Faculty Research 1970 - 1979

Analysis of mouse oogenesis in vitro. Oocyte isolation and the utilization of exogenous energy sources by growing oocytes.

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Carbon-Dioxide: me, Female, In-Vitro, Mice, Oocytes: me, ul, Oogenesis, Ovum: me, SUPPORT-U-S-GOVT-NON-P-H-S, SUPPORT-U-S-GOVT-P-H-S

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J-Exp-Zool. 1976 Dec; 198(3):375-82.


A method is described for the dissociation of mouse ovaries and the isolation of oocytes free of somatic cells by agitating pieces of ovary in collagenase and deoxyribonuclease in a calcium and magnesium free salt solution. This method yielded about 50% of the growing oocytes from immature mice. The utilization of exogenously administered 14C-labelled energy sources by oocytes in various growth stages was determined by measurement of evolved 14CO2. Little or no evolution of 14CO2 was detected from oocytes of any size incubated in 14C-glucose, lactate or succinate. The production of 14CO2 from 14C-pyruvate increased logarithmically when plotted against increasing oocyte volume with a plateau occurring after occytes reached a volume of 65,500 mum3 (50 mum diameter). Thus, the pattern of energy metabolism for oocyte maturation and early egg cleavage, wherein glucose and lactate are not utilized as efficiently as pyruvate, has been established by the earliest stages of oocyte growth.

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