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[Interaction of anti-Kb and anti-Dd effector lymphocytes with target cells of mouse mutant haplotypes]

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Animal, Antigen-Antibody-Reactions, Antigenic-Determinants, Cytotoxicity-Tests-Immunologic, English-Abstract, Histocompatibility-Antigens, Linkage-(Genetics), Mice, Mutation, T-Lymphocytes: im

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Biull-Eksp-Biol-Med. 1976 Jun; 81(6):710-3.


The magnitude of the cytotoxic effect (CE) of immune lymphocytes R101 anti-Kb (C57BL/6) and R101 anti-Dd (B10.D2) upon target cells (TC) of mutants Kba (Hzl) and Kbd (M505), as well as Dda (M504) was considerably less than that on the TC of the original C57BL/6 and B10.D2 strains, respectively. A decrease of the CE on the H (zl) and M504 TC was more prominent than that on the M505 TC. "Monospecific: lymphocytes anti-Kb and anti-Dd were separated into two distinct subpopulations by absorption on the monolayers of macrophages from the mutant strains of mice. One of the subpopulations reacted with the TC of the original strain only, whereas the other one - with the TC of both the original and mutant strains.

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