Submissions from 1971

Chemical induction of focus-forming virus from non-producer cells transformed by murine sarcoma virus., S A. Aaronson

Antibody to the rna-dependent dna polymerase of mammalian c-type rna tumor viruses., S A. Aaronson, W P. Parks, E M. Scolnick, and G J. Todaro

Induction of murine c-type viruses from clonal lines of virus-free balb/3t3 cells., S A. Aaronson, G J. Todaro, and E M. Scolnick

Characterization of murine sarcoma virus (kirsten) transformation of mouse and human cells., S A. Aaronson and C A. Weaver

Requirement for lymphocyte-macrophage interaction in the response of mouse spleen cultures to pneumococcal polysaccharide., J Aaskov and W Halliday

Cellular and humoral antibody production against sheep erythrocytes in akr mice. 3. Effect of passive antibody on the development of immunological memory., B Aasted, B Rubin, and J V. Sparck

The effect of supralethal amethopterin and folinic acid rescue on mouse skin allograft survival., W M. Abbott, A P. Monaco, and P S. Russell

Phenogenetic aspects of mouse behaviour. Abstr., J V. Abeelen

Hormonal control of intermediary metabolism in obese hyperglycemic mice. I. The sensitivity and response to insulin in adipose tissue and muscle in vitro., R R. Abraham and chain A. Beloff

Hormonal control of intermediary metabolism in obese hyperglycemic mice. II. Levels of plasma free fatty acid and immunoreactive insulin and liver glycogen., R R. Abraham, E Dade, J Elliott, and D A. Hems

Serum ceruloplasmin in mice with ehrlich ascites carcinoma., L A. Abreu and R R. Abreu

A new endogenous inhibitor for mouse melanoma cells., K Adachi, F Hu, and S Kondo

Susceptibility of mammary-tumor-virus-free balb/c mouse mammary nodule outgrowth cells in dna synthesis to 3-methylcholanthrene tumorigenesis., R Adamson, M R. Banerjee, and D Medina

Antileukaemic activity of hycanthone., R H. Adamson

Antitumor activity of tilorone hydrochloride against some rodent tumors, preliminary report., R H. Adamson

Tilorone -- a new antitumor drug. Abstr., R H. Adamson

The effect of cysteine on the immunosuppressive activity of busulphan, cyclophosphamide and nitrogen mustard., I E. Addison and M C. Berenbaum

Thymidine kinase in mouse liver, variations in soluble and mito- chondrial-associated activity that are dependent on age, regeneration, starvation and treatment with actinomycin d and puromycin., S J. Adelstein, C Baldwin, and H I. Kohn

Effect of age upon primary alloantigen recognition by mouse spleen cells., W H. Adler, T Takiguchi, and R T. Smith

Phytohemagglutinin unresponsiveness in mouse spleen cells produced by methylcholanthrene sarcomas., W H. Adler, T Takiguchi, and R T. Smith

An electron microscopic study of cells undergoing dna synthesis in injured spinal cord. Abstr., E K. Adrian and G Williams

Effect of testosterone on erythropoietic unresponsiveness to hypoxia of balb/ep mice., M C. Aggio, M J. Montano, N Giusto, and M T. Bruzzo

The acyl hydroxyacetone phosphate pathway for glycerolipid biosynthesis in mouse liver and ehrlich ascites tumor cells., B W. Agranoff and A K. Hajra

On the nature of the synthesis of adenosine triphospate at the surface of intact tumour cells., G Agren and G Ronquist

Survival of mice, colony-forming units and intestinal microcolonies after exposure to neutrons from the janus reactor. Abstr., E J. Ainsworth, R J. Fry, and F S. Williamson

Thymus dependence of the immune response, response to the haptenic determinant nip in mice., J Aird

The contrasting effects of cyclophosphamide and radiation on the immune responses of the mouse., A C. Aisenberg and C Murray

Gastric carcinoma and amyloidosis produced by a single oral adminis- tration of 3-methylcholanthrene (3mc) in mice. Abstr., Y Akamatsu

A simple method of blood exchange in mice and its application to immunology., P Albers, H Rubner, and H Gilsenbach

Studies on virion antigens of the mouse mammary tumor. Abstr., C Aldrich

The influence of mesenchyme on the epithelial glycogen and budding activity in mouse embryonic lung developing in vitro., T Alescio and A M. Dani

Requirement of thymus-dependent lymphocytes for potentiation by adjuvants of antibody formation., A Allison and A Davies

Genetic aspects of the complement system., C A. Alper and F S. Rosen

Defect extrinsic to stem cells in spleens of steel anemic mice., M Altus, S Bernstein, E Russell, A Carsten, and A Upton

An ultrastructural study of the effect of neomycin on the colon in the human subject and in the conventional and the germ-free mouse., A Aluwihare

Alterations of deoxyribonucleoprotein thermal stability induced by lymphocyte-ehrlich ascites tumor cell interactions., M R. Alvarez

Prolongation of mouse skin allograft survival by treatment with cytosine arabinoside in combination with f1 hybrid lymphocytes., E O. Amaku, A G. May, T C. Hall, and C A. Linke

Neurohormone synthesis by different clones of neuroblastoma. Abstr., T Amano, E Richelson, and M Nirenberg

Systemes d'histocompatibilite et maladies., J Amiel

Effects of active specific and non-specific immunotherapy on e(male)g2 leukaemia according to the route of adminstration and combination of immunological stimulants., J Amiel and M Berardet

Attempts to prevent acquired immunological insufficiencies in mice by bacillus calmette-guerin., J L. Amiel and M Berardet

An alternative explantation of a paradoxical skin grafting result., D Amos

Bone marrow repopulation of subcutaneously grafted mouse femurs., S Amsel and E S. Dell

Effect of porcine calcitonin on bone resorption in adult rats and mice., G H. Anderson and H H. Draper

The preparation and efficacy of purified antilymphocyte antibody and the effect of labeling this material with 125i., H Anderson and D Dresser

Studies on antibody avidity at the cellular level. Effects of immunological paralysis and administered antibody., B Andersson and H Wigzell

Glucocorticoid induction of cleft palate in mice, no correlation with inhibition of mucopolysaccharide synthesis., F D. Andrew and E F. Zimmerman

Evidence of the nonimmune regression of chemically induced papillomas in mouse skin., E J. Andrews

Facilitated habituation, strychnine dose-response effects on neural and behavioral habituation., D K. Andry and M W. Luttges

Calcium metabolism in tumors, its relationship with chromium complex accumulation. IV. 51cr-alloxantin Incorporation and calcium- -phosphorus composition., L Anghileri

Beta-glucuronidase activity in tumors, accumulation of radioiodinated phenolphthalein., L J. Anghileri and E S. Miller

Calcium metabolism in tumors, its relationship with chromium complex accumulation. I. Uptake of calcium and phosphorus by experimental tumors., L J. Anghileri and E S. Miller

Calcium metabolism in tumors. Its relationship with chromium complex accumulation. Iii. Studies on the nature of the anions involved in the in vivo precipitation of calcium., L Anghileri and E S. Miller

Calcium metabolism in tumors. Its relationship with chromium complex accumulation. II. Calcium, magnesium and phosphorus in human and animal tumors., L Anghileri, E S. Miller, Robinette, K Prasad, and V Lagerborg

Growth of sarcoma 180 in mice treated with combinations of thymus antiserum and chloramphenicol., L Anigstein and D M. Anigstein

Passive-avoidance learning in mice following methamphetamine or nembutal injection during inescapable exposure to shock., H Anisman

Demonstration and identification of cytotoxic antibodies and antibodies blocking the cell-mediated antitumor immunity against adenovirus type 12-induced tumors., J Ankerst

Prolonged hypoglycemic effect of adipose tissue extracts (ate) in nondiabetic and diabetic mice., H N. Antoniades, J D. Simon, C A. Baile, and M G. Ettlinger

Multiplicity of alkaline deoxyribonucleases in mouse liver., O Antonoglou and J G. Georgatsos

Experimental study on the antitumor effect of heart extract from calf on tumor-bearing mice and tumor cells., K Aoki

Surface antigens of murine leukemia cells and murine leukemia viruses., T Aoki

Another visual marker of antibody for electron microscopy., T Aoki, H A. Wood, L J. Old, E A. Boyse, E D. Harven, I P. Lardis, and C W. Stackpole

Amino acid sequences of two mouse immunoglobulin lamba chains., E Appella

Effect of immunosuppressive agents on antitumor action of lentinan., Y Arai, H Tanooka, T Sekine, and F Fukuoka

Observations on different origins of 'naturally' occurring antibodies., P Arend

Cytogenetic stability of an ascitic tumour 't.a.h.l.m.68' In the mouse., N Arroyo and C R. Murcia

Successful use of chondroitin-4-sulfate in prolonging survival of skin allografts of adult mice., M W. Ashby and Y Nose

Depression of delayed hypersensitivity by pretreatment with freund- -type adjuvants. I. Description of the phenomenon., G L. Asherson and G G. Allwood

The mechanism of immunological unresponsiveness to picryl chloride and the possible role of antibody mediated depression., G Asherson, M Zembala, and R Barnes

Immunopathological studies of parabiosis in adult mice., K Ashikawa, K Inoue, and Y Yoshida

Comparative aspects of muscle fiber types in different species., C Ashmore and L Doerr

Selection at the transferrin locus in mice., G C. Ashton and M N. Dennis

The role of cytophilic antibody in contact sensitivity of mice. Abstr., P W. Askenase

Biochemical and electronmicroscopic studies on perfused livers from normal and obob mice. Abstr., F Assimacopoulos, L Orci, C Rouiller, and B Jeanrenaud

Cytotoxic effects of exogenous d-galactosamine on experimental tumors., arneault G. At, L Walter, and J G. Bekesi

Adenyl cyclase and phosphodiesterase activity in the isolated islets of langerhans of obese mice and their lean litter mates, the effect of glucose, adrenaline and drugs on adenyl cyclase activity., T Atkins and A J. Matty

Characterization of the factor in l-cell conditioned medium capable of stimulating colony formation by mouse marrow cells in culture., P E. Austin, E A. Culloch, and J E. Till

Effects of antilymphocyte serum in neonatally thymectomized mice., P Avasthi and R E. Anderson

Protein synthesis directed by encephalomyocarditis virus rna, pro- perties of a transfer rna-dependent system., H Aviv, I Boime, and P Leder

Two antibody-producing cell types in four species., S Avrameas, W Kuhlmann, H R. Miller, and E Leduc

Cytotoxicity of allogeneic lymphocytes sensitized against h-2 antigens in vitro., W Ax, H S. Koren, and H Fischer

Influence of azetidine-2-carboxylic acid on developing mouse limb cartilage in vitro. Abstr., M B. Aydelotte

Effect of fumaropimaric acid on mouse complement and immunological tolerance., M M. Azar and R A. Good

Participation of complement for tolerance production. Abstr., M M. Azar and H Keener

Appearance of t-cell markers in bone marrow rosette-forming cells after incubation with thymosin, a thymic hormone., J Bach, M Darenne, A L. Goldstein, and A White

Early effect of adult thymectomy., J F. Bach, M Dardenne, and A J. Davies

In vivo secretion of 11-deoxycortisol by the mouse adrenals, plasma corticosteroid levels in three strains of normal mice., F M. Badr

Genetic variation in adrenal weight in young adult mice., F M. Badr and S G. Spickett

Recombinant-inbred strains, an aid to finding identity, linkage, and function of histocompatibility and other genes., D W. Bailey

A gene governing the female immune response to the male antigen in mice., D W. Bailey and J Hoste

Studies on transplantation immunity. Iii. The secondary response to dissociated allogeneic cells., D Bainbridge

Studies on transplantation immunity, ii. The effect of different routes of sensitisation upon the response to allogeneic 51cr-labeled lymphoid cells., D Bainbridge and G Gowland

Studies on transplantation immunity, i. The nature of the response to allogeneic 51cr-labeled lymphoid cells and its relationship to homograft immunity., D Bainbridge and G Gowland

Recovery from zoxazolamine paralysis and metabolism in vitro of zoxazolamine in ageing mice., M Baird, H Samis, and H Massie

Anti-theta antisera may contain anti-allotype contamination., S Baird, J Santa, and I Weissman

Immobilizing and hyperglycemic effects of benzyl alcohol, a common preservative., N Baker and R J. Huebotter

Characterization of the antibody response to type iii pneumococcal polysaccharide at the cellular level. Iii. Studies on the average avidity of the antibody produced by specific plaque-forming cells., P J. Baker, B Prescott, P W. Stashak, and D F. Amsbaugh

Characterization of the antibody response to type iii pneumococcal polysaccharide at the cellular level. I. Dose-response studies and the effect of prior immunization on the magnitude of the antibody response., P J. Baker, P W. Stashak, D F. Amsbaugh, and B Prescott

Characterization of the antibody response to type iii pneumococcal polysaccharide at the cellular level. II. Studies on the relative rate of antibody synthesis and release by antibody-producing cells., P J. Baker, P W. Stashak, D F. Amsbaugh, and B Prescott

Effects of diverse tissue implants on the survival of subsequent skin allografts transplanted across weak histocompatibility barriers in newts and mice., W M. Baldwin and N Cohen