Susceptibility of seven inbred strains and the f1 hybrids to estogen- -induced testicular tumors and occurrence of spontaneous testicular tumors in strain balb/c mice., H B. Andervont, M Shimkin, and H Y. Canter

Radiation avoidance in the mouse., H L. Andrews and L M. Cameron

Similarity of protein and enzyme patterns in different types of malignant tissues., P U. Angeletti, B W. Moore, and V Suntzeff

Chromatographic patterns of protein and enzymes in extracts of rhabdomyosarcoma and muscle in mice., P U. Angeletti, V Suntzeff, and B W. Moore

The use of genetically obese mice for the study of decompression illness. Abstr., W Antopol, S Kooperstein, and S Sugaar

Synthetic auxins in the chemotherapy of transplanted and spontaneous mouse adenocarcinoma., C A. Apffel, A Tregier, and F Hamburger

Anti-tumor activity of three antibiotics derived from streptomyces. Abstr., T Arai and H Hori

Studies on the antitumor activity of seven-membered ring structures. Abstr., M Arakawa and Y Sato

Effect of x-irradiation on the distribution of an s35-labeled sulfonamide in mice and rats. Abstr., M F. Argus, J F. Kane, and F E. Ray

Mechanism of insulin resistance in kl strain of mice. II. Role of endogenous and exogenous food supplies., B F. Argyris

Mammary duct stimulation by subcutaneous ehrlich ascites tumor trans- plants., B F. Argyris and T S. Argyris

Mammary duct stimulation by tumor transplants. Abstr., B F. Argyris and T S. Argyris

Differential response of epidermis and hair follicles to subcutane- ously transplanted ehrlich ascites tumor. Abstr., T S. Argyris and B F. Argyris

The physiological activity of epithelium and its response to tumor growth-promoting influences. Abstr., T S. Argyris and B F. Argyris

Effect of x-irradiation on differentiating hair follicles., T S. Argyris and H B. Chase

Intracellular structural changes associated with freezing to -79 (degrees) c. Abstr., J A. Armstrong and L Weiss

The extension of the schwartzman phenomenon to the mouse and some ecological determinants of the single-injection reaction., W F. Arndt and H A. Schneider

The influence of a water soluble fraction prepared from liver on the life span and development of leukemia in akr mice., K Arnesen and J Dedichen

A method for recording general activity of mice., A Arvola

On enzymatic and cytological changes during the carcinogenesis of mice and rats. Abstr., K Asano

Morphogenetic interactions in the development of the mouse thymus gland., R Auerbach

Inability of p-hydroxypropiophenone to inhibit the appearance of spontaneous hepatomas in the c3h mouse., T Baba

Inability of methionine to affect lethality in mice and rats exposed to x-rays., Z M. Bacq and M L. Beaumariage

Propriete radioprotectrice d'une preparation synthetique d'ocytocine (syntocinon sandoz) chez la souris., Z M. Bacq and M L. Beaumariage

Periodontal disease in six strains of inbred mice., P N. Baer and J E. Lieberman

A rapid method of grafting skin on tails of mice., D W. Bailey and B Usama

Changes in the ehrlich ascites tumor following serial in vitro irradiation. Abstr., R N. Baillif and R Hibbs

The relative biological effect of various qualities of x-rays on growth of ascites tumor cells., N A. Baily and R A. Brother

Agglutinin responses to s. Typhi h antigen in intact and sublethally irradiated mice following the intraperitoneal injection of homologous spleen cell suspensions., G O. Bain

The destruction of ehrlich ascites tumor cells by heparin in vitro. Abstr., N Baker and M Fields

Mice with hereditary myopathy., N Baker, L Wilson, W O. Al, P T. Neostigmine, and R T. In

Growth of se polyoma virus in primary and established cell cultures., P Balduzzi and H R. Morgan

The metabolism of purines by tumors., M E. Balis

Mouse macrophages as host cells for the mouse hepatitis virus and the genetic basis of their susceptibility., F B. Bang and A Warwick

Le metabolisme de l'acide glutamique et de la glutamine dans les neoplasies et les tissues non neoplasiques. I. Etude des reactions de transamination., I Banu and I Popp

Neoplastic changes occurring in pituitary isografts in mice. Abstr., C W. Bardin and A G. Liebelt

The action of x-rays and chlorambucil on the cytoplasmic solid concentration of lymphocytes., R Barer and S Joseph

Immunological studies of mouse radiation chimaeras., D W. Barnes

An adaptive change in an inbred mouse strain maintained in a cold environment., S A. Barnett

Physiology and behaviour in f1 mice showing heterosis. Abstr., S A. Barnett

'heterosis' In f1 mice in a cold environment., S A. Barnett and E M. Coleman

Mortality, growth and liver glycogen in young mice exposed to cold., S A. Barnett, E M. Coleman, and B M. Manley

Immunization studies with living vaccine of salmonella typhimurium., L S. Baron and S B. Formal

Cholesterol release from ehrlich ascites cells., L K. Barrett and M E. Hodes

Detection of latent ectromelia virus infection in mice with the aid of human cell cultures in vitro., G Barski

Ricerche sugli effetti della roenygenterapia nei tumori sperimentali degli animali con il variare del ritmo di frazionamento., G Barth, S Gavala, and F Wachsmann

Zur frage der optimalen pausendauer bei der strahlentherapie schnell wachsender, bosartiger tumoren., G Barth, H Graebner, and F Wachsmann

The effects of brucella abortus on the transplantable crocker's sarcoma of mice.), A Bartkowiak, Z Hirnle, W K. Al, D S. Na, and C M. Of

Increased incidence of tumor metastases in female mice., R Baserga and W E. Kisieleski

A study on the establishment and growth of tumor metastases with tritiated thymidine., R Baserga, W E. Kisieleski, and K Halvorsen

A study on the establishment and growth of tumor metastases with tritiated thymidine. Abstr., R Baserga, W E. Kisieleski, and K Halvorsen

The immunological properties of certain fractions of ehrlich's adeno- carcinoma of mice. I. The study of the antigenic composition of tumor fractions by the method of anaphylaxis with desensitization., I S. Bashkaev

Complement-fixing isoantibodies in mice., J R. Batchelor

Synergic action between isoantibody and immune cells in graft rejection., J R. Batchelor, E A. Boyse, and P A. Gorer

The induction of dominant lethal mutations in rats and mice with triethylenemelamine (tem)., A J. Bateman

High frequency of a lethal gene (te) in a laboratory stock of mice., N Bateman

Selective fertilization at the t-locus of the mouse., N Bateman

Studies on the chemistry and bioassay of thyrotropius from bovine pituitaries, transplantable pituitary tumors of mice, and blood plasma., R W. Bates and P G. Condliffe

Features of the 'adipose' mouse. Abstr., R A. Batt and G A. Harrison

Chromosomes in primary neoplastic growth., K Bayreuther

The chromosomal constitution of methylcholanthrene induced sarcomas and their variants induced and tested in isogenic resistant strains., K Bayreuther

Genetics of gametes. Iii. Strain differences in spermatozoa from eight inbred strains of mice., R A. Beatty and K N. Sharma

Teneur en histamine de la peau chez la souris adulte exposee au rayonnement x., M Beaumariage

Teneur en histamine de la peau du souriceau et irradiation par rayons x., M Beaumariage

Teneur en histamine de la peau chez la souris., M L. Beaumariage and D V. Radivojevic

The effects of protamines and histones on the nucleic acids of ascites tumor cells., F F. Becker and H Green

Different metabolic pathways of c14-ribonucleosides in tumor and normal cells., A K. Belousova and M T. Grigor'eva

Effet de la moelle osseuse de souris, apres congelation en presence de quelques oses et de leurs derives polyalcooliques, sur la survie apres irradiation par une dose lethale de rayons x., M A. Bender

Protection of mouse bone marrow by inorganic compounds during freezing and thawing., M A. Bender

Preservation of viable bone marrow cells by freezing., M A. Bender, P T. Tran, and L H. Smith