Faculty Research 1970 - 1979

Faculty Research 1970 - 1979



Submissions from 1979

Assignment of histidase-regulating locus to chromosome 10 of the mouse., S M. Arfin, W C. Hanford, and B A. Taylor

An assay for histocompatibility gene mutations in mice., D W. Bailey

Definition of inbred strains., D W. Bailey

Genealogy of the more commonly used inbred mouse strains., D W. Bailey

Stimulation of hemoglobin C synthesis by erythropoietin in fetal and neonatal sheep., J E. Barker, J E. Pierce, and A W. Nienhuis

Mouse mutant genes with endocrine effects., W G. Beamer

Expression of endogenous murine leukemia viruses in AKR/J streaker mice., H G. Bedigian, L D. Shultz, and H Meier

Genetic determination of the developmental program for mouse liver beta-galactosidase: involvement of sites proximate to and distant from the structural gene., F G. Berger, G A. Breen, and K Paigen

Cis-active control of mouse beta-galactosidase biosynthesis by a systemic regulatory locus., F G. Berger and K Paigen

Mutant Genes affecting development of anemia and erythrocyte production: mice in inbred and genetically defined strains of laboratory animals., S E. Bernstein

Regulation of simian virus 40 early and late gene transcription without viral DNA replication., E H. Birkenmeier, N Chiu, M F. Radonovich, E May, and N P. Salzman

Genetic correlation between open-field activity and defecation: analysis with the CXB recombinant-inbred strains., D A. Blizard and D W. Bailey

Regulation of Leishmania populations within the host. III. Mapping of the locus controlling susceptibility to visceral leishmaniasis in the mouse., D J. Bradley, B A. Taylor, J Blackwell, E P. Evans, and J Freeman

Fetal erythropoiesis and hemoglobin ontogeny in tail-short (Ts/+) mutant mice., T W. Brotherton, D H. Chui, E C. McFarland, and E S. Russell

Effects of various oxygenated sterols on cellular sterol biosynthesis in Chinese hamster lung cells resistant to 25-hydroxycholesterol., W K. Cavenee, G F. Gibbons, H W. Chen, and A A. Kandutsch

Sterol synthesis in variant Chinese hamster lung cells selected for resistance to 25-hydroxycholesterol. Cross-resistance to 7-ketocholesterol, 20alpha-hydroxycholesterol, and serum., H W. Chen, W K. Cavenee, and A A. Kandutsch

The influence of mouse genotype on the changes in brain cyclic nucleotide levels induced by acute alcohol administration., A C. Church and D Feller

The influence of mouse genotype on passive avoidance learning and subsequent concentrations of norepinephrine and serotonin in the hypothalamus and hippocampus., A C. Church and R L. Sprott

Diabetes mellitus in rodents., D L. Coleman

Obesity genes: beneficial effects in heterozygous mice., D L. Coleman

Properties and biosynthesis of cyclopropane fatty acids in Escherichia coli., J E. Cronan, R Reed, F R. Taylor, and M B. Jackson

Genetics of formamidase-5 (brain formamidase) in the mouse: localization of the structural gene on chromosome 14., R B. Cumming, M F. Walton, J C. Fuscoe, B A. Taylor, J E. Womack, and F H. Gaertner

Teratomas., I Damjanov, D Solter, and N Skreb

Effect of mouse genotype on interferon production. III. Expression of If-1 by peritoneal macrophages in vitro., Maeyer E. De, M C. Hoyez, Maeyer Guignard De, and D W. Bailey

Late replication in an X-autosome translocation in the mouse: correlation with genetic inactivation and evidence for selective effects during embryogenesis., C M. Disteche, E M. Eicher, and S A. Latt

Long-term persistence of nontolerant cells after adult H-2-incompatible parabiosis., D W. Drell, G A. Carlson, and T G. Wegmann

Presence of circulating anti-H-2 antibody and cell-mediated precursors in successful DBA/2J-plus-(DBA/2J X C3H/HeJ)F1 parabiosed mice., D W. Drell, G A. Carlson, and T G. Wegmann

Study of H-2 mutations in mice. VIII. Aberrant expression of the H-2 antigen on red blood cells of the Hzl and M505 mutants., I K. Egorov, L E. Pospelov, V N. Shkurko, Y A. Mnatsakanyan, and E Khodjayev

A comparison between oocyte growth in coculture with granulosa cells and oocytes with granulosa cell-oocyte junctional contact maintained in vitro., J J. Eppig

FSH stimulates hyaluronic acid synthesis by oocyte-cumulus cell complexes from mouse preovulatory follicles., J J. Eppig

Gonadotropin stimulation of the expansion of cumulus oophori isolated from mice: general conditions for expansion in vitro., J J. Eppig

Melanogenesis in normal and malignant tissues., J J. Eppig and V J. Hearing

Host cells in transplanted murine tumors and their possible relevance to tumor growth., R Evans

The life history of acetylcholine receptors., D M. Fambrough, P N. Devreotes, J M. Gardner, and D J. Card

Effects of gonadotropins on steroid secretion by infantile and juvenile mouse ovaries in vitro., J E. Fortune and J J. Eppig

Cystic disorders of the kidney., R R. Fox

Effect of rabbit strain on activity level and cytotoxicity of serum complement. III. Comparison of four tumor target cells., R R. Fox, M Cherry, K L. Shultz, and K J. Salvatore

Achondroplasia., R R. Fox and D D. Crary

Hereditary macrostomus in the rabbit: a model for Treacher Collins syndrome, one form of mandibulofacial dysostosis., R R. Fox and D D. Crary

Skeleton, organ structures, and variations: rabbit., R R. Fox and D D. Crary

Anatomic and physiologic mutants: rabbit., R R. Fox, D D. Crary, and W H. Spendlove

Gonadal dysgenesis., R R. Fox and J P. Hughes

Chromosomal homology of rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) linkage group VI with rodent species., R R. Fox and Zutphen L. van

Aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase in a stable human B-lymphocyte cell line, RPMI-1788, cultured in the absence of mitogen., H J. Freedman, H L. Gurtoo, J Minowada, B Paigen, and J B. Vaught

Acetylcholine receptor degradation measured by density labeling: effects of cholinergic ligands and evidence against recycling., J M. Gardner and D M. Fambrough

Thirteen new chromosome-7 congenic lines., R J. Graff, D H. Brown, and G D. Snell

Development of velvet coat (Ve/Ve), another early lethal mutation in the house mouse., N H. Granholm, L C. Stevens, and K Theiler

Genetic nomenclature for the immunoglobulin loci of the mouse., M C. Green

Mutant genes affecting development of the immune system: mouse., M C. Green

Mutant genes affecting development of the immune system: mouse., M C. Green

Induction, inhibition, and some enzymological properties of aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase in fresh mitogen-activated human lymphocytes., H L. Gurtoo, N B. Parker, B Paigen, M B. Havens, J Minowada, and H J. Freedman


Sertoli cell differentiation in the testes of mice genetically deficient in germ cells., M A. Handel and J J. Eppig

Mouse erythropoietic stem cell lines function normally 100 months: loss related to number of transplantations., D E. Harrison

Proliferative capacity of erythropoietic stem cell lines and aging: an overview., D E. Harrison

Use of genetic anaemias in mice as tools for haematological research., D E. Harrison

Processing by the thymus is not required for cells that cure and populate W/WV recipients., D E. Harrison, C M. Astle, and J A. DeLaittre

Marrow allograft survival in W/Wv anemic mice: effects on skin graft survival and effects of preimmunization., D E. Harrison and L E. Mobraaten

Pinocytosis in L cells: its dependence on membrane sterol and the cytoskeleton., H J. Heiniger and J D. Marshall

Cytoplasmic and nuclear protein synthesis in preimplantation mouse embryos., C C. Howe and D Solter

Mapping of the Lyb-4 gene to different chromosomes in DBA/2J and C3H/HeJ mice., R C. Howe, A Ahmed, T J. Faldetta, J E. Byrnes, K M. Rogan, M E. Dorf, B A. Taylor, and R E. Humphreys

Energy management in research facilities., T B. Hyde

Teratomas and chimeras., K Illmensee and L C. Stevens

Inter-relationships between dolichol and sterol synthesis in mammalian cell cultures., M J. James and A A. Kandutsch

Genetic influences other than H-2 on the rejection of male skin grafts by female mice., L L. Johnson

Genetic control of the cytotoxic T cell response to SV40 tumor-associated specific antigen., B B. Knowles, M Koncar, K Pfizenmaier, D Solter, D P. Aden, and G Trinchieri

Transcription initiation of Xenopus 5S ribosomal RNA genes in vitro., L J. Korn, E H. Birkenmeier, and D D. Brown

Coaggregation with tumor cells inhibits expression by cerebellar cells of the adult isozyme locus, Gdc-1., L P. Kozak

Developmental interaction in the pigmentary system of mice. I. Interactions between effects of genes on color of pigment and on distribution of pigmentation in the coat of the house mouse (Mus musculus)., M L. Lamoreux and E S. Russell

Gene order in linkage group XVI of the house mouse., P W. Lane and E M. Eicher

Intracisternal A-particles in genetically diabetic mice: identification in pancreas and induction in cultured beta cells., E H. Leiter and H G. Bedigian

Endocrine pancreatic cells of postnatal "diabetes" (db) mice in cell culture., E H. Leiter, D L. Coleman, and J J. Eppig

Ultrastructural and morphometric studies of delta cells in pancreatic islets from C57BL/Ks diabetes mice., E H. Leiter, D A. Gapp, J J. Eppig, and D L. Coleman

Hemolytic anemias associated with deficient or dysfunctional spectrin., S E. Lux, B Pease, M B. Tomaselli, K M. John, and S E. Bernstein

Properties and applications of monoclonal antibodies directed against determinants of they Thy-1 locus., Rothstein A. Marshak, P Fink, T Gridley, D H. Raulet, M J. Bevan, and M L. Gefter

High affinity Concanavalin A binding to sterol-depleted L cells., J D. Marshall and H J. Heiniger

Expression of xenotropic murine leukemia viruses as cell-surface gp70 in genetic crosses between strains DBA/2 and C57BL/6., H C. Morse, T M. Chused, J W. Hartley, B J. Mathieson, S O. Sharrow, and B A. Taylor

Strain incidence of spontaneous fibrosarcoma: mouse., D D. Myers

Induction of hemoglobin C synthesis in sheep: characterization of the "switching" stem cell., A W. Nienhuis, R D. Croissant, and J E. Barker

Aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase inducibility is not altered in bladder cancer patients or their progeny., B Paigen, E Ward, K Steenland, M Havens, and P Sartori

Acid hydrolases as models of genetic control., K Paigen

A regulatory locus for mouse beta-glucuronidase induction, Gur, controls messenger RNA activity., K Paigen, C Labarca, and G Watson

Report of the committee on comparative mapping., P L. Pearson, T H. Roderick, M T. Davisson, J J. Garver, D Warburton, P A. Lalley, and S J. O'Brien

Rank order of sarcoma susceptibility among mouse strains reverses with low concentrations of carcinogen., L M. Prehn and E M. Lawler

Immunological basis for differences in susceptibility to hydrocarbon oncogenesis among mice of a single genotype., R T. Prehn

Differential susceptibility of the axilla and groin of the mouse to chemical oncogenesis., R T. Prehn and V Karnik

Diet/taste and feeding behavior of genetically obese mice (C57BL/6J-ob/ob)., I Ramirez and R L. Sprott

Regulation of caloric intake in yellow mice (C57BL/6J0Av/a)., I Ramirez and R L. Sprott

Chromosomal inversions in studies of mammalian mutagenesis., T H. Roderick

Report of the workshop on mutagenicity., T H. Roderick

Report on the workshop of mutagenicity., T H. Roderick

Introduction [to Methods in Mammalian Mutagenesis]., T H. Roderick and W Sheridan

Hereditary anemias of the mouse: a review for geneticists., E S. Russell

Heme biosynthesis and drug metabolism in mice with hereditary hemolytic anemia. Heme oxygenase induction as an adaptive response for maintaining cytochrome P-450 in chronic hemolysis., S Sassa, A Kappas, S E. Bernstein, and A P. Alvares

Inactive 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-coenzyme A reductase in broken cell preparations of various mammalian tissues and cell cultures., S E. Saucier and A A. Kandutsch

Further studies on the inhibition of sterol biosynthesis in animal cells by 15-oxygenated sterols., G J. Schroepfer, E J. Parish, and A A. Kandutsch

Inhibition of sterol biosynthesis by 9 alpha-fluoro and 9 alpha-hydroxy derivatives of 5 alpha-cholest-8(14)-en-3 beta-ol-15-one., G J. Schroepfer, E J. Parish, M Tsuda, and A A. Kandutsch

Inhibition of sterol biosynthesis in animal cells by 14 alpha-alkyl-substituted 15-oxygenated sterols., G J. Schroepfer, E J. Parish, M Tsuda, D L. Raulston, and A A. Kandutsch

Inhibition of sterol synthesis in animal cells by 15-oxygenated sterols with the unnatural cis-C-D ring junction-"5alpha,14beta-cholest-7-en-15alpha-ol-3-one and 5alpha,14beta-cholest-7-en-15beta-ol-3-one., G J. Schroepfer, R A. Pascal, and A A. Kandutsch

Colinearity in the mouse genome: a study of chromosome 2., A G. Searle, C V. Beechey, E M. Eicher, M N. Nesbitt, and L L. Washburn

International system for human gene nomenclature (1979) ISGN (1979)., T B. Shows, C A. Alper, D Bootsma, M Dorf, T Douglas, T Huisman, S Kit, H P. Klinger, C Kozak, and P A. Lalley