Submissions from 1979

Antigen and t lymphocyte mediated suppression of myeloma cells: model systems for regulation of lymphocyte function., A K. Abbas

Inhibition of antibody production in plasmacytoma cells. Iii. Interactions of suppressive and nonsuppressive dnp conjugates with mopc 315 cells., A K. Abbas

Reversible functional inactivation of plasmacytoma cells by cytolytic t lymphocytes. Abstr., A K. Abbas

T lymphocyte-mediated suppression of myeloma function in vitro. I. Suppression by allogeneically activated t lymphocytes., A K. Abbas

Lymphocyte activation by the tumor-promoting agent 12-0-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate (tpa)., J Abb, G J. Bayliss, and F Deinhardt

Regression, recurrence and cure in an irradiated mouse tumour., A S. Abdelaal and A H. Nias

Uncoupling of rna and dna synthesis after plasma stimulation of go-arrested balb/c-3t3 cells., H T. Abelson, H N. Antoniades, and C D. Scher

Genetics of the immune response to tumor-specific cell- -surface antigens., C J. Abeyounis, M B. Zaleski, and F Milgrom

Regression of murine tumor by enzymatic dermoclysis coupled with immunostimulation. Abstr., C Abramson and R Dziarski

Degenerative vascular disease and myocardial infarction in mice with lupus-like syndrome., L Accinni and F J. Dixon

The measurement of haemagglutinin and matrix protein present on the surface of influenza virus infected p815 mastocytoma cells., G L. Ada and K L. Yap

Isolation and partial characterization of the adp-ribosylated nuclear proteins from ehrlich ascites tumor cells., P Adamietz, K Klapproth, and H Hilz

Retinoid-induced adhesion in cultured, transformed mouse fibro- blasts., S Adamo, L M. Luca, I Akalovsky, and P V. Bhat

The localization and synthesis of some collagen types in developing mouse embryos., E D. Adamson and S E. Ayers

The differentiation of teratocarcinoma stem cells is marked by the types of collagen which are synthesized., E D. Adamson, S J. Gaunt, and C F. Graham

Lymphoid sources of murine mif. Abstr., N Adelman, S Cohen, and T Yoshida

Immunoadsorbent removal of antibodies produced during in vitro culture relieves inhibition of the response., L Adorini, E F. Eipert, and J Couderc

Fine specificity of regulatory t cells. II. Suppressor and helper t cells are induced by different regions of hen egg-white lysozyme in a genetically nonresponder mouse strain., L Adorini, M A. Harvey, A Miller, and E E. Sercarz

The fine specificity of regulatory t cells. IV. Idiotypic complementarity and antigen-bridging interactions in the anti- -lysozyme response., L Adorini, M Harvey, and E E. Sercarz

The fine specificity of regulatory t cells. I. Hen egg-white lysozyme-induced suppressor t cells in a genetically nonresponder mouse strain do not recognize a closely related immunogenic lysozyme., L Adorini, A Miller, and E E. Sercarz

Endocrine abnormalities in the pancreas and gut of the obese hyperglycaemic (ob/ob) mouse. Abstr., T E. Adrian, M G. Bryant, and S R. Bloom

Interactions of 2'-deoxycoformycin and adenosine deaminase in leukemia l1210 in vivo and in vitro. Abstr., R P. Agarwal

Recovery of 2'-deoxycoformycin-inhibited adenosine deaminase of mouse erythrocytes and leukemia l1210 in vivo., R P. Agarwal

Hematopoiesis of hereditarily asplenic-athymic (lasat) mice., M C. Aggio and B B. Lozzio

Apie sous oxygene hyperbare., delord C. Agnius, P Couderc, P Laval, A Mourret, R Rinaldi, D C. Rinaldi, and M. Cobalther

Axon-schwann cell relationships in neuropathies of mutant mice., A J. Aguayo, G M. Bray, and S C. Perkins

T cell recognition in the mixed lymphocyte response. I. Non-t, radiation-resistant splenic adherent cells are the predominant stimulators in the murine mixed lymphocyte reaction., G B. Ahmann, P I. Nadler, A Birnkrant, and R J. Hodes

Lymphocyte-activating determinants distinct from mls., A Ahmed, B Subbarao, I Scher, J J. Ryan, W Paul, D E. Mosier, N K. Sell, and M E. For

In-vitro differentiation of type a spermatogonia in mouse cryptorchid testis., S Aizawa and Y Nishimune

Qualitative measurements of the mitochondrial membrane potential in situ in ehrlich ascites tumour cells using the safranine method., K E. Akerman

Macrophage cell lines produce a cytotoxin., R R. Aksamit and K J. Kim

Synergy between adherent and nonadherent cell fractions in the production of lymphotoxin by pha-stimulated mouse spleen cells. Abstr., R R. Aksamit and E J. Leonard

Secondary in vitro generation of cytotoxic t lymphocytes (ctl) with solubilized tumor antigen. Fractionation of the specific tumor antigen. Abstr., O Alaba

Rauscher leukemia virus-induced tumor antigens: complete separation from gp70, p30 and h-2., O Alaba, M J. Rogers, and L W. Law

Tryptic peptide analysis of gag gene proteins of endogenous mouse type c viruses., A Albino, L Korngold, and R C. Mellors

Antigen-specific suppressor cells in hapten-specific carrier-determined tolerance., benson M. Aldo

Role of cyclic nucleotides in tolerance induction in vitro. Abstr., benson M. Aldo and A Watanabe

Possible shared idiotypy between t helper cells and b cells specific for trimethylammonium (tma) in the mouse. Abstr., Y G. Alevy and C J. Bellone

Development of delayed hypersensitivitiy responses in mycobacterium lepraemurium infections in resistant and susceptible strains of mice., J Alexander and J Curtis

Changes in the plasma membrane surface of lymphocytes stimulated in vivo with dncb., hamdani M. Al, M E. Atkinson, and T M. Mayhew

Inhibition of polyamine accumulation and cell proliferation by derivatives of diaminopropane in ehrlich ascites cells grown in culture., hongisto L. Alhonen, H Poso, and J Janne

Failure of induced functional activity and cell deficit to restore preoperative cell number in paired accessory sex glands following unilateral ablation in castrated male mice., M R. Alison, S Mchanwell, and N A. Wright

Testosterone 5alpha-reductase activity as related to proliferative status in mouse accessory sex glands., M R. Alison and N A. Wright

A micro macrophage migration inhibition test for the detection of cellular immunity in vitro., R A. Allardyce, J S. Hunt, and R J. Stewart

Suppression of pha- and lps- responses by soluble factors from spleen cells of mice injected with bcg. Abstr., E M. Allen, N J. Calvanico, and V L. Moore

Suppression of phytohemagglutinin and lipopolysaccharide responses in mouse spleen cells by bacillus calmette-guerin., E M. Allen and V L. Moore

Correlation of the disposition kinetics and intracellular accumulation of imidazo-pyrazole(nsc-51149) with alterations in ribonucleotide pools and dna distribution content of masto- cytoma cells in vivo. Abstr., L M. Allen

Ontogeny of behavioral development, arousal and stero- types in two strains of mice., E Alleva, C Castellano, and A Oliverio

Lymphoid subpopulations in radiation induced allogeneic mouse chimeras. Abstr., R Almaraz, D H. Sachs, and S A. Rosenberg

The preparation of xenoantiserum specific for a murine mastocytoma cell line., rammahy A. Al and J G. Levy

II. Rabbit anti-el4 serum. A reagent which discriminates between murine cytotoxic and suppressor cells., sakkaf L. Al, A Cooke, L Heppel, P Hutchings, and B Jones

Rabbit anti-el4 serum. A reagent with specificity for a population of murine suppressor cells., sakkaf L. Al, A Cooke, P Hutchings, and B Jones

Lyt phenotypes of responding cells in secondary alloantigen responses., B J. Alter and F H. Bach

A mouse model for the switch from fetal to adult hemoglobin. Abstr., B P. Alter and S C. Goff

Biological effects of allogeneic effect factor on t lymphocytes: in vitro induction of cytotoxic t lymphocytes manifesting prefer- ential lytic activity against h-2-identical tumor cells., A Altman, T E. Bechtold, J M. Cardenas, and D H. Katz

Manipulation of cytotoxic t lymphocyte responses to syngeneic tumors. I. Hapten-reactive helper t lympho- cytes augment tumor-specific ctl responses in vitro., A Altman, T E. Bechtold, and D H. Katz

Mouse mammary tumor virus infections: viral expression and tumor risk., B W. Altrock and R D. Cardiff

Point mutations at the thymidine kinase locus in l5178y mouse lymphoma cells., D E. Amacher, S Paillet, and V A. Ray

Direct mutagenic activity of some fluorene derivatives in the tk+/- tk-/- mouse lymphoma assay. Abstr., D Amacher, S Paillet, and J Ellis

Induction of suppressive adherent phagocytes by in vitro preculture of murine spleen cells. Abstr., A Anaclerio, M L. Moras, M C. Honorati, and F Spreafico

Interaction of l-alanosine (nsc 153,353) with enzymes metabolizing l-aspartic acid, l-glutamic acid and their amides., S J. Anandaraj, H N. Jayaram, D A. Cooney, A K. Tyagi, N Han, J H. Thomas, M Chitnis, and J A. Montgomery

A radioisotopic technique for measuring the mononuclear inflammatory response in sindbis virus-induced encephalitis of mice., E M. Anders, J F. Miller, and J Gamble

In vitro antibody response to influenza virus. I. T cell dependence of secondary response to hemagglutinin., E M. Anders, P M. Peppard, W H. Burns, and D O. White

Glycoproetin oligosaccharide abnormalities in spontaneously transformed balb/c cells. Abstr., D R. Anderson and W J. Grimes

Lung tumorigenesis in mice after chronic exposure in early life to a low dose of dimethylnitrosamine., L M. Anderson, L J. Priest, and J M. Budinger

New cell line. Epithelial cell line and subline established from premalignant mouse mammary tissue., L W. Anderson, K G. Danielson, and H L. Hosick

The nature of the effector cells of cell-mediated immune responses to sendai and kunz virus infections in mice., M J. Anderson, J R. Pattison, and R B. Heath

In vitro evaluation of radiation-induced augmentation of the immune response., R E. Anderson and I Lefkovits

Polyprotein precursors to mouse mammary tumor virus proteins., S J. Anderson, R B. Naso, J Davis, and J M. Bowen

Functional characterization of mouse t lymphocytes with igm- -fc receptors. I. Studies of adcc and helper cell function., B Andersson, A Skoglund, and A Rosen

Mitogen-activated b-cell blasts reactive to more than one mitogen., J Andersson, A Coutinho, and F Melchers

Studies on t lymphocyte activation. I. Requirements for the mitogen-dependent production of t cell growth factors., J Andersson, K Gronvik, E Larsson, and A Coutinho

The purified protein derivative of turberculin, a b-cell mitogen that distinguishes in its action resting, small b cells from activated b-cell blasts., J Andersson, W Lernhardt, and F Melchers

Fine specificity of cytotoxic t lymphocytes: c57bl effector cells induced by autologous cells modified with hapten (4-hy- droxy-3-nitro-phenyl)acetyl (nip) are not heteroclitic., I Ando and P Kisielow

Immunologically nonspecific enhancement of artificial lung metastases in tumor-bearing mice., K Ando, N Hunter, and L J. Peters

Freeze-fracture evidence for the presence of cholesterol in particle-free patches of basel disks and the plasma membrane of retinal rod outer segments of mice and frogs., L D. Andrews and A I. Cohen

Natural t-cell regulation of spontaneous immunoglobulin secretion., S L. Andrew, A J. Strelkauskas, S E. Kurtz, K O'connell, and C L. Reinisch

Rejection of c57bl/6 skin grafts by (c57bl/6 x mus musculus castaneus)f1 hybrids., P W. Andrews and S S. Wachtel

Interaction of immobilized lectins with h-2 antigens. Abstr., P Angelisova, V Horejsi, H Kristofova, and I Hilgert

A double antibody radioimmunoassay for mouse hemoglobins: use of polyethylene glycol in conjunction with the second antibody., A A. Ansari, L M. Bahuguna, and H V. Malling

Scanning-integrating microdensitometric analysis of age- related changes in rna content of cerebrocortical neurons in mice subjected to auditory stimulation., A Anthony and C Zerweck

Specific antibody-secreting cells generated from cells producing immunoglobulins without detected antibody function., J Antoine, C Bleux, S Avrameas, and P Liacopoulos

Peritoneal macrophages and liver slices. Abstr., K R. Aoki, L Fong, D Chia, D W. Knutson, E V. Barnett, S Lo, D Y. Chang, and N I. By

Adrenal gland involvement in mice with hereditary obesity and diabetes mellitus. Morphological studies., M C. Appel, B A. Schibly, J A. Kamara, and R L. Sorenson

Generation of colony-stimulating factor by purified macrophages and lymphocytes., R N. Apte, C F. Hertogs, and D H. Pluznik

Genetic control of the proliferative response to gat. Abstr., B A. Araneo, J A. Kapp, and C W. Pierce

Ir gene defects may reflect a regulatory imbalance. I. Helper t cells activity revealed in a strain whose lack of response is controlled by suppression., B A. Araneo, R L. Yowell, and E E. Sercarz

Immune interferon induction by t-cell mitogens involves different t-cell subpopulations., D L. Archer, B G. Smith, J T. Ulrich, and H M. Johnson

Studies on mechanisms of 5-fluorouracil resistance in murine and human tumors., B Ardalan, J S. Macdonald, D Cooney, and P S. Schein

Assignment of histidase-regulating locus to chromosome 10 of the mouse., S M. Arfin, W C. Hanford, and B A. Taylor

Decreased suppressor cell activity by macrophages. Abstr., B F. Argyris

Further studies on suppressor cell activity in the spleen of neonatal mice., B F. Argyris

Adsorption of suppressor cell activity on mouse macrophage monolayers., B F. Argyris and A Cotellessa

Correlation of suppressor t cell function and t cell subsets in systemic lupus erythematosus., S Arimori, K Koriyama, and K Yamauchi

Hashish smoke interferes with sidman avoidance in mice., A Armaganidis, A Moschovakis, G Papanikolaou, B Kapsabelis, G Petroulakis, D Liakopoulos, and H Lazaratou

Mechanism of ovarian carcinogenesis: effect of 7,12-dimethyl- -benz[a]anthracene administration on intrasplenic ovarian grafts in unilaterally ovariectomized c3heb/fe mice., V Armuth and I Berenblum

Systemic promoting action and leukemogenesis in swr mice by phorbol and structurally related polyfunctional diterpenes., V Armuth, I Berenblum, W Adolf, H J. Opferkuch, R Schmidt, Sorg, and E Hecker

The genetic behaviour of a cloned mouse ribosomal dna segment mimics mouse ribosomal gene evolution., N Arnheim and M Kuehn

An improved method for selecting t-cell hybridomas by the fluorescence-activated cell sorter., B Arnold, F L. Battye, and J F. Miller

Lysolecithin analogs as adjuvants in delayed-type hypersensit- ivity in mice. I. Characterization of the adjuvant effect., B Arnold, J F. Miller, and H U. Weltzien