Submissions from 1962

Burdette, walter j. Oncogenetics.

(experimental Studies on ascitic conversion of mammary cancer of c3h mice. Establishment of an ascites tumor fm3a.) (in Japanese)

The method of isolation of specific antigens of tumour and normal tissue., G I. Abelev and V S. Zvetkov

Glucose metabolism in phh and phl strains of mus musculus. Abstr., J T. Adams, J A. Weir, and P A. Kitos

Heterotransplantability of a mouse leukemia in cortisone-treated hamster previously exposed to the leukemic cells or normal spleen. Abstr., R A. Adams

Adjuvant effect of diffusion chambers on soluble antigens., F L. Adler and M Fishman

Filtrable virus-like agent isolated from tumours induced by carcino- genic substances., A I. Ageenko

Relation of glucocorticoid activity of steroids to number of metastases., D Albert and I Zeidman

The behaviour of crocker's sarcoma grafted upon transplantable chrysoidin hepatoma and spontaneous mammary carcinoma of mice., Z Albert

Further studies on the effect of environment on the development of spontaneous mammary cancer and malignant mesenchymal tumors in mice., Z Albert, K Medras, and I Gorska

Survey of the endocrine system of mice with hereditary muscular dystrophy. Abstr., E A. Alger and A V. Boccabella

Distribution of coagulation proteins in normal mouse plasma., R C. Allen, H Meier, and W G. Hoag

Ethylene glycol produced by ethylene oxide sterilization and its effect on blood-clotting factors in an inbred strain of mice., R C. Allen, H Meier, and W G. Hoag

The toxic effects on blood clotting factors of ethylene glycol produced by ethylene oxide sterilization. Abstr., R C. Allen, H Meier, and W G. Hoag

Immunity against tularemia. Passive protection of mice by transfer of immune tissues., W P. Allen

Cytopathic effects of deuterium oxide on the male gonads of the mouse and dog., A P. Amarose and D M. Czajka

Isoantigens of mouse red cells., D B. Amos

The use of simplified systems as an aid to the interpretation of mechanisms of graft rejection., D B. Amos

Azaserine resistance in a plasma-cell neoplasm without change in active transport of the inhibitor., E P. Anderson and J A. Jacquez

Studies of the mammary-tumor agent of strain riii mice., H B. Andervont and T B. Dunn

Variations in radiation recognition by the mouse., H L. Andrews and D C. Peterson

Fast neutron irradiation and the relationship of radiation dose and mammalian tumor cell reproductive capacity., J R. Andrews and R J. Berry

An electron microscope study of age changes in the liver of the mouse., W Andrew

Capacity for histological reconstruction by mouse kidney cells in relation to age., K D. Ansevin and R Buchsbaum

Gamma globulin potentiation of protens lipopolysaccharide effect on sarcoma 180., W Antopol and C Chryssanthou

Inactivation and reactivation of living tumor cells. Abstr., C A. Apffel

Acquired tolerance to skin homografts in mice. Abstr., B F. Argyris

Elimination of runt disease and induction of acquired tolerance by x-irradiated spleen cells., B F. Argyris

Loss of acquired tolerance to skin homografts in mice., B F. Argyris

The growth-promoting effects of wounds on hair follicles already stimulated by plucking., T S. Argyris

Differential response of skin epithelium to growth-promoting effects of subcutaneously transplanted tumor., T S. Argyris and B F. Argyris

Factors affecting the stimulation of hair growth during wound healing., T S. Argyris and B F. Argyris

Chromosome damage in murine and human cells following cytoxan therapy., F E. Arrighi, T C. Hsu, and D E. Bergsagel

Mitotic division of tissue mast cells as indicated by the uptake of tritiated thymidine., hansen G. Asboe and H Levi

Comparative actions of cortisone, androgens and vitamin b12 on body weight and incidence of disease in mice., A D. Ashburn, W L. Williams, and T R. Arlander

Fluorescence microscopy of mouse bone-marrow cells., smith M. Ashwood and M R. Young

Enzymatically produced subunits of proteins formed by plasma cells in mice. II. B2a-myeloma protein and bence jones protein., B A. Askonas and J L. Fahey

The effects of species, strain and sex in thymolytic tests of beta- methasone, dexamethasone and other steroids., R M. Atkinson, M A. Pratt, and E G. Tomich

Test for sex-linked lethals in irradiated mice., C Auerbach, D S. Falconer, and J H. Isaacson

Sodium fluxes in the ehrlich ascites tumor cell. Abstr., F Aull and H G. Hempling

Purification and properties of specific l-histidine decarboxylase. Abstr., D Aures, W J. Hartman, and W G. Clark

Effect of x-irradiation on susceptibility to lymphoma induction by gross passage a virus in adult c3hf/bi mice. Relation to thymic cell multiplication and differentiation. Abstr., A A. Axelrad and H C. Gaag

Susceptibility to lymphoma induction by gross passage a virus in c3hf/bi mice of different ages. Relation to thymic cell multiplication and differentiation., A A. Axelrad and H C. Gaag

Lebermitosehemmung durch homogenate regenerierender leber., E G. Bade and J M. Llanos

Histoincompatibility associated with the x chromosome in mice. Abstr., D W. Bailey

Histologic reaction to ehrlich ascites tumor cells in the mediastinal lymph nodes. Abstr., R N. Baillif

Intravenous live cell immunization against the ehrlich ascites tumor. Abstr., R N. Baillif

The effect of inhaled pu239o2 on the life span of mice., W J. Bair, A D. Wiggins, and L A. Temple

Studies on the activity and distribution of oxidative and hydrolytic enzymes in the skeletal and cardiac muscle of dystrophic mice kept on various diets., E Bajusz and G Jasmin

Response of 3,4,9,10-dibenzphrene-induced tumors and their derived transplants to certain chemotheropeutic agents. Abstr., J R. Baker and A Tregier

Cardiac lesions in mice fed high fat, low protein diets. Abstr., C R. Ball

Accelerated rejection of male skin isografts by female c57bl mice infected with bacillus calmuette-guerin., H Balner, L J. Old, and D A. Clarke

Proliferation and rejection of transplanted tritium labeled bone marrow cells in mice., H Balner, E B. Simmel, and D A. Clarke

Mitotic activity of hyperplastic alveolar nodules and of normal lobules in the mammary glands of c3h/crgl female mice., M R. Banerjee

Effect of mammary tumor virus (mtv) on the mitotic index of non- -mammary tissues of mice. Abstr., M R. Banerjee and H A. Bern

A time and motion study of prefighting behavior in mice., E M. Banks

Effects of 6-diazo-5-oxo-l-norleucine on the incorporation of pre- cursors into nucleic acids., R K. Barclay, E Garfinkel, and M A. Phillipps

The direct effect of pituitary isografts on mammary gland development in the mouse., W Bardin, A G. Liebelt, and R A. Liebelt

Effect of testosterone on oestrogen-induced bone formation in mice., D J. Barker and J N. Crossley

'secondary Disease' in lethally irradiated mice restored with syngeneic or allogeneic foetal liver cells. In mechanisms of immunological tolerance, czech. Acad. Sci., Prague,, D W. Barnes, J F. Loutit, and H S. Micklem

'secondary Disease' of radiation chimeras. A syndrome due to lymphoid aplasia., D W. Barnes, J F. Loutit, and H S. Micklem

Breeding mice in a cold climate. Abstr., S A. Barnett

Total breeding capacity of mice at two temperatures., S A. Barnett

Effects of early restriction and facilitation of climbing on later climbing behavior of mice., A Baron, J J. Antonitis, and S F. Schell

Low-intensity auditory and visual stimuli as reinforcers for the mouse, A Baron and G B. Kish

Some contrasts between tissue transplantation and natural phenomena. Proc. Int. Symp. On tissue transpl., Univ. De chile, 1961. ED. By, M K. Barrett

Tumours of nerve. An electron microscope study., A A. Barton

The relationship between hemagglutinogens and histocompatibility antigens in the mouse., R S. Basch and C A. Stetson

A radioautographic study of the uptake of (14c)leucine by tumor cells in deoxyribonucleic acid synthesis., R Baserga

A study of nucleic acid synthesis in ascites tumor cells by two- -emulsion autoradiography., R Baserga

Protein and nucleic acid synthesis during the mitotic cycle of ehrlich ascites tumor cells. Abstr., R Baserga

Comparative study of the kinetics of cellular proliferation of normal and tumorous tissues with the use of tritiated thymidine. I. Dilution of the label and migration of labeled cells., R Baserga and W E. Kisieleski

Further observations on induction of tumors in mice with radioactive thymidine., R Baserga, H Lisco, and W Kisieleski

Increased incidence of tumors in mice injected with tritium-labeled thymidine. Abstr., R Baserga, H Lisco, and W E. Kisieleski

Heterogenic antigens of mouse carcinoma muscular adenylic acid., I S. Bashkaev and M N. Boeva

Electromyography and electron microscopy of dystrophic muscle. Abstr., J V. Basmajian and M T. Rakhawy

Differences in incorporation of glucose-u-c14 in c3h mice during various stages of spontaneous carcinogenesis. Abstr., K V. Batra and G T. Okita

Uber das verhalten des l actatdehydrogenase aktivierenden virus aus mausegeschwulsten bei der autolyse., H Bayerle, A Georgii, and P Jakob

Ultracentrifugation and electron microscope studies on ehrlich ascites tumor cells. Abstr., H W. Beams and R G. Kessel

Choice of animals and sensitivity of experiments., W A. Becker

Additional characteristics of anophthalmic mice. Abstr., S L. Beck

Association of polydactyly and anophthalmia. Abstr., S L. Beck

Teratogenic demonstration of subline differences among c57 black mice. Abstr., S L. Beck

Immunological properties of photodynamically inactivated tumour cells., J S. Bellin

Development of x-ray-induced lamellar cataract in the newborn mouse in relation to age at time of irradiation., W H. Benedict

Growth of sarcoma 180 in adrenalectomized mice., D A. Benton

A screen for agents inhibiting the immune response and the growth of tumours., M C. Berenbaum

Effect of anti-tumour agents on non-dividing cells., M C. Berenbaum and M Calley

A simple rapid method for production of viral antibody in mice., S Berkovich

Influence of steroidal structure on glucuronoside formation by mouse liver and kidney., D L. Berliner, W Stevens, and T F. Dougherty

Autoradiographic studies of the distribution of 1-aminocyclopentane carboxylic acid in normal and cancerous mice., L Berlinguet, N Begin, and L M. Babineau

Acute radiosensitivity in mice of differing w genotype., S E. Bernstein

Relation of acute radiation sensitivity to genotype of the blood- -forming tissue. Abstr., S E. Bernstein

Metabolic properties of cells isolated from adult mouse liver., M N. Berry

Fine structure of cells isolated from adult mouse liver., M N. Berry and F O. Simpson

Modification of radiation effect on mammalian tumor cells by pharma- cological agents., R J. Berry and J R. Andrews

Modification of the radiation effect on the reproductive capacity of tumor cells in vivo with pharmacological agents., R J. Berry and J R. Andrews

Metabolic alterations accompanying amethopterin resistance in the ehrlich ascites carcinoma. Abstr., J R. Bertino, B A. Booth, and A C. Sartorelli

Chemically induced mammary tumours following unilateral excision of the nipples in pseudopregnant and lactating breeding balb/c mice., C Biancifiori, G M. Bonser, and F Caschera

The relation between pseudopregnancy and the chemical induction by four carcinogens of mammary and ovarian tumours in balb/c mice., C Biancifiori and F Caschera