Submissions from 1966

Behavioural profiles of neurological mutant mice., J H. Abeelen

Chlorpromazine and fur shaking in mice., J H. Abeelen

Effects of genotype on mouse behaviour., J H. Abeelen

The temporal variable in saline-induced locomotor depression in mice., J H. Abeelen

Rna biosythesis in tissues of strain a/j mice treated with uracil mustard or actinomycin d. Abstr., C W. Abell and J A. Dipaolo

Studies of resistance to methylglyoxal-bis-guanylhydrazone and its metabolic fate in tumor-bearing rodents., R H. Adamson, C Denman, and V T. Oliverio

Cytogenetic investigations of mutagenic action of caffeine in premeiotic spermiogenesis in mice., I Adler

The potentiating effects of hyperbaric oxygen and actinomycin d on the irradiation of ehrlich ascites tumor cells in vivo., B T. Aftonomos, P M. Aubin, and J F. Foley

Influence of aminoethylisothiouronium bromide hydrobromide and hypoxia on recovery from radiation injury in mice., E J. Ainsworth, T L. Phillips, and K Kendall

Growth behavior of spontaneous hepatoma in c3ho mice., Y Akamatsu, R Ikegami, and T Takemura

Transplantation antigens in normal mouse organs., askari S. Al, H S. Lawrence, and L Thomas

Transplantation antigens in subcellular fractions. Abstr., askari S. Al, H S. Lawrence, and L Thomas

Evaluation of the maternal role in survival of suckling mice., S Albert, P L. Wolf, and R Potter

Observations on the origin of lymphocyte-like cells in mouse bone marrow., S Albert, P L. Wolf, and R Potter

Growth and senescence of antibody-forming cells., J F. Albright and T Makinodan

Treatment of a murine leukemia with spleen cells or sera from allo- geneic mice immunized against the tumor., P Alexander, D I. Connell, and Z B. Mikulska

Attempts to reverse with sex steroids the reproductive organ abnormalities of mice with hereditary muscular dystrophy. Abstr., E Alger

Sex-associated quantitative differences in the plasma esterases of inbred mice., R C. Allen and D J. Moore

Deoxyribonucleic acid content of mitotic nuclei of two mouse tumours., E L. Alpen and M E. Johnston

Rapid deposition of lipofuscin pigment in the adrenal gland of the mouse. Abstr., M Alpert

The role of ribonuclease in regression of lymphosarcoma p1798., E Ambellan and V P. Hollander

Mitigation of secondary disease in mice receiving bone marrow from donors pretreated with cortisone and alkylating agents., C M. Ambrus, J L. Ambrus, and E T. Feltz

Reponses immunitaires 'in vivo' d'une population de cellules ganglion- naires selon leur environnement isogenique ou allogenique., J Amiel

Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase activity in adipose tissue from two types of obese mice during starvation., J Anderson and G Hollifield

Cellular changes with age in the mucosa of small and large intestine of some laboratory mammals. Abstr., W Andrew, R H. Behnke, and Y Shimizu

Uptake of iodine-131-labelled atabrine by ehrlich ascites tumour and by sarcoma s-180 balb., L J. Anghileri

Occurrence of natural antibody to the g (gross) leukemia antigen in mice., T Aoki, E A. Boyse, and L J. Old

Aging and cancerigenesis. Iii. Effect of age on isoantibody formation., T Aoki and M N. Teller

Immunization with sulfhydryl-alkylated tumor material. Abstr., C A. Apffel and B G. Arnason

Induction of tumour immunity with tumour cells treated with iodoacetate., C A. Apffel, B G. Arnason, and J H. Peters

Studies on a murine ascites-producing agent and its effect on tumor development., R N. Arison, J A. Cassaro, and M P. Pruss

Proposed mechanism for the turnover of myosin and its relation to muscular dystrophy., J F. Aronson

Immunology of spontaneous mammary carcinomas in mice. V. Acquired tumor resistance and enhancement in strain a mice infected with mammary tumor virus., M A. Attia and D W. Weiss

Total-body surface beta irradiator for mice. Abstr., H Auerbach and A M. Brues

In vitro induction of the graft-versus-host reaction., R Auerbach and A Globerson

The use of supravital staining to evaluate the survival of skin homografts., G B. Avery and C V. Hunt

Use of vital staining to evaluate the survival of skin homografts. Abstr., G B. Avery and C V. Hunt

Genetic control of susceptibility to friend leukemia virus in mice. Studies with the spleen focus assay method., A Axelrad

Role of the fibrinolysin system in metastatic distribution of spontaneously metastasizing and intravenously injected rodent tumor cells. Abstr., N Back, R R. Shields, and J L. Ambrus

The influence of cystamine adminstered by mouth to mice irradiated with gamma-rays at a low dose-rate., Z M. Bacq and P V. Caneghem

Heritable histocompatibility changes. Lysogeny in mice., D W. Bailey

Further studies on histocompatibility-gene mutation in progeny of irradiated and nonirradiated inbred mice. Abstr., D W. Bailey and L Mobraaten

Distribution of allogeneic 51cr-labelled lymph node cells in mice., D R. Bainbridge, L Brent, and G Gowland

A new method of detecting homograft sensitivity., D R. Bainbridge and G Gowland

Detection of homograft sensitivity in mice by the elimination of 51cr-labelled lymph node cells. Abstr., D R. Bainbridge and G Gowland

Allograft immunity and graft-versus-host activity in mice injected with sensitized spleen cells., G O. Bain and J D. Alton

Oxygen concentration measurements in vivo., D J. Baker and P J. Lindop

Antineoplastic activity of diazoacetyl-glycine derivatives., L Baldini and G Brambilla

Pentru embrionul de gaina in dezvoltare. Text in rumanian., G Balmus, M Lungu, E Nastac, E Al, R E. Patogenitatea, and S D. C57

Neonatal thymectomy and tumor induction with methylcholanthrene in mice., H Balner and H Dersjant

Sex difference for immune depression and runting in neonatally thymectomized mice., H Balner and H Dersjant

Sex-linked anemia. A hypochromic anemia of mice., R M. Bannerman and R G. Cooper

Induction of chromosome injuries in mouse bone marrow under the distant effect of ionizing radiation., N F. Barakina and M I. Yanushevskaya

Effects of 6-diazo-5-oxo-l-norleucine and other tumor inhibitors on the biosynthesis of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide in mice., R K. Barclay and M A. Phillipps

Mammary gland development after hypophysial isografts in intact mice of high and low mammary cancer strains., C W. Bardin, A G. Liebelt, and R A. Liebelt

Influence of prolactin on male fertility in dwarf mice., A Barkte

Influence of the lethal yellow (ay) gene on estrous synchrony in mice., A Barkte and G L. Wolff

Modification of the graft versus host reaction in f1 mice treated with 6-mercaptopurine., B A. Barnes, P B. Schad, and V W. Pinn

Delayed mortality after mid-lethal exposures to whole-body irradiation and its modification by treatment with syngeneic lymph-node or bone- -marrow cells., D W. Barnes, G T. Bungay, and R H. Mole

Increased red cell breakdown in adoptively immunized young nzb mice., R D. Barnes and M Tuffrey

Sites of red cell destruction in the haemolytic anaemia of adoptively immunized nzb mice., R D. Barnes and M Tuffrey

A new way in which early exposure can influence the development of mice. Abstr., S A. Barnett and J Burn

Protective effect of specific immunization in rauscher leukemia., G Barski and J K. Youn

Hormonal bases of hereditary dwarfism in mice. (polish), A Bartke

Reproduction of female dwarf mice treated with prolactin., A Bartke

Activity patterns of several enzymes of liver, adipose tissue, and mammary gland of virgin, pregnant, and lactating mice., J C. Bartley, S Abraham, and I L. Chaikoff

The presence of virus-like bodies in transplantable tumors of the vagina in mice., W Bartoszewicz

Immunologic competence after thymectomy., R S. Basch

Metabolic events in the various phases of the cell cycle of ehrlich ascites cells. Abstr., R Baserga

Delayed inhibition of dna synthesis in mouse jejunum by low doses of actinomycin d., R Baserga, R D. Estensen, and R O. Petersen

Tumor induction in mice by radioactive thymidine., R Baserga, H Lisco, and W E. Kisieleski

Rna synthesis in liver and heart of growing and adult mice., R Baserga, R O. Petersen, and R D. Estensen

A comparison of the mutagenic effectiveness of chronic neutron- and gamma-irradiation on mouse spermatogonia., A L. Batchelor, R J. Phillips, and A G. Searle

Importance of a smooth surface in carcinogenesis by plastic film., R R. Bates and M Klein

Insulin resistance of the inherently obese mouse -obob., R Batt and P Mialhe

Les immunoglobulines de la souris. I. Obtention des immunserums specifiques leur correspondant., H Bazin

Modifications du taux des immunoglobulines chez des souris thymectomisees a l'age adulte et irradiees., H E. Bazin

Pharmacological reactivity of dystrophic muscle., A Beaulnes, P Bois, and R Carle

Delays after injection in mice and rats. Abstr., M L. Beaumariage, V Smoliar, A M. Al, D E. Cysteamine, and C A. Various

The mammary gland in mice of high-cancerous strains a and c3h. (russ.), D K. Beliaev, R P. Martynova, N A. Al, E. Low, and R A. Of

Radiation recovery response of mammalian tumour cells in vivo., J A. Belli, F J. Bonte, and M S. Rose

Relation between friend virus viraemia and immunodepression., M Bendinelli

Comparison of the survival of skin grafts from normal mice and mice with ehrlich ascites tumor., N Ben hur, S Biran, and E Robinson

Isolation and cultivation in vitro of macrophages from various sources in the mouse., B Bennett

Non-random association of chromosomes during mitotic metaphase in tissue cells of the mouse., D Bennett

A reovirus-adjuvant effect in the induction of immunity to homologous ascites tumours, and studies on macrophage-tumour cell relationships., J G. Bennette and R D. Steele

Deficient production of nonerythroid cells by transplanted marrow of anemic wwv mice. Abstr., M Bennett and G Cudkowicz

Genetic factors in the development of mammary tumours in the inbred mouse strain gr. (dutch), P Bentvelzen

Mouse activity cage., yeffet M. Ben

Role of mitosis and mitotic inhibition in the immuno-suppressive action of thioguanine., M C. Berenbaum

Influence of thymectomy and subsequent thymus implantation on leukemia induction in adult c57bl mice by radiation and urethan., I Berenblum, chen L. Boiato, and N Trainin

In the mechanism of urethan leukemogenesis in newborn c57bl mice. II. Influence of thymectomy and of subsequent thymus reimplantation., I Berenblum, L Boiato, and N Trainin

On the mechanism of urethan leukemogenesis in newborn c57bl mice. I. Influence of injections of syngeneic bone marrow cell suspensions., I Berenblum, L Boiato, and N Trainin

Activity of omega-amidase in human and animal malignant neoplasms. (russ.), T T. Berezov

Deamination of the l-isomers of serine and threonine in rat and mouse hepatoma. (russ., Eng. Summ.), T T. Berezov

Studies on allogeneic inhibition. II. Inhibition of mouse tumor cell growth by in vitro contact with cells containing foreign h-2 antigens., C Bergheden and K E. Hellstrom

Proteolytic enzymes in normal and dystrophic mouse muscle., L Berlinguet and U Srivastava

Uptake and retention of mercury in the mouse brain., M Berlin, L G. Jerksell, and H Von ubisch

The relation of isoniazid (inh) and allied compounds to carcinogenesis in some species of small laboratory animals. A review., C Biancifiori and L Severi

Induction of resistance against the transplantation of leukemias induced by rauscher virus., A R. Bianco, J P. Glynn, and A Goldin