Submissions from 1981

Immunogenicity of haptenated schistosomula in vitro., A K. Abbas, S L. James, and A Sher

Ontogeny of murine t lymphocytes. I. Maturation of thymocytes induced in vitro by tumor necrosis factor-positive serum (tnf+)., J Abbott, P J. Doyle, K Ngiam, and C L. Olson

Phase i trial and pharmacokinetic study of 5'deoxy-5-fluorouridine. Abstr., R Abele, P Alberto, R J. Seematter, R Heintz, G Germano, W Weber, P. Obrecht, and J P. Cano

Enhancement of delayed-type hypersensitivity to trypanosoma cruzi in mice treated with mycobacterium bovis bcg and cyclophosphamide., I A. Abrahamsohn, M H. Blotta, and M A. Curotto

Induction of chlorpromazine in inbred mice. Abstr., R Abramson and C Betlach

Characterization of hybridoma antibodies to murine thyroglobulin. Abstr., M A. Accavitti, E F. Pydyn, R K. Brown, and M A. Leon

Anthracycline structure-activity relationships associated with increased antitumor potency in 3'-deamino-3'-(4-morpholinyl)dauno- rubicin (mrd). Abstr., E M. Acton and C W. Mosher

Macrophage-mediated cytolysis (mcy): mechanisms of target recognition and destruction. Abstr., D O. Adams

Evidence for a multistep mechanism of cytolysis by bcg- -activated macrophages: the interrelationship between the capacitiy for cytolysis, target binding, and secretion of cytolytic factor., D O. Adams and P A. Marino

Characterization of genetic defects in macrophage tumoricidal capacity: identification of murine strains with abnormalities in secretion of cytolytic factors and ability to bind neo- plastic targets., D O. Adams, P A. Marino, and M S. Meltzer

Digging behaviors as adaptive phenotypes for behavior-genetic analysis. Abstr., N Adams, M Abbott, and B Dudek

Hemopoiesis in bcnu treated mice: non hemopoietic stem cell effects. Abstr., S S. Adler, R D. Kuznetsky, and F E. Jr

Synergism between two helper cell subpopulations characterized by different radiosensitivity and nylon adherence., G Agarossi, C Mancini, and G Doria

Investigation of the cytotoxic effects of the combination of nitrosoureas with hyperthermia. Abstr., K C. Agrawal and G Srinivasan

Repair of chloroethylnitrosourea-induced dna lesions in murine bone marrow and l1210 cells. Abstr., J D. Ahlgren, D C. Green, K D. Tew, L D. Saslaw, and P S. Schein

Experimental escherichia coli 06 infection in mice. Iii. Effects of malnutrition, immunization and nutritional restoration., S Ahlstedt

Experimental escherichia coli 06 infection in mice. IV. On the relative importance of complement factors and anti- bodies for the host defence., S Ahlstedt

Protective effect of sublethal intraperitoneal listeria infection secondary to intranasal influenza infection in aged immunodeficient mice., S Ahlstedt and akerlund A. Sohl

Stimulation of mlr by non-i region encoded determinants on splenic adherent cells (sac). Abstr., G B. Ahmann, A Birnkrant, and R J. Hodes

Peritoneal exudate t lymphocytes with specificity to sheep red blood cells. IV. Fc receptors on specific peritoneal exudate lymphocytes and their role in delayed-type hypersensitivity reactions., J S. Ahmed, S H. Kaufmann, and H Hahn

Deoxyadenosine toxicity in human and mouse lymphocytes: similar- ities and contrasts. Abstr., D A. Albert, D Redelman, and H G. Bluestein

Proliferation, macromolecular synthesis and mitotic index of cultured l1210 cells subsequent to treatment with 36 candidate anticancer agents. Abstr., J A. Alexander

Mechanism of the local antitumor action of inflammation., P Alexander, I B. Parr, and L E. Jackson

Role of cell-mediated immunity in tumor eradication by hyperthermia., A A. Alfieri, E W. Hahn, and J H. Kim

Membrane vesicles from the ascitic fluid of ehrlich tumor bearing mice. Abstr., M Alfonso, J L. Subiza, R Alvared, and J Coll

Bcg-induced chronic pulmonary inflammation and splenomegaly in mice: suppression of pha-induced proliferation, delayed hypersensitivity to sheep erythrocytes, and chronic pulmonary inflammation by soluble factors from adherent spleen cells., E M. Allen, J L. Sternick, D J. Schrier, and V L. Moore

Role of the i-e subregion in t cell selection to antigen in vivo. Abstr., B Alpert and J Sprent

Increased mouse minor hemoglobin in vivo and in vitro: a model for hemoglobin regulation. Abstr., B P. Alter, A S. Campbell, and C Friend

Analysis of t cell function in autoimmune murine strains. Abstr., A Altman, A N. Theofilopoulos, R Weiner, and F J. Dixon

Common surface receptors on both mouse and rat cells dis- tinguish different classes of mouse mammary tumor viruses., B W. Altrock, L O. Arthur, R J. Massey, and G Schochetman

Resistance against tolerance induction in sjl mice., T Amagai and B Cinader

Effect of platelet aggregation inhibitors on metastatic distri- bution of neoplastic cells. Abstr., C M. Ambrus, J L. Ambrus, H Gastpar, and P Spavento

In vitro transformation of mouse epidermal cells with ultraviolet-b (uv-b) radiation. Abstr., H N. Ananthaswamy and M L. Kripke

Qualitative histological differences between transplacentally- -induced lung tumors in young and aging mice., L M. Anderson and J M. Budinger

High susceptibility of nude mouse skin to induction of skin tumors by ethylnitrosurea. Abstr., L M. Anderson, barney K. Last, and J M. Budinger

Formation and disappearance in vivo of benzo(a)pyrene (bp)- dna adducts in lung and liver of a/hej and c57bl/6j mice. Abstr., M W. Anderson and A G. Wilson

The cellular basis of radiation-induced augmentation of the immune response. Abstr., R E. Anderson, S Tokuda, W L. Williams, and N L. Warner

Immunosuppression in a murine b cell leukemia (bcl1): role of an adherent cell in the suppression of primary in vitro antibody res- ponses., S A. Anderson, P C. Isakson, E Pure, M Muirhead, J W. Uhr, and E S. Vitetta

A unique cell surface determinant of human monocytes identified by a mouse monoclonal antibody. Abstr., W H. Anderson, J J. Burckhardt, J F. Kearney, and M D. Cooper

Failure of successful intrasplenic transplantation of islets from lean mice to cure obese-hyperglycaemic mice, despite islet growth., A Andersson, U Eriksson, B Petersson, L Reibring, and I Swenne

Islet implantation as an investigative tool for the elucidation of pathogenetic mechanisms in diabetes mellitus. Abstr., A Andersson and S Sandler

Glucose effects on the in situ uptake and mobilization of 45ca from subcellular fractions of the pancreatic beta-cell. Abstr., T Andersson, C Betsholtz, and B Hellman

Effect of asparaginase treatment on lectin binding of asparaginase sensitive and resistant murine lymphoma cell lines. Abstr., E Ankel, B Ring, J Zirneski, and J Holcenberg

Development of in vivo somatic mutation system using antibody against hemoglobin. Preparation and use of an anti-hemoglobin antibody for identifying c57bl/6 red cells in artificial mixture of dba/2 and c57bl/6 red cells., A A. Ansari, M A. Baig, and H V. Malling

Ascitic krebs tumor cells., S Apelgot, J Coppey, J Grisvard, E Guille, D I. Sissoeff, and B O. Bearing

Reduction of in vitro generated cell mediated cytotoxicity after in vivo treatment with lipopolysaccharide. Abstr., L D. Apelgren, S M. Hatfield, L W. Hartley, and J R. Schmidtke

Pharmacokinetics of fu as the determinant of its toxicity and antitumor activity in a murine colonic adenocarcinoma line. Abstr., M Arakawa, B Ardalan, and C Todd

Positive selection of major histocompatibility complex-res- tricted suppressor t cells bearing the predominant idiotype in the immune response to lysozyme., B A. Araneo, R L. Yowell, D W. Metzger, and E E. Sercarz

Preparation and properties of antisera to mph-1, the mouse macrophage alloantigen., J R. Archer and A E. Dewar

The effects of murine fibroblast feeder layers on the growth of human colonic carcinoma. Abstr., L Arcolano, D Brattain, and M Brattain

Suppressor factor from tumor-allosensitized spleen cells--its effect on in vitro proliferation of tumor cells and in vivo skin allograft survival., B F. Argyris

Lack of suppressor cell activity in the spleens of mice with radiation-induced osteogenic sarcomas., B F. Argyris and A E. Reif

Experimental allergic encephalomyelitis - susceptibility and suppression., R Arnon

Mechanisms of thymidine synthesis and release by macrophages. Effect on malignant melanoma., R Arnould, A Libert, grandjean A. Vercammen, and F J. Lejeune

Non-mhc linked genetic control of murine cell-mediated lympholysis to trinitrophenyl-modified syngeneic cells [tnp-self]. Abstr., P K. Arora and G M. Shearer

Glutathione depletion sensitizes tumor cells to peroxid- -mediated lysis by activated macrophages and granulocytes. Abstr., B Arrick, C Nathan, O Griffith, and Z Cohn

Genetic restriction of helper t cell recognition of lyb5+ and lyb5- b cells. Abstr., Y Asano, A Singer, and R J. Hodes

Maturation of cytotoxic effector cells at the site of allograft rejection., N L. Ascher, S Chen, R Hoffman, and R L. Simmons

In vivo formation of benzo(a)pyrene diol epoxide-deoxyadenosine adducts in the skin of mice susceptible to benzo(a)pyrene-induced carcinogenesis., S W. Ashurst and G M. Cohen

Tide maps are associated with different clinical types of leu- kemia., B Asjo, E Buetti, E Fenyo, H Diggelmann, D G. Klein, and Y. Pep

Human endothelial culture supernatant (hecs): evidence for a growth-promoting factor binding to hybridoma and myeloma cells., G C. Astaldi, M C. Janssen, P M. Lansdorp, and C Willems

A simple highly sensitive method for the determination of cell viability using an electronic particle analyzer, coulter counter., A M. Attallah and R P. Johnson

Two distinct murine differentiation antigens both determined by genes linked to the ly6 locus. Abstr., H Auchincloss Jr., K Ozato, and D H. Sachs

Selective cytotoxicity and metabolism of beta-d-4'-hydroxy-ftorafur (oh-ft) and 5'-deoxy-5-fluorouridine (dfur). Abstr., J L. Au, Y M. Rustum, J Minowada, C Levenson, and B Srivastava

Genetic differences in dimethylnitrosamine mutagenicity in vitro associated with mouse hepatic aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase activ- ity induced by 3-methylcholanthrene., T Aune, E Dybing, S D. Nelson, and S S. Thorgeirsson

Comparative antitumor activity of 1,4-bis[[[2-[(2-hydroxyethyl) amino]ethyl]amino]]-9,10-anthracenedione (dhaq) and doxorubicin against l1210 murine leukemia. Abstr., V I. Avramis, V B. Grossie Jr., S Feldman, E Mckelvey, and T L. Loo

Effects of tobacco smoke exposure on splenic architecture and weight, during the primary immune response of balb/c mice., D J. Ayre, D Keast, and J M. Papadimitriou

Alteration of ribonucleotide reductase in aphidicolin-resistant mutants of mouse fm3a cells with associated resistance to ara- binosyladenine and arabinosylcytosine., D Ayusawa, K Iwata, and T Seno

Resistance to methotrexate in thymidylate synthetase-deficient mutants of cultured mouse mammary tumor fm3a cells., D Ayusawa, H Koyama, and T Seno

Planted in nu/nu mice. Abstr., H A. Azar, S Fernandez, L Bros, C C. Espinoza, S A. Shelley, D G. Lyman, and O. Trans

Identification of a third type of lambda light chain in mouse immunoglobulins., T Azuma, L A. Steiner, and H N. Eisen

Htx-1, a spontaneous thy-1.2, IA.2 Positive cba/j cell line. Abstr., G F. Babcock, J H. Phillips, L L. Lanier, and N L. Warner

Expression of idiotypic determinants in swr anti gluphe dictated by the genes in the mhc. Abstr., U M. Babu and P H. Maurer

Allo-responsive t lymphocytes and their differentiation markers., F H. Bach, B J. Alter, B Dunlap, B Koller, C Orosz, N Roehm, and M B. Widmer

Their reactivities and a large cell surface membrane protein (lmp) differentiation marker system., F H. Bach, B J. Alter, M B. Widmer, M Segall, D B. Dunlab, and C A. Man:

Demonstration of rare (unique) and frequent (shared) idiotopes in mice and humans using hybridoma anti-tepc-15 antibodies. Abstr., M Bach, M Wittner, D Levitt, and H Kohler

Cellular antigens of viral and x-irradiation induced murine lymphomas recognized by monoclonal antibodies. Abstr., R G. Bach, N Flieger, and D Meruelo

The action of bacterial bcg-like substane in mixed lymphocyte culture. Abstr., B T. Backus, L F. Affronti, and T Folks

T cell regulation of erythropoiesis during leukemogenesis. Abstr., E R. Bacon and C L. Reinisch

Effect of cell cycle interruption on repair of trans-diamino- dichloroplatinum(ii)-induced dna lesions. Abstr., A E. Baeck, R Gantt, G M. Jones, and E V. Stephens

Metastatic properties of b-cell hybridomas. Abstr., P D. Baetselier, E Gorelik, Z Eshar, J Ron, S Katzav, and S Segal

Determination of closure in two strains of inbred mice through stimulus reactivity measures., M Bagwell

Reverse plaque assay for mouse immunoglobulin allotype secreting spleen cells. Abstr., M A. Baig and A A. Ansari

Comparative functional histopathology of human breast carcinoma xenografts., M J. Bailey, M G. Ormerod, S F. Imrie, J Humphreys, J D. Roberts, Gazet, and A M. Neville

Thymic extracts: their in vivo effects on the immune response of mice to sheep erythrocytes. Abstr., P A. Bailey, A H. Rule, M Farber, and H Miller

Long-term local b cell memory in murine lymph nodes draining a primary antigen injection. Abstr., Y Baine and G J. Thorbecke

Effects of immunomodulation on sjl/j mouse lymphomagenesis. Abstr., R F. Bakemeier, E P. Bakemeier, F V. Peale, and axon A. Ashley

Comparative survival, seeding efficiencies, and hematopoietic repopulation in neutron- and gamma-irradiated mice. Abstr., W H. Baker and T J. Macvittie

Efficacy of ampicillin therapy in experimental listeriosis in mice with impaired t-cell-mediated immune response., woudenberg I. Bakker, P D. Bos, W B. Leeuwen, and M F. Michel

Propylthiouracil (ptu) treatment of (nzb x nzw)f1 (b/w) female mice with advancing renal dysfunction. Abstr., S L. Balaban and A E. Gabrielsen

Cell transfer studies among mrl/mp-upr/lpr and mrl/mp-+/+ sle- -prone murine substrains. Abstr., R S. Balderas, A N. Theofilopoulos, and F J. Dixon

Anti-double stranded dna hybridomas derived from nzb/nzw f1 mice. Abstr., D W. Ballard

Location of human and mouse tumors using a radio-labeled monoclonal antibody (anti-ssea-1). Abstr., B Ballou, J Reiland, G Levine, D Solter, and T R. Hakala

Effect of ada inhibitors on murine lymphocyte subpopulations. Abstr., M Ballow and A Pantschenko

Genetic influences on the augmentation of natural killer (nk) cells during murine cytomegalovirus infection: correlation with patterns of resistance., G J. Bancroft, G R. Shellam, and J E. Chalmer

Immune response of balb/c mice to phthalate: characterization of a new and useful model for studying immune regulation., R B. Bankert and G L. Mayers

Partial purification and characterization of a cell specific g1-inhibitor (chalone) from jb-1 ascites tumors., N M. Barfod

Immunologic characteristics of a murine renal adenocarcinoma. Abstr., B P. Barna, S D. Deodhar, T Chiang, J E. Montie, D Roberts, and B Jacobs

Effect of carcinogens and analogs on interferon induction., M C. Barnes, U N. Streips, and G Sonnenfeld

The effect of 13-cis retinoic acid on ige antibody production. Abstr., J B. Barnett and W Siag