Submissions from 1984

Circannual variations of circadian periodicity in murine colony-forming cells., N Aardal

A genetically controlled hippocampal transmitter system regulating exploratory behavior in mice., J H. Abeelen and H J. Boersma

Modulation of schistosoma mansoni egg-induced granuloma formation. Iii. Evidence for an anti-idiotypic, i-j- -positive, i-j-restricted, soluble t suppressor factor., T Abe and D G. Colley

Cell-mediated cytotoxicity against targets bearing sendai virus glycoproteins in the absence of viral infection., T F. Abidi and T D. Flanagan

Production of large quantities of human immunoglobulin in the ascites of athymic mice: implications for the development of anti-human idiotype monoclonal antibodies., P G. Abrams, J J. Ochs, S L. Giardina, A C. Morgan, H B. Wilburn, A R. Wilt, R K. Oldham, and K A. Foon

Culture of mouse preimplantation embryos as a quality control assay for human in vitro fertilization., S B. Ackerman, R J. Swanson, G K. Stokes, and L L. Veeck

A role for ia antigens in thymocyte binding by macrophages., N Agrwal and D W. Thomas

H-2 restriction specificity of t cells from h-2 incompatible radiation bone marrow chimeras: further evidence for the absence of crucial influence of the host/thymus environment on the genera- tion of h-2 restricted tnp-specific t lymphocyte precursors., S Aizawa, T Sado, and E Kubo

Immunoglobulin gene expression and dna methylation in murine pre-b cell lines., S Akira, H Sugiyama, N Sakaguchi, and T Kishimoto

Mouse monoclonal antibodies reacting with human brain glial fibrillary acidic protein., M Albrechtsen, A C. Von gerstenberg, and E Bock

Production of high affinity monoclonal antibodies to deoxy- corticosterone., dujaili E. Al, A L. Hubbard, V V. Heyningen, and C R. Edwards

Estrogen and thymic hormone interactions in the female mouse., L S. Allen, J E. Mcclure, A L. Goldstein, M S. Barkley, and S D. Michael

The handling of listeria monocytogenes by macrophages: the search for an immunogenic molecule in antigen presentation., P M. Allen, D I. Beller, J Braun, and E R. Unanue

Characterization of three new intra-i region recombinant mouse strains, b10.asr7 (h-2as3), B10.bar4 (h-2h6), And b10.basr1 (h-2as4), P M. Allen, D H. Gutmann, M R. Sher, and J E. Niederhuber

Differential requirements for antigen processing by macrophages for lysozyme-specific t cell hybridomas., P M. Allen and E R. Unanue

Developmental regulation of cytokeratins in cells of the rat mammary gland studies with monoclonal antibodies., R Allen, R Dulbecco, P Syka, M Bowman, and B Armstrong

Chronic liposome administration in mice: effects on reticuloendothelial function and tissue distribution., T M. Allen, L Murray, S Mackeigan, and M Shah

Independent effect of a mixed-beam regimen of fast neutrons and gamma rays on a murine fibrosarcoma., K Ando, S Koike, N Fukuda, and C Kanehira

Immunopathology of experimental cutaneous leishmaniasis., Z A. Andrade, S G. Reed, S B. Roters, and M Sadigursky

Muscarinic acetylcholine receptors., C Andre, J G. Guillet, J D. Backer, P Vanderheyden, J Hoebeke, D A. Strosberg, and O A. Of

Pluripotent embryonal carcinoma clones derived from the human teratocarcinoma cell line tera-2. Differentiation in vivo and in vitro., P W. Andrews, I Damjanov, D Simon, G S. Banting, C Carlin, N C. Dracopoli, and J Fogh

Cytotoxic t cells both produce and respond to interleukin 2., L Andrus, piperno A. Granelli, and E Reich

Heterogeneity of plasminogen activator expression in various moloney virus-induced tumor cell lines. Lack of correlation with tumor growth and cell phenotype., cano E. Angles, B Boyer, S Gisselbrecht, and P Debre

Nude mice injected with dna excreted by antigen-stimulated human t lymphocytes synthesize specific human antibodies., P Anker, D Jachertz, P Maurice, J Henri, C Lederrey, and M Stroun

A genetically restricted suppressor factor that requires inter- action with two distinct targets., I Aoki, M Usui, M Minami, and M E. Dorf

Monoclonal antibodies detect a spectrin-like protein in normal and dystrophic human skeletal muscle., S T. Appleyard, M J. Dunn, V Dubowitz, M L. Scott, S J, T, and D M. Shotton

T cell regulation of b cell activation: mhc-restricted t augmenting cells enhance the b cell responses mediated by mhc-restricted cloned t helper cells., Y Asano and R J. Hodes

Cellular basis of allograft rejection., N L. Ascher, R A. Hoffman, D W. Hanto, and R L. Simmons

Nonspecific inhibitor of contact sensitivity made by T-acceptor cells: triggering of T cells armed with antigen-specific T-suppressor factor (TsF) requires both occupancy of the major histocompatibility complex recognition site by soluble I-J product and cross-linking of the antigen recognition sites of the TsF., G L Asherson, V Colizzi, M Zembala, B B James, and M C Watkins

Antigen presentation by resting b cells; radiosensitivity of the antigen-presentation function and two distinct pathways of t cell activation., J D. Ashwell, A L. Defranco, W E. Paul, and R H. Schwartz

Differentiation and tumorigenicity of human malignant melanocytes in relation to their culture conditions., C Aubert, F Rouge, and J Galindo

Hormonal, metabolic and morphologic studies of aged c57bl/6j obese mice., B P. Austin, T L. Garthwaite, T C. Hagen, J O. Stevens, and L A. Menahan

Identification of two intestinal vitamin d-dependent calcium- -binding proteins in the x-linked hypophosphataemic mouse., L R. Baker, M L. Clark, P D. Fairclough, and H Goble

Dna packaging in mouse spermatids. Synthesis of protamine variants and four transition proteins., R Balhorn, S Weston, C Thomas, and A J. Wyrobek

Positive interactions between human interferon and cyclophos- phamide or adriamycin in a human tumor model system., F R. Balkwill and E M. Moodie

Specificity and kinetics defining the interaction between a murine monoclonal autoantibody and dna., D W. Ballard, S P. Lynn, J F. Gardner, and E W. Jr

Monoclonal antibodies reactive with small cell carcinoma of the lung., E D. Ball, R F. Graziano, O S. Pettengill, G D, R, and M W. Fanger

Strategies for the measurement of the inhibitory effects of thymidine analogs on the activitiy of thymidylate synthase in intact murine leukemia l1210 cells., J Balzarini and E D. Clercq

Development and localization of 't-like' cells in the nude mouse., J Bamat, B Sordat, R K. Lees, P Zaech, R Ceredig, and H R. Macdonald

Macrophage activation and generation of tumoricidal activity by liposome-associated human c-reactive protein., B P. Barna, S D. Deodhar, S Gautam, N, and D Roberts

Thymic sensitivity to sex hormones develops post-natally; an in vivo and an in vitro study., I G. Barr, K W. Pyke, P Pearce, B Toh, and J W. Funder

Thymus-dependence of autoantibody responses to liver specific lipoprotein in the mouse., W N. Bartholomaeus, H O'donoghue, and W D. Reed

The acute phase response of mouse liver. Genetic analysis of the major acute phase reactants., H Baumann, W A. Held, and F G. Berger

Monozygotic vs. Dizygotic twin behavior in artificial mouse twins., E Baunack, U Falk, and K Gartner

Exocytosis and macrophage-mediated antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity: a cautionary note., R H. Beelen and W S. Walker

A bioassay for cyclophosphamide in blood, lung and tumour., A C. Begg and K A. Smith

Quinone-induced dna damage and its relationship to antitumor activity in l5178y lymphoblasts., A Begleiter and G W. Blair

Injection of mice with antibody to interferon renders peritoneal macrophages permissive for vesicular stomatitis virus and encephalomyocarditis virus., F Belardelli, F Vignaux, E Proietti, and I Gresser

Murine l5178y cells resulting in altered drug sensitivities from fractionated radiation exposure in vitro., A S. Bellamy and B T. Hill

Functional significance of the regulation of macrophage ia expression., D I. Beller

Humoral immune responses in murine pregnancy. IV. Strain dependency and alloantibody specificity., S C. Bell

Looking for relationships between the most repeated dispersed dna sequences in the mouse: small r elements are found associated consistently with long mif repeats., K L. Bennett and N D. Hastie

Functional expression of a cloned i-abetak gene in b-lymphoma cells., nun A. Ben, L H. Glimcher, J Weis, and J G. Seidman

Presence of fibroblast-transforming genes in normal dna of several mouse and rat strains., P Bentvelzen

Identification of distinct predominant epitopes recognized by myo- globin-specific t cells under the control of different ir genes and characterization of representative t cell clones., I Berkower, L A. Matis, G K. Buckenmeyer, F R. Gurd, D L. Longo, and J A. Berzofsky

Membrane antigen in small cell carcinoma of the lung defined by monoclonal antibody sm1., S D. Bernal and J A. Speak

Survival and tissue localization of xenogeneic human lymphocytes in hypothymic nude mice: observations in normal subjects and multiple sclerosis., C C. Bernard and I R. Mackay

Production of anti-thymulin (fts) monoclonal antibodies by immun- ization against human thymic epithelial cells., S Berrih, W Savino, M Azoulay, M Dardenne, and J Bach

Fusion of plasmacytoma and host cells in vivo: selection of proliferating and nonproliferating cultures., R Ber and N Lanir

Development: involvement of t and b cell areas., M Bertschmann, hartenbach R. Markwalder, E Pedrinis, M W. Hess, D H. Cottier, and E P. Tumour

Synergistic interaction between acivicin (at-125) and 6-thiogua- nine in the murine leukemia l1210. Biochemical and cytokinetic considerations., K Bhalla, R Nayak, A Deitch, and S Grant

Nature of steady-state and newly synthesized mitochondrial messenger ribonucleic acids in mouse liver and ehrlich ascites cells., K S. Bhat, G R. Kantharaj, and N G. Avadhani

Modulation of cell-mediated cytotoxicity function after alteration of fatty acid composition in vitro., R Bialick, R Gill, G Berke, and W R. Clark

Interferon induces natural killer cell blastogenesis in vivo., C A. Biron, G Sonnenfeld, and R M. Welsh

Immunoregulation of genetically controlled acquired responses to leishmania donovani infection in mice: demonstration and characterization of suppressor t cells in noncure mice., J M. Blackwell and O M. Ulczak

Glycosaminoglycan profiles in cloned granulated lymphocytes with natural killer function and in cultured mast cells: their potential use as biochemical markers., C E. Bland, K L. Rosenthal, D H. Pluznik, G Dennert, A Hengartner, J Bienenstock, and D D. Metcalfe

Regulatory effects of isologous anti-idiotypic antibodies on the formation of different immunoglobulin classes in the immune response to phosphorylcholine in balb/c mice., K Blaser and C H. Heusser

Role of protein synthesis in the activation of cytotoxic mouse macrophages by lymphokines., E Blasi and L Varesio

Characterization of gastrointestinal tumor-associated carcino- embryonic antigen-related antigens defined by monoclonal anti- bodies., M Blaszczyk, K Y. Pak, M Herlyn, J Lindgren, S Pessano, Z Steplewski, and H Koprowski

Role of mononuclear phagocyte function in endotoxin-induced tumor necrosis., N Bloksma, F M. Hofhuis, and J M. Willers

Widespread distribution of the major polypeptide component of map 1 (microtubule-associated protein 1) in the nervous system., G S. Bloom, T A. Schoenfeld, and R B. Vallee

Use of immunodeficient mice in the study of experimental diabetes mellitus., M Blue and S Shin

Determinant-specific regulation of t helper cell responses to murine lambda light chains by both h-2 and non-h-2 genes., B Bogen and K Hannestad

Aging and hematopoiesis. II. The ability of bone marrow cells from young and aged mice to cure and maintain cure in w/wv., D R. Boggs, D F. Saxe, and S S. Boggs

Carcinoma cells from bovine mammary gland., F D. Bohmer, W Lehmann, H E. Schmidt, P Langen, D R. Grosse, and C O. Mammary

Decreased biosynthesis of saturated c20-c24 fatty acids by the trembler mouse sciatic nerve., F Boiron, D Darriet, J M. Bourre, and C Cassagne

Biochemical diversity and evolution in the genus mus., F Bonhomme, J Catalan, davidian J. Britton, V M. Chapman, A Moriwaki, E Nevo, and L Thalar

Interferon inhibits prostaglandin biosynthesis in macrophages: effects on arachidonic acid metabolism., D Boraschi, S Censini, M Bartalini, G Scapigliati, I Barbarulli, E Vicenzi, M Benedetta, N, and A Tagliabue

Conjugation of dna fragments to protein carriers by glutaraldehyde: immunogenicity of oligonucleotide-hemocyanin conjugates., H Borel, T Sasaki, D B. Stollar, and Y Borel

Development of cerebellar astroglia: transitions in form and cytoskeletal content., P Bovolenta, R K. Liem, and C A. Mason

Cytotoxic t lymphocyte recognition of the influenza hemagglutinin gene product expressed by dna-mediated gene transfer., T J. Braciale, V L. Braciale, T J. Henkel, J Sambrook, and M Gething

Interaction of malignant cells with salt-extracted cartilage in vitro., M E. Bracke, R M. Cauwenberge, and M M. Mareel

Receptor-mediated antiproliferative effects of corticosteroids in lewis lung tumors., P G. Braunschweiger, H L. Ting, and L M. Schiffer

The use of immunologic mutations as probes of cellular inter- actions and autoimmunity in new zealand mice., K R. Bray and M E. Gershwin

Synergism of t lymphocyte subsets in the response to mls-locus coded antigens during graft-versus-host reaction., H Bril, lok B. Molendijk, odijk L. Hussaarts, and R Benner

An analysis of host t-cell subsets based on lyt antigenic markers during the development of spontaneous c3h mammary carcinomas., P Brodt and P K. Lala

Maternal ageing and aneuploid embryos-evidence from the mouse that biological and not chronological age is the important influence., J D. Brook, R G. Gosden, and A C. Chandley

Idiotypic relationships among anti-p-azophenylarsonate antibodies: shared public idiotopes among a-strain minor cri and balb/c cric., A R. Brown

Expression of the thy-1 antigen in long-term cultures of embryonic mouse spinal cord., R H. Brown, J Schweitzer, and M A. Dichter

Interleukin-1 synthesis and activity in aged mice., rosset M. Bruley and I Vergnon

Modulation of opioid system in c57 mice after repeated treatment with morphine and nalozone: biochemical and behavioral correlates., N Brunello, A Volterra, A M. Giulio, V Cuomo, and C Racagni

Identification and linkage analysis of a gene, rcs-1, suppressing spontaneous sjl/j lymphoma expression., J E. Bubbers

Incidence of inherited enzyme activity variants in feral mouse populations., G Bulfield, J M. Hall, and S Tsakas

X chromosome-linked muscular dystrophy (mdx) in the mouse., G Bulfield, W G. Siller, P A. Wight, and K J. Moore

Carcinogenic effects of acrylamide in sencar and a/j mice., R J. Bull, M Robinson, R D. Laurie, G D. Stoner, E Greisiger, J R. Meier, and J Stober

Selective depletion of substance p-immunoreactive neurones in the transitional zone of the colon in piebald lethal mice., A J. Bu'lock, C Vaillant, and G J. Dockray

Interleukin 2 (il-2) activity during tumor growth: il-2 production kinetics, absorption of and responses to exogenous il-2., C J. Burger, K D. Elgert, and W L. Farrar

The effect of alkaline ph on the cell growth of six different mammalian cells in tissue culture., D Burroni and C Ceccarini

Yohimbine and rauwolscine reduce food intake of genetically obese (obob) and lean mice., M F. Callahan, M Beales, and G A. Oltmans

Two genetically transmitted balb/c mouse mammary tumor virus genomes located on chromosomes 12 and 16., R Callahan, D Gallahan, and C Kozak