Characterization of a new ir-glt gene and its location in the i-region of the h-2 complex.

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Hereditary Factors:, Origin:, RI Strains:, Serology: Antigen,, Congenic Resistant Lines: A.CA, C3H.NB, B10.A, C3H.OH, B10.A (5R), B10.BR, B10.D2/N, B10.M, B10.RIII (71NS), B10.A (4R), A.AL, C3H.OL, A.TL, B10.HTG, D2.GD, Genes: H-2 - Histocompatibility-2, Ir-2 - Immune response-2, Ir-1, Ir, Strains: A(CAL-A) (A/J), AU, BALB/C, CBA, C3H/HE, C57BL/KS, C57BL/6, C57BL/10, DBA/1 (12), DBA/2 (212), H-2I (HTI), H-2H (HTH), H-2G (HTG), P, SIMPSON, SJL, SWR, WB, 129, CXBD, CXBG, CXBH, CXBI, CXBJ, CXBK, RIII/S, BUB, HZI, Unknown:

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Immunogenetics 1975; 1:549-59.

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