Strain distribution and linkage tests of 7,12-dimethylbenzanthracene (dmba) inflammatory response in mice.


B Taylor

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Hereditary Factors:, Linkage:, Allophenic:, Serology:, Congenic Resistant Lines: B10.129(12M), B10.129(5M)OLD, B10.D2/O, B10.D2/N, B10.129(13M), B10.129(21M), B10.129(6M), B10.D2 (57N), B10.129(9M), B10.129(10M), B10.D2 (55N), B10.129(5M)NEW, B10.129(7MA), B10.129(7MB), B10.129(7MC), Genes: c - Albino, d*s - Slight dilution, Es-3 - Kidney esterase-3, H-1 - Histocompatibility-1, H-2 - Histocompatibility-2, H-3 - Histocompatibility-3, H-4 - Histocompatibility-4, H-8 - Histocompatibility-8, H-10 - Histocompatibility-10, H-11 -, Histocompatibility-11, H-12 - Histocompatibility-12, Hbb - Hemoblobin-beta-chain=Hb*b, Hb*s, Hbd, Hc - Hemolytic complement, MuBl, hz - Haze, jo - Jolting, lt - Lustrous, p - Pink-eyed dilution, pk - Plucked, qk - Quaking, Strains: A(CAL-A) (A/J), A/HE, AKR, AU, BALB/C, BDP, CBA, CE, C3H/HE, C3HEB, C57BL/KS, C57BL/6, C57BL/10, C57BR/CD, C57L, C58, DBA/1 (12), DBA/2 (212), HRS, IC, LG, L (P), LP, MA (MARSH), P, SIMPSON, PL (PLA, PLB), RF (W), SJL, SM, ST/B (STB), SWR, 129, RIII/S, BUB, Unknown:

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Life Sci Part I, 1971; 1971, 10:1127-34.

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