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Avoidance of graft versus host reactions in cured W-anemic mice.

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Animal, Bone-Marrow: cy, tr, Graft-Vs-Host-Reaction, Mice, Mice-Inbred-Strains, Spleen: tr, SUPPORT-U-S-GOVT-P-H-S, Transplantation-Immunology

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Transplantation. 1976 Jul; 22(1):47-51.


Graft-versus-host reactions of parental cells in F1 hybrids were studied with two unrelated inbred strains of mice that differed at the mouse histocompatibility locus. W-anemic F1 recipients were compared with lethally irradiated normal F1 recipients. Both sets of recipients were populated by marrow and spleen cell grafts from parental and F1 donors. Most W-anemic F1 recipients were cured by parental and F1 cell grafts (except B6 spleen). Even after 13 to 18 months, they showed little or no effect from GVH reactions. Lethally irradiated normal F1 recipients tolerated parental marrow grafts almost as well, but gave dramatically different results with parental spleen grafts. Seventy-nine of 80 irradiated F1 recipients of parental spleen grafts died within 1 month. Unlike lethally irradiated recipients, W-anemic recipients have substantial numbers of their own cells along with the donor cells in their lymphoid tissues. These F1 lymphocytes may interact with parental lymphocytes in vivo to restrain reactions against F1 allogeneic antigens.

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