Natural mutation rates in the house mouse, plan of study and pre- liminary estimates.

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Hereditary Factors:, Mutation:, Genes: A - Locus, a*t - Black & tan, A*w - White-bellied agouti, ag - Agitans, b - Brown, c - Albino, c*ch - Chinchilla, d*s - Slight dilution, dm - Diminutive, le - Lightears, Ln - Leaden, p - Pink-eyed dilution, pk - Plucked, Ta - Tabby, W -, Dominant spotting, Strains: A/HE, A 3 (A/3), AKR, BALB/C, CBA, C3H/HE, C3HEB, C57BL/6, C57BL/10, C57BR/CD, C57L, C58, DBA/1 (12), DBA/2 (212), RF (W), SJL, SWR, 129, Unknown:

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Mutation Res 1965; 2:457-65.

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