Submissions from 1965

The effect of hypoxic protection on recovery from radiation injury in laf1 mice. Abstr.

Effect of neonatal thymectomy and thymic replacement on transplant- ability of murine carcinoma. Abstr., N I. Abdou, J M. Mckenna, and W S. Blakemore

An ethological investigation of single-gene differences in mice., J H. Abeelen

Staining of amyloid in the mouse by intraperitoneally injected congo red. Abstr., J C. Abell and F R. Weedon

Metabolism of barrett mammary adenocarcinoma. Glucose utilization, fatty acid synthesis, and terminal oxidative patterns and glutamine synthesis., S Abraham and I L. Chaikoff

Activity of congeners of hydroxyurea against advanced leukemia l1210., R H. Adamson

Studies on mouse antibodies. I. The response to sheep red cells., F L. Adler

Frequency of labeled cells and intensity of cell labeling considered as functions of the frequency of thymidine-h3 injection. Abstr., E K. Adrian

Studies on induction of tolerance of the y chromosome antigen by spleen microsomes., askari S. Al, H S. Lawrence, and L Thomas

Studies on the microsomal fraction as transplantation antigens in mice and guinea pigs. Abstr., askari S. Al, H S. Lawrence, and L Thomas

Organs of offspring in mice., S Albert, P L. Wolf, C O. Al, F O. Age, and P O. Lymphoreticular

Evidence for erythropoiesis in the thymus of mice. Abstr., S Albert, P L. Wolf, and I Pryjma

Evidence of erythropoiesis in the thymus of mice., S Albert, P Wolf, and I Pryjma

Influence of antigen dosage on kinetics of hemagglutinating antibody production., J F. Albright and T W. Evans

Separation and relative quantitation of mouse plasma esterases with disc electrophoresis., R C. Allen, R A. Popp, and D J. Moore

Fatty acid synthesis during early linoleic acid deficiency in the mouse., D W. Allmann and D M. Gibson

Some reactions of cytotoxic antibodies against previously unknown mouse isoantigens., B Amos

Effects of actinomycin d (ad) and cortisol on rna metabolism in liver and a cortisol-sensitive neoplasm p1798. Abstr., R A. Andersen, F Rosen, and C A. Nichol

Further studies of the mammary tumor agent of strain riii mice., H B. Andervont and T B. Dunn

Lymphocyte transformation in epithelium., W Andrew

Effects of neonatal inoculation of thymus antiserum on growth of sarcoma 180 in mice., L Anigstein, D M. Anigstein, and E G. Rennels

X-irradiation reduction of host resistance to implantation of tumor cells into mouse foot. Abstr., M A. Antar and T C. Evans

Study on experimental cervix carcinoma in c3h mouse-- especially in comparison with human uterine cervical cancer and morphological views on transplantation experiment., M Aoyagi

Effect of inhibition of rna synthesis on neural information storage., S H. Appel

Maturation of immunological responsiveness to transplantation antigens., B Argyris

Effect of thymus grafts, spleen cell injection, and sublethal irradiation on homograft tolerance in mice., B F. Argyris

Effect of prophylactic treatment on spontaneous leukemia in akr mice and incidence of mammary tumors in c3h mice. Abstr., V Armaghan

A comparison of immunoglobulins and antibody production in the normal and thymectomized mouse., B G. Arnason, C D. Cyr, and J B. Shaffner

A study on immunological treatment of cancer by using nitrogen- mustard-treated cancer tissue. (jap.), R Asakuma and I Yokoyama

The effect of hypothermia on the induction of chromosomal mutations by acute x-irradiation of mice., smith M. Ashwood, E P. Evans, and A G. Searle

Immunogenicity of antigen-containing ribonucleic acid preparations from macrophages., B A. Askonas and J M. Rhodes

Immunology of spontaneous mammary carcinomas in mice. II. Resistance to a rapidly and a slowly developing tumor., M A. Attia, K B. Deome, and D W. Weiss

Studies on reactivity of tumor and normal cells to a wheat germ agglutinin., J C. Aub, B H. Sanford, and M N. Cote

Antigenic behaviour of lymphoma cell populations in mice as revealed by the spleen colony method., A Axelrad

Role of the adult thymus in immunity. II. Effect of combined thymec- tomy and splenectomy on serum gamma globulin level and precipitin antibody titer. Abstr., H A. Azar and J Williams

Relative biological effectiveness of 592-mev protons on mice., J Baarli and maury P. Bonet

Experimental carcinoma of the endometrium. Abstr., N Baba

Obstructive uropathy in laboratory mice., V I. Babcock and C M. Southam

Relation entre la radioprotection et l'hypothermie induite par certaines substances chimiques., Z M. Bacq, M L. Beaumariage, and hutter S. Liebecq

A partition of variance in dental traits of the house mouse., R S. Bader

Fluctuating asymmetry in the dentition of the house mouse., R S. Bader

Phenotypic and genotypic variation in odontomtric traits of the house mouse., R S. Bader and W H. Lehmann

Persistence of mitotic circadian rhythm of a transplantable mammary carcinoma after 35 generations. Its bearing on the success of treatment with endoxan., A F. Badran and J M. Llanos

Genetic variation in adrenal weight relative to body weight in mice. Abstr., F M. Badr and S G. Spickett

Genetic variation in the biosynthesis of corticosteroids in mus musculus., F M. Badr and S G. Spickett

A search for genetic background influences on survival time of skin grafts from mice bearing y-linked histoincompatibility., D W. Bailey

Inherited histocompatibility changes in progeny of irradiated and unirradiated inbred mice., D W. Bailey and H I. Kohn

Influence of ldh viruses on growth of ehrlich ascites tumor in mice., J M. Bailey, J Clough, and A Lohaus

Plasma enzyme elevations with ldh viruses from different tumors., J M. Bailey and D A. Wight

Erythrokinetic effect of parental spleen cells in hybrid mice., G O. Bain

Ferrokinetics of a graft-versus-host reaction. Abstr., G O. Bain and J D. Alton

Comparative enzyme histochemistry of myopathies. Similarities and differences between dystrophic and denervated muscles., E Bajusz

Succinic dehydrogenase in muscular dystrophy. An experimental study on secondary changes resulting from disturbance in neuromuscular integrity., E Bajusz

Lipotropic compounds in the production of cardiac lesions. Abstr., C R. Ball

Dietary-induced atrial thrombosis in mice., C R. Ball, B R. Closer, and W L. Williams

Spontaneous and dietary-induced cardiovascular lesions in dba mice., C R. Ball and W L. Williams

Role of the spleen in chemically induced tumor immunity in inbred mice. Abstr., D S. Bard and Y H. Pilch

Adaptation of mice to cold., S A. Barnett

Genotype and environment in tail length in mice., S A. Barnett

Maternal performance in mice at -3(degree)c. Food consumption and fertility., S A. Barnett and M J. Little

Organ-weights and body-composition in mice bred for many generations at -3(degrees)c., S A. Barnett and E M. Widdowson

Influence of peritoneal inflammatory exudate on development of a transplantable mouse ascites tumor., G Barski, J Belehradek, and J Kawamata

Immunization against rauscher mouse leukemia with tissue culture material., G Barski and J K. Youn

Heterologous and homologous skin-sensitizing activity of mouse 7s gamma 1- and 7s gamma 2-globulins., W F. Barth and J L. Fahey

The immunoglobulins of mice. VI. Response to immunization., W F. Barth, C L. Mclaughlin, and J L. Fahey

Absence of prolactin activity in pituitaries of dwarf mice. Abstr., A Bartke

Influence of luteotrophin on fertility of dwarf mice., A Bartke

The response of two types of dwarf mice to growth hormone(thyro- tropin, and thyroxine., A Bartke

Inhibition of dna synthesis in ehrlich ascites cells by actinomycin d. II. The presynthetic block in the cell cycle., R Baserga, R D. Estensen, and R O. Petersen

The influence of sex upon the antibody response to an incompatible tumour., J R. Batchelor and B A. Chapman

Synergic and antagonistic effects of isoantibody upon graft-versus- -host disease., J R. Batchelor and J G. Howard

Role of the fibrous capsule in carcinogenesis by plastic film., R R. Bates and R T. Prehn

Effect of previous treatment history on response to trypan blue. Abstr., S L. Beck

Role of complement in passive cutaneous reaction of mice., efraim S. Ben and B Cinader

A method for performing differential counts on peritoneal cell populations from mice., B Bennett

Specific suppression of tumor growth by isolated peritoneal macro- phages. Abstr., B Bennett

Specific suppression of tumor growth by isolated peritoneal macro- phages from immunized mice., B Bennett

The karyotype of the mouse, with identification of a translocation., D Bennett

Studies on the antineoplastic effects of azaserine and the thio- purines and related immunological experiments on mouse sarcoma 180. Abstr., K J. Bennett, S B. Nadler, and H J. Hansen

The effect of delayed administration of folinic acid on immunological inhibition by methotrexate., M C. Berenbaum and I N. Brown

Deamination of l-alanine in normal tissues and malignant tumors. (russ., Eng. Summ.), T T. Berezov

Immunological homograft enhancement. Interactions of antiserum and skin and tumor homografts., B H. Berne

Possible relationship between bittner milk agent and a specific serum antigen in mice. Abstr., P Bernfeld and R E. Bieber

Ehrlich ascites tumor., F D. Bertalanffy, R Schachter, J A. Al, T Rate, and D T. Subcutaneous

Cytogenetics of mouse leukemia l1210. I. Association of a specific chromosome with dihydrofolate reductase activity in amethopterin- -treated sublines., J L. Biedler, A M. Albrecht, and D J. Hutchison

Development of mouse embryos in vivo after cultivation from two-cell ova to blastocysts in vitro., J D. Biggers, B D. Moore, and D G. Whittingham

Diffusion chamber studies of allogenic tumor immunity in mice., M W. Biggs and J E. Eiselein

A second study on the h-y transplantation antigen in mice., R E. Billingham, W K. Silvers, and D B. Wilson

An electron microscopic study of the invasion of ascites tumor cells into the abdominal wall., M S. Birbeck and D N. Wheatley

Immunology of the mouse mammary tumour virus (mtv). A qualitative in vitro assay for mtv., P B. Blair

Reversion by erythropoietin of the suppression of erythroid clones caused by transfusion-induced polycythemia., I Bleiberg, M Liron, and M Feldman

Metabolism of methyl palmitate, a phagocytic and immunologic depressant, and its influence on tissue lipids., D A. Blickens and N R. Diluzio

Induction of phagocytic inhibition and the generalized shwartzman phenomena by the administration of plasma from reticuloendothelial hypofunctional mice., D A. Blickens and N R. Luzio

The development of a congenic pair from the a and cba strains of mice., J Q. Bliss

Response of reticuloendothelial system to experimental allergic orchitis in a genetically susceptible and resistant mouse genotype., D Boehme

Croissance du sarcome j chez les souris soumises a une irradiation corporelle totale et traitees par la moelle osseuse., G Booz and E H. Betz

Maturation of alloimmune responsiveness in mice., D K. Boraker and W H. Hildemann

The behavior of iodine-131 in the muscle of mice with hereditary muscular dystrophy as affected by age, certain pharmacologic agents, and other factors., R F. Borgman

Labelling of mouse thymocytes in vivo with tritiated thymidine for cell transfer experiments., K Borum

The effect of tumors on pentobarbital sleeping time in c57bl mice. Abstr., B M. Boulos, B A. Westfall, and S Garb