Submissions from 1959

The nature of the sexual dimorphism of the submandibular gland of the mouse., W B. Atkison, F Wilson, and S Coates

Rates of subline divergence in highly inbred strains of mice., D W. Bailey

A study of the embryology and genetics of patch, a mutation in the mouse., J E. Barker

Implantation of normal blood-forming tissue in genetically anemic mice, without x-irradiation of host., S E. Bernstein and E S. Russell

Limitations of whole-body irradiation for inducing acceptance of homografts in cases involving a genetic defect., S E. Bernstein, E S. Russell, and F A. Lawson

Hepatic fusion, a new gene in linkage group I of the mouse., LE Bunker

Endocrine variation: heritability iodine metabolism in the thyroids of mice., C K. Chai

Life span in inbred and hybrid mice., C K. Chai

Incorporation of glycine-1-C14 into nucleic acids and proteins of mice with hereditary muscular dystrophy., D L. Coleman and M E. Ashworth

Inheritance and hair morphology of the "wuzzy" mutation in the rabbit., D D. Crary and P B. Sawin

Interactive effects of infantile and adult shock levels upon learning., V H. Denenberg

Learning differences in two separated lines of mice., V H. Denenberg

Genetic, physiological, and behavioral background of reproduction in the rabbit. VI. Maternal behavior with reference to scattered and cannibalized newborn and mortality., V H. Denenberg, S F. Petropolus, P B. Sawin, and S Ross

Effects of chlorpromazine on acquisition and extinction of a conditioned response in mice., V H. Denenberg, S Ross, and J Ellsowrth

The effect of isoantibodies in vivo on three different transplantable neoplasms in mice., P A. Gorer and N Kaliss

Genetic effects., E L. Green

Transplantation of ova in mice; an attempt to modify the number of presacral vertebrae., E L. Green and M C. Green

Genetics., M C. Green

Genetics., M C. Green

Linkage map of the mouse., M C. Green and M M. Dickie

Developmental anomalies in mice resulting from action of the gene, Disorganization, a semi-dominant lethal., K P. Hummel

Visceral inversion and associated anomalies in the mouse., K P. Hummel and D B. Chapman

Comparison of the virulence of the mammary tumor agent from four strains of mice., K P. Hummel and C C. Little

Preputial gland tumor sterols. I. The occurrence of 24,25-dihydrolanosterol and a comparison with liver and the normal gland., A A. Kandutsch and A E. Russell

The identifiction of 4a-methyl-8-cholesten-3b-ol, a new sterol from a preputial gland tumor., A A. Kandutsch and A E. Russell

The social behavior of prairie dogs., J A. King

Effects of early handling upon adult behavior in two subspecies of deermice, Peromyscus maniculatus., J A. King and B E. Eleftheriou

Subspecific differences in the responses of young deermice on an elevated maze., J A. King and N J. Shea

Correlation of maternal pituitary weight with the number of uterine implantaton sites in pregnant mice., A J. Ladman and M N. Runner

The pituitary-gonad response of genetically obese mice in parabiosis with thin and obese siblings., P Lane

Morphogenetic studies of the rabbit. XXII. Linear measurements of large race III and small race X., H B. Latimer and P B. Sawin

Morphogenetic studies of the rabbit. XXIV. The weight and thickness of the ventricular walls in the rabbit heart., H B. Latimer and P B. Sawin

Francisco Duran-Reynals, bacteriologist [memorial]., C C. Little

Genetics of neoplasia., C C. Little

Variability in activity within inbred and crossbred mice., A M. Mordkoff and J L. Fuller

The relationship between delayed socialization and trainability in guide dogs., C J. Pfaffenberger and J P. Scott

Mammary tumors and mammary-gland development in virgin mice of strains C3H, RIII, and their F1 hybrids., F L. Richardson and K P. Hummel

Value profiles of biological science research apprentices., S Ross, R M. Chambers, and V H. Denenberg

Genetic, physiological and behavioral background of reproduction in the rabbit. V. Nonretrieving of neonates., S Ross, V H. Denenberg, G P. Frommer, and P B. Sawin

Inheritance of susceptibility to congenital deformity: metabolic clues provided by experiments with teratogenic agents., M N. Runner

Linkage of brachypodism; a new member of linkage group V of the house mouse., M N. Runner

Long-continued function of normal blood-forming tissues transplanted into genetically anemic hosts., E S. Russell, S E. Bernstein, F Lawson, and L J. Smith

Selection and inbreeding for longevity of a lethal type., E S. Russell and F A. Lawson

Morphogenetic studies of the rabbit. XXIII. The effects of the dachs gene Da (chondrodystrophy) upon linear and lateral growth of the skeleton as influenced in time., P B. Sawin, D D. Crary, and J Webster

Morphogenetic studies of the rabbit. XXV. The spheno-occipital synchondrosis of the dachs (chondrodystrophy) rabbit., P B. Sawin, M Ranlett, and D D. Crary

The effects of early enforced weaning on sucking behavior of puppies., J P. Scott, R Sherman, A E. Fisher, and D J. King

Terminology of grafting., G D. Snell

The demonstration of "weak" isoantigens of transplantable tumours of mice., G D. Snell

Ankara cats., J Staats

Embryology of testicular teratomas in strain 129 mice., L C. Stevens

A mutation causing neonatal jaundice in the house mouse., L C. Stevens, J A. Mackensen, and S E. Bernstein

The centromeres of Drosophila., M Waters and A B. Griffen

Rapid proliferation of sublines of NCTC clone 929 (strain L) mouse cells in a simple chemically defined medium (MB 752/1)., C Waymouth

Submissions from 1958

Essential role of hypophysis in hypercorticism and hyperovarianism in DBA x CE and reciprocal mice., W B. Atkinson and M M. Dickie

An attempt to demonstrate a Y-linked histocompatibility gene in the house mouse., S E. Bernstein, A Silvers, and W Silvers

The selective cutaneous response to autologous and non-autologous plasma in dogs: observations on the effects of inbreeding and of immaturity., J Q. Bliss, P B. Stewart, and J L. Fuller

Endocrine variation; thyroid function in inbred and F1 hybrid mice., C K. Chai

Factors influencing isoimmunization in rabbit: effect of early postnatal immunization on specific isoantibody response., C Cohen

Influences upon the agglutinability of rabbit erythrocytes in the presence of iso-antibody: genetic factors., C Cohen

On blood groups and confusion in the rabbit., C Cohen

Morphogenetic studies of the rabbit. XXI. The nature of disproportionate dwarfism induced by the Da gene revealed by the early fetal ossification pattern., D D. Crary, P B. Sawin, and N Atkinson

Effects of testosterone propionate on the avoidance learning of male C57BL/6 mice., V H. Denenberg, J A. King, and D W. Ehrenfeld

Genetic, physiological and behavioral background of reproduction in the rabbit. IV. An analysis of maternal behavior at successive parturitions., V H. Denenberg, P B. Sawin, G P. Frommer, and S Ross

Constitutional and environmental interactions in rearing of four breeds of dogs., D G. Freedman

Instinctive behavior, by Claire H Schiller (book review)., J L. Fuller

Effects of the short ear gene in the mouse on cartilage formation in healing bone fractures., M C. Green

Genetics., M C. Green

Mammalian cytogenetics and the cancer problem., A B. Griffen

Occurrence of chromosomal aberrations in pre-spermatic cells of irradiated male mice., A B. Griffen

Hyaluronate-inactive spreading factor of murine edometrial secretions (uterone)., F Homburger, M S. Grossman, and P C. Harpel

Accessory adrenal cortical nodules in the mouse., K P. Hummel

The inheritance and expression of disorganization, an unusual mutation in the mouse., K P. Hummel

Immunological enhancement of tumor homografts in mice: a review., N Kaliss

Factors determining homograft destruction and immunological enhancement in mice receiving successive tumor inocula., N Kaliss and B F. Bryant

Physiological factors that alter the concentrations of skin sterols: W7-cholestenol as an indicator of sebaceous gland activity., A A. Kandutsch

Creatine and creatinine in tissues and urine of mice with hereditary muscular dystrophy., A A. Kandutsch and A E. Russell

Maternal behavior and behavioral development in two subspecies of Peromyscus maniculatus., J A. King

Parameters relevant to determining the effect of early experience upon the adult behavior of animals., J A. King

The effect of restricted food intake on the life span of genetically obese mice., P W. Lane and M M. Dickie

Morphogenetic studies of the rabbit XX A comparison of the weights of the brain and of its parts in a large and in a small sized race of rabbits., H B. Latimer and P B. Sawin

Biological aspects of cancer research., C C. Little

Coat color genes in rodents and carnivores., C C. Little

Differentiation of activity of three mouse strains with magnetic pickup apparatus., W G. Mitchell

Analysis of W-series pleiotropism in the mouse: effect of WvWv substitution on definitive germ cells and on ovarian tumorgenesis., E S. Russell and E Fekete

Inherited electrophoretic hemoglobin patterns among 20 inbred strains of mice., E S. Russell and P S. Gerald

Critical periods in the development of social behavior in puppies., J P. Scott

An experimental approach to action of genes at the agouti locus in the mouse. III. Transplants of newborn Aw-, A- and at skin to Ay-, Aw-, A- and aa hosts., W K. Silvers

An experimental approach to action of genes at the agouti locus in the mouse. II. Transplants of newborn aa ventral skin to Ata, Awa and aa hosts., W K. Silvers

The crinkled-fuzzy mouse., W K. Silvers and P W. Lane

Attempts to induce and maintain pregnancy in prepuberal mice following treatment with 17 alpha-hydroxyprogesterone 17-n-caproate., M Smithberg

Histocompatibility genes of the mouse. I. Demonstration of weak histocompatibility differences by immunization and controlled tumor dosage., G D. Snell

Histocompatibility genes of the mouse. II. Production and analysis of isogenic resistant lines., G D. Snell

Behaviour studies on inbred mice: a selected bibliography., J Staats

Studies on transplantable testicular teratomas of strain 129 mice., L C. Stevens

The inheritance and expression of a mutation in the mouse affecting blood formation, the axial skeleton and body size., L C. Stevens and J A. Mackensen

"Root pressure" in gymnosperms., P R. White, E Schuker, J R. Kern, and F H. Fuller

Tests of alternative methods for demonstrating the histocompatibility-1 isoantigen in the mouse., H Winn, L C. Stevens, and G D. Snell

Submissions from 1957

Differences in thyroid activity of several strains of mice and F1 hybrids., A Amin, C K. Chai, and E P. Reineke

The route of immunization in transplantation immunity., R E. Billingham, L Brent, and N A. Mitchison

Genetical differentiation involving morphological characters in an inbred strain of mice. II. American branches of the C57BL and C57BR strains., J R. Carpenter, H Gruneberg, and E S. Russell