Conserved linkage of soluble aconitase and galactose-1-phosphate uridyl transferase in mouse and man: assignment of these genes to mouse chromosome 4.

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Biochemistry, Metabolism:, Hereditary Factors:, Life-History Effects:, Genes: b - Brown, Mup*Al, Mup-a-1 Mup, M.M. Molossinus, Aco-1, Galt, Rb-1, Strains: A(CAL-A) (A/J), A/HE, AKR, AU, BALB/C, BDP, CBA, CBA/H-T6T6, CBA/CA, CE, C3H/HE, C3HEB, C57BL/KS, C57BL/6, C57BL/10, C57BR/CD, C57L, C58, DBA/1 (12), DBA/2 (212), DW, HRS, IC, L (P), LP, L (P), LP, MA/MY, NZB, PERU, RF (W), RIII (R3A), SF, SEA, SEC/1, SJL, SM, ST/B (STB), SWR, V, SK, BUB, MWT, ROP, ABP, YBR, M.M. Molossinus, TF/GN, M. M. CASTANEUS, RSV/LE, STX, JE, AEJ

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Cytogenet Cell Genet 1982; 34:271-81.

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