Pale ear and light ear in the house mouse. Mimic mutations in linkage groups xii and xvii.

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Hereditary Factors:, Linkage:, Mutation:, Organs:, Genes: a - Non-agouti, b - Brown, bg - Beige, c*ch - Chinchilla, Ca - Caracul, D, d - Dilute, D-Locus, ep - Pale ears, fr - Frizzy, je - Jerker, le - Lightears, m - Misty=mls, Mi*wh - White, Os - Oligosyndactylism, pe - Pearl, Pt - Pintail, Ra -, Ragged, Re - Rex, Sd - Danforth's short tail, Sl - Steel, T brachyury, T locus - Talleles, Va - Varitint-waddler, Strains: C3H/HE, C3HEB, C57BL/6, C58, DBA/2 (212), Unknown:

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J Hered 1967; 58:17-20.

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