Genetics of formamidase-5 (brain formamidase) in the mouse: localization of the structural gene on chromosome 14.

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Alleles, Amidohydrolases, Animals, Arylformamidase, Brain, Chromosome Mapping, Chromosomes, Genes, Mice, Mice, Inbred Strains

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Biochem Genet 1979 Jun; 17(5-6):415-31.


A single formamidase, which is different from the formamidases found in other tissues occurs in the brains of mice. This enzyme is here called formamidase-5 and the gene symbol is designated For-5. Two alleles are recognized on the basis of their differential heat sensitivity:For-5b is relatively heat stable and is present in strain C57BL/6J, while For-5d is relatively heat sensitive and is present in strain DBA/2J. The heat sensitivity of formamidase-5 in 44 other inbred strains and substrains was tested and found to resemble that of C57BL/6J or DBA/2J. Thirty-six recombinant inbred strains derived from progenitors that differed at For-5 were studies to test for single-gene inheritance and linkage with other loci. Complete concordance was found with the esterase-10 locus (Es-10), indicating close linkage. The 99% upper confidence limit of the distance between For-5 and Es-10 is 3.7 centimorgans (cM). Es-10 is located on chromosome 14 about 19 cM from the centromere. An independent demonstration of linkage of For-5 with Es-10 and another chromosome 14 marker, hairless (hr), is provided by the finding that the HRS/J strain, which has been sibmated for 60 generations with forced heterozygosity at the hr locus, is cosegregating at For-5 and Es-10. A survey of 32 inbred strains and substrains revealed that the For-5d allele is associated with the Es-10b allele, and that the For-5b allele is associated with Es-10a and Es-10c. Formamidase-5 segregates as expected in the F2 generation of crosses between strains bearing For-5b and For-5d alleles. It is possible that this unique formamidase of the brain is involved in the metabolism of a neurotransmitter substance.

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