Genetic linkage relationships of loci specifying differentiation alloantigens in the mouse.

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Hereditary Factors:, Linkage:, Serology: Antigen, Genes: a - Non-agouti, b - Brown, c - Albino, Ca - Caracul, D, d - Dilute, D-Locus, Es-1 - Serum esterase-1, Es-3 - Kidney esterase-3, Gpi-1 - Alucose phosphate isomerase-1 (all), Gpd-1 - Glucose phosphate dehydrogenase, gr - Grizzled, H-2 -, Histocompatibility-2, Ea-2 - Erythrocyte antigen-2, rho, H-14, hba - Hemoblobin-alpha-chain=Sol, sol, Hba*th-J, SoL=Hba, Hbb - Hemoblobin-beta-chain=Hb*b, Hb*s, Hbd, Hc - Hemolytic complement, MuBl, Hm - Hammer-toe, Id-1 - Isocitrate, dehydrogenase, Idh-1, Ig-1 - Immunoglobin-1 IgG, B*a,MUA*2,Asa,Gg,Iga, Ldh - Lactate dehydrogenase, ldr-1, Lactate dehydrogenase regulator, Ly-3 - Lymphocyte antigen-3, Lyt-3, Ly-1 - Lymphocyte antigen-1, ly-a, Lyt-1, mu - greek, Ly-2 -, Lymphocyte antigen-2, Lyt-2, mi - Microphthalmia, Mi*wh - White, Mdh-1 - Malic dehydrogenase, Mod-1 - Malic enzyme, supernatant, p - Pink-eyed dilution, Theta, Pgm-1 - Phosphoglucomutase-1, Pca - Plasma cell antigen-1, Pca-1, Re - Rex, ru -, Ruby-eye, s - Piebald-spotting, Sd -, Strains: AKR, CBA/H-T6T6, CE, C57BL/6, C58, DBA/2 (212), RF (W), SJL, SWR, Unknown:

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Transplantation 1972; 13:239-43.

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