Faculty Research 1970 - 1979

Cell-mediated immunoselection against cell-surface antigens of somatic cell hybrids.

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Cell-Membrane: im, Chromosome-Mapping, Cytotoxicity-Tests-Immunologic, Histocompatibility-Antigens, Hybrid-Cells: im, HLA-Antigens, Immunity-Cellular, In-Vitro, Lymphoid-Tissue: cy, Mice, Phenotype, Selection-(Genetics)

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Somatic Cell Genet 1975 Apr;1(2):123-35


Cytotoxic lymphoid cells derived from in vivo immunization of mice across H2 barriers were utilized in in vitro cytotoxicity assays. The target cells were somatic cell hybrids derived from parental cells differing at the H2 locus. The hybrid cells surviving cytotoxicity were grown to confluent populations and the H2 antigens selected against were no longer demonstrable by indirect immunofluorescence. Comparative karyology of hybrid cells expressing both parental H2 types before immunoselection with hybrid cells surviving immunoselection revealed a decrease in the number of murine chromosomes number 17, suggesting that those cells surviving cytotoxicity had spontaneously lost these chromosomes prior to the selection event. The possibility of immunoconstruction of somatic cell hybrids on the basis of their cell-surface antigens is discussed.

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