Submissions from 1980

Molecular dosimetry of the chemical mutagen ethyl methanesulfonate. Quantitative comparison of mutation induction in escherichia coli, v79 chinese hamster cells and l5178y mouse lymphoma cells, and some cytological results in vitro and in vivo., C S. Aaron, A A. Zeeland, G R. Mohn, A T. Natarajan, A G. Knapp, A D. Tates, and B W. Glickman

Viral genes involved in leukemogenesis. I. Generation of recombinants between oncogenic and nononcogenic mouse type-c viruses in tissue culture., S A. Aaronson and M Barbacid

Immune rna as an effective adjuvant immunotherapy after surgery: an animal model. Abstr., S Aarons, E C. Krishnan, and W R. Jewell

Idiotype-specific t cell immunity. I. Generation of effector and suppressor t lymphocytes reactive with myeloma idiotypic deter- minants., A K. Abbas, L L. Perry, B A. Bach, and M I. Greene

Spontaneous polyarthritis in mrl/1 mice., C Abe, K Mitsunaga, and Y Shiokawa

Immunotherapy of murine tumor with hyaluronidase and immunostimulants. Abstr., C Abramson and R Dziarski

Lipolysis and cyclic amp response to isoproterenol in diaphragms from control and dystrophic mice., N A. Abumrad, H M. Tepperman, and J Tepperman

Inbred strains of mice. Abstr., murad C. Abu, L Pekkanen, D Parks, B Bradford, E Glassman, D R. Thurman, and S O. Three

Deposition of immune complexes in ovarian follicles of mice with lupus-like syndrome., L Accinni, B Albini, and R A. Dixon

Monoclonal antibodies specific for carcinoembryonic antigen and produced by two hybrid cell lines., R S. Accolla, S Carrel, and J Mach

The effect of exogenous interferon: acceleration of auto- immune and renal diseases in (nzb/w)f1 mice., C Adam, Y Thoua, P Ronco, P Verroust, M Tovey, and maroger L. Morel

Effector mechanisms of cytolytically activated macrophages. I. Secretion of neutral proteases and effect of protease inhibitors., D O. Adams

Effector mechanisms of cytolytically activated macrophages. II. Secretion of a cytolytic factor by activated macrophages and its relationship to secreted neutral proteases., D O. Adams, K Kao, R Farb, and S V. Pizzo

Effects of 7-con-0-methylnogarol (7-omen) on cell progression of cho and l1210 cells in vitro and l1210 cells in vivo. Abstr., E G. Adams and B K. Bhuyan

Molecular cloning of mouse immunoglobulin heavy chain messenger ribonucleic acids coding for nu, alpha, gamma1, gamma2a and gamma3 chains., J M. Adams, N M. Gough, E A. Webb, B M. Tyler, I Jackson, and S Cory

Humoral immune responses to human lymphoma cell hetero- transplants in the central nervous system of athymic, nude mice., D C. Adelman, R A. Miller, and H S. Kaplan

Lymphoid sources of murine migration inhibition factor., N E. Adelman, J Ksiazek, T Yoshida, and S Cohen

Correlation between agarose microdroplet and capillary tube procedures as assays for migration inhibition of target cells., N Adelman, M Hasson, N Masih, and M C. Cohen

The efficacy of pyrazofurin (p) and 5-azacytidine (a) alone or in combination in the treatment of two murine leukemias. Abstr., S Adler and F E. Jr

Or cyclophosphamide. Abstr., S Adler, R K. Trobaugh, E C. Hemopoiesis, and M. Bleomycin

Deoxycoformycin toxicity in mice after long-term treatment., R P. Agarwal

In vivo inhibition of adenosine deaminase by 2'-deoxycoformycin in mouse blood and leukemia l1210 cells., R P. Agarwal

Effect of hydroxyurea on metabolism of 1-beta-d arabino- furanosylcytosine in l1210 cells in mice and in vitro. Abstr., R P. Agarwal, C T. Walsh, and R W. Craig

Morphology of retinal capillaries of obese-hyperglycaemic mice treated with glipizide. Abstr., A Agren, G Rehn, and P Naeser

High-affinity binding of 125i-labelled mouse interferon to a specific cell surface receptor., M Aguet

Experimental escherichia coli 06 infection in mice. I. Effect of immunisation on resistance in relation to 06 antibody levels in mice of different strains., S Ahlstedt

Somatic hybrids between a high nk-sensitive lymphoid (yacir) and several low sensitive sarcoma or l-cell-derived mouse lines exhibit low sensitivity., richter L. Ahrlund, E Klein, and G Masucci

Dynamics of the estrogen receptor in the uteri of mice treated neonatally with estrogen., M Aihara, T Kimura, and J Kato

Immune reactivity in bxsb (nzb x bxsb) f1 hybrids and mrl/mp lpr/lpr mice. Abstr., A J. Ainsworth and J M. Cruse

Antitumor effect of a combination of 6-methylthioinosine and amphotericin b on mouse leukemia l1210., S Akiyama and M Kuwano

Effect of mouse lymphotoxin on radiation-damaged cells., R R. Aksamit and E J. Leonard

Production of lymphotoxin by pha stimulation of mouse spleen cells. Abstr., R R. Aksamit and E J. Leonard

Induction and specificity of syngeneic antisera against rauscher virus-induced leukemia, rbl-5. Abstr., O Alaba and L W. Law

Specific induction of syngeneic cytotoxic t lymphocytes by solubilized tumor antigen: fractionation of the specific r-mulv-induced leukemia antigen., O Alaba and L W. Law

Identification and characterization of soluble suppressor factor(s) in murine leukemia. Abstr., M Albala, B Freed, and J Simon

Pharmacokinetics of methotrexate and plasma folate degradation by the flavobacterium sp. Carboxypeptidase. Abstr., A M. Albrecht, M S. Kennedy, and E Boldizsar

Trypanosome-mediated suppression of murine humoral immunity independent of typical suppressor cells., J W. Albright and J F. Albright

Anti-phenyltrimethylamino immunity in mice. II. L-tyrosine-p- -azophenyltrimethylammonium-induced suppressor t cells select- ively inhibit the expression of b-cell clones bearing a cross- -reactive idiotype., Y G. Alevy and C J. Bellone

Anti-tma immunity in mice. I. The appearance of cross-reactive idiotype(s) to the trimethylammonium (tma) hapten in a/j mice., Y G. Alevy, C D. Witherspoon, C A. Prange, and C J. Bellone

Effects of two nitrosoureas upon cultured sensitive and resistant l1210 cells. Abstr., J Alexander, D J. Adamson, and G P. Wheeler

Polyamine depletion induces enhanced synthesis and accumulation of cadaverine in cultured ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells., hongisto L. Alhonen and J Janne

Inhibition by derivatives of diguanidines of cell proliferation in ehrlich ascites cells grown in culture., hongisto L. Alhonen, H Poso, and J Janne

Pathogenesis and host response in subcutaneous alveolar hydatidosis. II. Intense plasmacellular infiltration in the paracortex of draining lymph nodes., khan Z. Ali and R Siboo

The cross-reactive idiotype of anti-4-azobenzenearsonate hybridoma- -derived antibodies in a/j mice constitutes multiple heavy chains., S S. Alkan, R Knecht, and D G. Braun

Enhanced differentiation of sexually dimorphic organs in l-thyroxine treated tfm mice., L Aloe and montalcini R. Levi

Biologic heterogeneity of the l5178y lymphoma. Abstr., J C. Alper, H A. Bogaars, E N. Spremulli, and L L. Tibbetts

Isolation and partial characterization of a tumor-associated antigen of the p815 mastocytoma of dba/2 mice., rammahy A. Al, J G. Levy, and A L. Jackson

A murine model for the switch from fetal to adult hemoglobin during ontogeny., B P. Alter and S C. Goff

Hemoglobin switching: a cellular model., B P. Alter and S C. Goff

Synthesis of secreted and membrane-bound immunoglobulin mu heavy chains is directed by mrnas that differ at their 3' ends., F W. Alt, A L. Bothwell, M Knapp, E Siden, L Mather, M Koshland, and D Baltimore

The biologic effects of allogeneic effect factor on t lymphocytes. II. The specificity of aef-induced cytotoxic t lymphocytes., A Altman, J M. Cardenas, T E. Bechtold, and D H. Katz

The biologic effects of allogeneic effect factor on t lymphocytes. I. The mitogenic activity and the autonomous induction of cytotoxic t lymphocytes by aef., A Altman, J M. Cardenas, T E. Bechtold, and D H. Katz

Activation of procarcinogens to mammalian cell mutagens by liver postmitochondrial supernatant from different rodent species or strains. Abstr., D E. Amacher and G N. Turner

Etiology of the liver granulomatous response in schistosoma mansoni-infected athymic nude mice., A F. Amsden, D L. Boros, and A T. Hood

Effect of cytotoxic agents on suppressor cells in mice., A Anaclerio, G Conti, G Goggi, M C. Honorati, A Ruggeri, M L. Moras, and F Spreafico

Carbohydrate attachment sites on mouse heavy chain immunoglobulins. Abstr., D R. Anderson and W J. Grimes

Growth characteristics of cyclophosphamide sensitive and resistant mouse lpc-1 plasmacytoma cell lines in in vitro diffusion chambers. Abstr., K C. Anderson

Induction of dimethylnitrosamine demethylase activity in mouse liver by polychlorinated biphenyls and 3-methylchol- anthrene., L M. Anderson and M Angel

Metaabolism of benzo[a]pyrene by mouse colonic mucosa. Abstr., L M. Anderson and E E. Deschner

Decreased male fertility induced by chronic alcohol ingestion. Abstr., R A. Anderson, J M. Reddy, C Oswald, B Willis, and L J. Zaneveld

Hormonal imbalance and alterations in testicular morphology induced by chronic ingestion of ethanol., R A. Anderson Jr., B R. Willis, C Oswald, J M. Reddy, S A. Beyler, and L J. Zaneveld

Radiation-induced augmentation of tumor rejection in mice. Abstr., R E. Anderson, G M. Troup, S Tokuda, and N L. Warner

T-cell-dependent b-cell stimulation is h-2 restricted and antigen dependent only at the resting b-cell level., J Andersson, M H. Schreier, and F Melchers

Inhibition of artificial lung metastases in mice by pre-irradiation of abdomen., K Ando, N Hunter, and L J. Peters

Cellular requirements for production and release of the lymphocyte costimulator., L Andrus and K J. Lafferty

Hybridoma autoantibodies to dna., C Andrzejewski Jr., B D. Stollar, T M. Lalor, and R S. Schwartz

Cell surface glycosaminoglycans of tumorigenic and non- -tumorigenic mouse mammary epithelial cells. Abstr., J C. Angello, L W, and E A. Hosick

Intracellular neutralization of sv40 tumor antigens following microinjection of specific antibody., K H. Antman and D M. Livingston

Regulation of lipopolysaccharide-induced granulopoiesis and macrophage formation by spleen cells. II. Macrophage- -lymphocyte interactions in the procoess of generation of colony- -stimulating factor., R N. Apte, C F. Hertogs, and D H. Pluznik

Some chemotherapeutic properties of two new antitumor antibiotics, saframycins a and c., T Arai, K Takahashi, K Ishiguro, and Y Mikami

H-2-linked ir gene control of t cell proliferative responses to the synthetic terpolymer l-glutamic acid60-l-alanine30-l- -tyrosine10 (gat)., B A. Araneo and J A. Kapp

Immunosuppressive factor(s) from lymphoid cells of nonresponder mice primed with l-glutamic acid60-l-alanine30-l-tyrosine10 (gat). V. Inhibition of t cell proliferative responses., B A. Araneo and J A. Kapp

Mechanisms of sensitivity and resistance of murine tumors to 5- -fluorouracil., B Ardalan, D A. Cooney, H N. Jayaram, C K. Carrico, O I. Glazer, J Macdonald, and P S. Schein

Size determination of poly(a) after in vitro methylation with radioactive dimethyl sulfate., J Arendes, R K. Zahn, and W E. Muller

Factors affecting suppressor cell activity in tumor- -allosensitized mice., B F. Argyris

Host gene influence on interferon action in adult mouse hepatocytes: specificity for influenza virus., H Arnheiter, O Haller, and J Lindenmann

H-2 linked genetic control of murine cell-mediated lympholysis to autologous cells modified with high and low concentrations of fluorescein isothiocyanate (fitc). Abstr., P K. Arora, P Gilheaney, R B. Levy, and G M. Shearer

Laack of immunoglobulin m suppression by immunoglobulin g antibody in thymectomized, irradiated, and bone marrow- -reconstituted mice infected with toxoplasma gondii., J Aryanpour, A Hafizi, and F Modabber

Phorbol ester-mediated stimulation of the synthesis of mouse mammary tumour virus., S K. Arya

Specific and nonspecific infiltration of sponge matrix allo- grafts by specifically sensitized cytotoxic lymphocytes., N L. Ascher, R Hoffman, S Chen, and R L. Simmons

Suppressor cells and the handling of antigen., G L. Asherson, M Zembala, W R. Thomas, and M A. Perera

Accelerated loss and replacement of receptors on antigen- binding cells after immunization., R F. Ashman

Membrane defects of the tolerant b cell. Iii. Defective receptor replacement., R F. Ashman

Physiology of receptor capping induced by erythrocyte surface antigens., R F. Ashman

Giant lysosomes, a cytoplasmic marker in osteoclasts of beige mice., P Ash, J F. Loutit, and K M. Townsend

Osteoclasts derived from haematopoietic stem cells., P Ash, J F. Loutit, and K M. Townsend

Possible role of defectual thermogenesis and its regulation by insulin in genetic obesity. Abstr., jeannet F. Assimacopoulos, J Seydoux, L Girardier, and B Jeanrenaud

A thymus-dependent serum factor induces maturation of thymo- cytes as evaluated by graft-versus-host reaction., G C. Astaldi, A Astaldi, P Wijermans, and V P. Eijsvoogel

Effect of tranexamic acid on progress of experimental tumours and on dna-synthesis., B Astedt and C Trope

Cis-dichloro 1,1 di(aminomethyl)cyclohexane platinum (ii) (ddcp; nsc-269608): a new platinum complex with no renal toxicity. Abstr., G Atassi and M Rozencweig

Development and characterization of a hemolytic assay for mouse c4., J P. Atkinson, K Mcginnis, and D Shreffler

Tumorigenicity of human malignant melanocytes in nude mice in relation to their differentiation in vitro., C Aubert, F Rouge, and J R. Galindo

Specific t helper cells that activate b cells polyclonally. In vitro enrichment and cooperative function., A A. Augustin and A Coutinho

Metabolism of benzo[a]pyrene by cultured tracheobronchial tissues from mice, rats, hamsters, bovines and humans., H Autrup, F C. Wefald, A M. Jeffrey, H Tate, O D. Schwartz, B F. Trump, and C C. Harris

Two distinct poly(a) polymerases isolated from the cytoplasm of ehrlich ascites tumour cells., Z V. Avramova, G I. Milchev, and A A. Hadjiolov

Reversal of aphidicolin-directed inhibition of dna synthesis in vivo and in vitro by deoxyribonucleosides or their 5'- -triphosphates., D Ayusawa, K Iwata, S Ikegami, and T Seno

Lack of naturally-occurring suppressor cell activity in lps-non-responsive mice. Abstr., J L. Babb, J R. Mcghee, S M. Michalek, and H Kiyono

Integrated moloney murine leukemia virus dna studied by using complementary dna which does not recognize endogenous related sequences., L T. Bacheler and H Fan

Effect of long-term treatment with circulating thymic factor on murine lupus., M Bach, D Droz, L Noel, D Blanchard, I Dardenne, and A Peking

Modification of mitochondrial dna by a dihydrodiol-epoxide derivative of benzo(a)pyrene. Abstr., J M. Backer and I B. Weinstein