Submissions from 1974

Widespread natural occurrence of high titers of neutralizing anti- bodies to a specific class of endogenous mouse type-c virus., S A. Aaronson and J R. Stephenson

Dissociation of lymphocyte activating determinants from recognition sites in mouse mlr., K Abbasi, H Festenstein, W Verbi, and I M. Roitt

Alpha-fetoprotein as a marker of embryo-specific differentiations in in normal and tumor tissues., G I. Abelev

Candidate for immunoglobulin d present on murine b lymphocytes., E R. Abney and R M. Parkhouse

Estimation of the amount and tissue distribution of rat thy-1.1 Antigen., R T. Acton, R J. Morris, and A F. Williams

Exclusion of cooperating t cells as targets for heterologous anti-mu antiserum., D P. Aden, D D. Manning, and N D. Reed

Cytochemical localization of cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase activity at developing synapses., A Adinolfi and S Schmidt

Tumor implants in the mediastinum of mice., L Adlersberg, J M. Singer, and S C. Edberg

Interrelationships between marrow, blood and spleen cfu in intact and splenectomized 89sr treated mice. Abstr., S Adler, F E. Trobaugh, and W H. Knospe

Surface binding of platinum compounds in tumor cells. Abstr., S K. Aggarwal, R W. Wagner, and B Rosenberg

Erythropoiesis in normal and anemic mice with exclusion of the splenic circulation., M C. Aggio, M T. Bruzzo, and L M. Fernandez

Studies on erythropoiesis in mice with splenic autotransplants., M C. Aggio, M T. Bruzzo, and L M. Fernandez

The effect of a single large dose of cyclophosphamide on erythropoie- sis and iron metabolism in mice., M C. Aggio, L M. Fernandez, M T. Bruzzo, and M Alperin

Comparative studies of the antineoplastic activity of 5-hydroxy-2- -formylpyridine thiosemicarbazone and its selenosemicarbazone, guanylhydrazone and semicarbazone analogs., K C. Agrawal, B A. Booth, R L. Michaud, E C. Moore, and A C. Sartorelli

Life shortening effects of fractionated doses of fission neutron or gamma radiation. Abstr., E J. Ainsworth and R M. Fry

Neural antigens of morphologically differentiated neuroblastoma cells., R Akeson and H Herschman

Host-parasite relationship in echinococcosis. II. Cyst weight hematologic alterations, and gross changes in the spleen and lymph nodes of c57l mice against graded doses of echinococcus multilocularis cysts., khan Z. Ali

Host-parasite relationship in echinococcosis. I. Parasite biomass and antibody response in three strains of inbred mice against graded doses of echinococcus multilocularis cysts., khan Z. Ali

Influence of cell loss upon the cytokinetics of induced dna synthesis in the accessory sex organs of castrated mice. Abstr., M R. Alison, D R. Appleton, A R. Morley, and N A. Wright

Interaction of mannosyl-binding lectins at the cell surface of 6c3hed murine ascites tumor. Abstr., H J. Allen and E A. Johnson

The electrocardiogram in aging, male c57bl/6j mice. Abstr., J K. Allen and W Matsuura

Liposomes as immunological adjuvants., A C. Allison and G Gregoriadis

Increased susceptibility to virus oncogenesis of congenitally thymus- -deprived nude mice., A C. Allison, J N. Monga, and V Hammond

Role of h-2 lymphocyte-defined and serologically-defined components in the generation of cytotoxic lymphocytes., B J. Alter and F H. Bach

The nonspecific helper effect of mixed lymphocyte reactions on the induction of t cell-mediated immunity in vitro., A Altman and I R. Cohen

High activity of choline acetyltransferase induced in neuroblastoma x glia hybrid cells., T Amano, B Hamprecht, and W Kemper

Immunological depression produced in vitro by the action of normal rna on mice spleen cells., N Amerio, S Degaetano, J Morini, and M Londner

Induction of lymphocyte-mediated cytotoxicity against allogeneic tumor cells by concanavalin a in vivo., A Anaclerio, J D. Waterfield, and G Moller

Receptors for aggregated igg on mouse lymphocytes, their presence on thymocytes, thymus-derived, and bone marrow-derived lymphocytes., C L. Anderson and H M. Grey

The induction of thymidine- and iudr-resistant variants in p388 mouse lymphoma cells by x-rays, uv and mono- and bi-functional alkylating agents., D Anderson and M Fox

Metastatic incidence of a spontaneous murine mammary adenocarcinoma., J C. Anderson, R A. Fugmann, R L. Stolfi, and D S. Martin

Radiosensitivity of t and b lymphocytes. I. Effect of irradiation on cell migration., R Anderson, J Sprent, and J Miller

Studies on high and low dose paralysis. Different effect on antibody avidity and on immunocompetent subpopulations of lymphocytes in the mouse., B Andersson, F Celada, and B Asjo

Inhibition of mitogenic stimulation of mouse lymphocytes by anti- -mouse immunoglobulin antibodies. I. Mode of action., J Andersson, W W. Bullock, and F Melchers

Igm-producing tumors in the balb/c mouse. A model for b-cell maturation., J Andersson, J Buxbaum, R Citronbaum, S Douglas, L Forni, F Melchers, B Pernis, and D Stott

Igm in bone marrow-derived lymphocytes. Synthesis, surface deposition, turnover and carbohydrate composition in unstimulated mouse b cells., J Andersson, L Lafleur, and F Melchers

Maturation of mitogen-activated bone marrow-derived lymphocytes in the absence of proliferation., J Andersson and F Melchers

Differences in the effects of adult thymectomy on t-cell mediated responses in vitro., L C. Andersson, P Hayry, M A. Bach, and J F. Bach

Ultrastructural study of herpes simplex virus infection of mouse cells chronically producing rauscher leukemia virus., A P. Andrese, G F. Woude, and M J. Walling

The morphological, biological, and antigenic characteristics of transplantable papillomas and keratinous cysts induced by methyl- cholanthrene., E J. Andrews

Studies on a murine form of spontaneous lower motor neuron degenera- tion--the wobbler (wr) mouse., J M. Andrews, M B. Gardner, F J. Wolfgram, G W. Ellison, A D. Porter, and W W. Brandkamp

Calcium, magnesium and phosphorus in experimental tumors, effects of the age of the tumor., L J. Anghileri

Metabolism of acid mucopolysaccharides in hepatoma and in normal liver., L J. Anghileri

Distribution of the alloantigen ly-4.2 On murine b cells., T Aoki, I F. Kenzie, M M. Sturm, and M Liu

Surface antigens of mammalian sarcoma virus-transformed nonproducer cells., T Aoki, J R. Stephenson, S A. Aaronson, and K C. Hsu

Diabetes in the toronto-kk hybrid mouse. Abnormalities in liver and pancreatic islets of langerhans., M C. Appel, A Y. Chang, and W E. Dulin

Effect of carbazilquinone on leukemic cell count in various tissues of mice bearing leukemia l-1210., M Arakawa and N Okada

A skin-graft enhancing antiserum which recognizes two new b-cell alloantigens determined by the major histocompatibility locus of the mouse., J R. Archer, D A. Smith, D A. Davies, and N A. Staines

Carcinogenicity in mice of some fatty acid methyl esters., E Arffmann and J Glavind

Activation of t and b lymphocytes in vitro. Iii. Presence of ia determinants on allogeneic effect factor., D Armerding, D H. Sachs, and D H. Katz

Rosette formation by mouse lymphocytes. II. T-cell specificities in a crl subpopulation., villena A. Arnaiz, M I. Gyongyossy, and J H. Playfair

Suppression of contact sensitivity by t cells in the mouse. I. Demonstration that suppressor cells act on the effector stage of contact sensitivity, and their induction following in vitro exposure to antigen., G L. Asherson and M Zembala

T cell suppression of contact sensitivity in the mouse. Iii. The role of macrophages and the specific triggering of nonspecific suppression., G L. Asherson and M Zembala

Recall of tumour resistance in long-term salmonella enteritidis 11rx immunised mice., M P. Ashley, I Kotlarski, and D Hardy

Comparison of the l-asparaginases from escherichia coli and erwinia carotovora as immunosuppressants., L A. Ashworth and A P. Lennan

Histochemical and tissue culture studies of dystrophic and experi- mentally denervated animal muscle., V Askanas and D Hee

Cytophilic antibodies in mice contact-sensitized with oxazolone. Immunochemical characterization and preferential binding to a trypsin-sensitive macrophage receptor., P W. Askenase and B J. Hayden

Immunoglobulin synthesis and its induction in b-lymphoid cells., B A. Askonas

The differentiation function of t cell-replacing factor in nu/nu spleen cell cultures., B A. Askonas, A Schimp, and E Wecker

Comparison of adriamycin with the dna-adriamycin complex in chemotherapy of l1210 leukemia., G Atassi, H J. Tagnon, F Bournonville, and M Wynands

Indentification of reparative cells in transplanted mouse molar teeth. Abstr., M E. Atkinson

Cytosol androgen receptor from kidney of normal and testicular feminized (tfm) mice., B Attardi and S Ohno

5-s Rna. Biosynthesis and association to immature ribosomal particles in the nucleus of lymphocytic mouse leukemia cells, l5178y., M Auger and P Tiollais

The effect of folate and folate analogs upon dihydrofolate reductase and dna synthesis in kidneys of normal mice., A E. Auletta, A M. Gery, A Parmar, J Davis, and J Mead

Events after the binding of antigen to lymphocytes. Removal and regen- eration of the antigen receptor., K A. Ault and E R. Unanue

Failure of lymphocytes to reexpress antigen receptors after brief interaction with a tolerogenic d-amino acid copolymer., K A. Ault, E R. Unanue, D H. Katz, and B Benacerraf

Messenger ribonucleic acid metabolism in mammalian mitochondria. Quantitative aspects of structural information coded by the mitochon- drial genome., N G. Avadhani, F S. Lewis, and R J. Rutman

A sensitive in vitro protein synthesizing system from ehrlich ascites mitochondria., N G. Avadhani and R J. Rutman

Dose-related synergism of cytosine arabinoside and methotrexate against murine leukemia l1210., T L. Avery and D Roberts

In vivo activation of endogenous murine 'c' type virus. Abstr., D A. Axler and A J. Dennis

Esterase gene expression in chinese hamster and mouse lymphoma hybrids isolated under nonselective pressure., S R. Ayad and J G. Delinassios

Metabolism of cyclic adenosine 3'.5'-monophosphate In somatic cell hybrids., S R. Ayad and S J. Foster

Route of antigen administration for tolerance production., M M. Azar and A A. Wyche

Antitumor activity of cell-wall skeletons and peptidoglycolipids of mycobacteria and related microorganisms in mice and rabbits., I Azuma, T Taniyama, F Hirao, and Y Yamamura

Glycogen synthesis in mouse ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells. The presence of an endogenous inhibitor for activation of glycogen synthase., T Baba and S Tsuiki

Normal histocompatibility antigens as a model for tumors., F H. Bach

Exploration de la fonction thymique che l'homme. I. Mise en evidence d'une hormone thymique circulante., J F. Bach, M Dardenne, and M Bach

Studies on the mutagenic effect of contraceptive drugs. I. Induction of dominant lethal mutations in female mice., F M. Badr and R S. Badr

Multiple mechanisms of regulation of purine biosynthesis de novo in intact tumor cells., A S. Bagnara, A A. Letter, and J F. Henderson

Effects of pyran copolymer on humoral and cellular immunity. Abstr., L G. Baird, A M. Kaplan, and W Regelson

Response of liver and kidney catalase to alpha-p-chlorophenoxyisobuty- rate (clofibrate) in c57bl/6j male mice of different ages., M B. Baird, J A. Zimmerman, H R. Massie, and H V. Samis

Protection of mouse spermatogonia against x-ray induced translocations., A K. Bajrakova, T P. Pantev, I T. Nikolov, and N V. Bokova

An effect of delta1-testololactone and spironolactone on the metabolism of 17beta-estradiol in transplanted c57l/j mouse hepatoma. Abstr., B Baliga, W W. Bullen, and W R. Waddell

Lipid analysis of cell nuclei in young and old ehrlich ascites tumors., Z Balint and L Holczinger

Wachstumshemmung eines transplantablen mausemastzelltumors durch das virus der vesicularen stomatitis., G Bandlow and B Schlemminger

Chemical carcinogen-induced alveolar nodules in organ culture of mouse mammary gland., M R. Banerjee, B G. Wood, and L L. Washburn

Cyclic amp, atp and cell contact., S Bannai and J Sheppard

Investigation of potential animal models of thalassemia., R M. Bannerman, J A. Edwards, and birnbaum M. Kreimer

Relationship of selenium to high energy phosphate compounds in muscle of dystrophic mice., A J. Barak, T B. Allison, and M F. Sorrell

In vitro effect of a 5-fluorodeoxyuridine albumin conjugate on tumour cells and on peritoneal macrophages., brodano G. Barbanti and L Fiume

Genetically-associated variations in the distribution of dentate granule cell synapses upon the pyramidal cell dendrites in mouse hippocampus., R P. Barber, J E. Vaughn, R E. Wimer, and C C. Wimer

Characteristics of tumour responses to different radiations and the relative biological effectiveness of fast neutrons., G W. Barendsen

Increased growth-inhibiting effect on tumour cells of protamine after polymerization., N M. Barfod and B Larsen

Thymus-derived lymphocyte differentiation and lymphocytic leukemias. I. Evidence for the existence of functionally different subpopulations of thymus-derived cells in leukemic akr mice., A D. Barker and S D. Waksal

Immunologic profiles of first transplant akr leukemias. Abstr., A Barker and S Waksal

Cytological studies on the organization of dna in giant trophoblast nuclei of the mouse and the rat., P W. Barlow and M I. Sherman

Absence of lymphomas in cba mice derived by embryo transfer and born from lymphoma-prone akr mice., R D. Barnes and M Tuffrey

Unequal rates of cell proliferation in tetraparental mouse chimaeras derived by fusion of early embryos., R D. Barnes, M Tuffrey, L Drury, and D Catty

Reduced levels of serum haemolytic complement and renal lesions in ovum-fusion-derived tetraparental mouse chimaeras., R D. Barnes, M Tuffrey, C F. Graham, J Holliday, and C Thornton

Lymphoma susceptibility of the akr mouse strain acquired before the stage of implantation., R Barnes and M Tuffrey