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The genetic mapping of a defective LPS response gene in C3H/HeJ mice.

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Chromosome-Mapping, English-Abstract, Escherichia-Coli: im, Genes-Immune-Response, Lipopolysaccharides, Lymphocyte-Transformation, Mice, Mice-Inbred-C3H, Mice-Inbred-Strains, Polysaccharides-Bacterial, Proteinuria: fg, Syndactylia: fg

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J-Immunol. 1978 Feb; 120(2):422-4.


The expression of a defective LPS response gene Lps and the major urinary protein (Mup-1) are concordantly inherited in backcross (C3H/HeJ x C57BL/6J)F1 x C3H/HeJ mice, indicating genetic linkage of these loci. Mup-1 is known to be linked to the brown coat color locus on chromosome 4 in mice; thus Lps can now be assigned to chromosome 4. A value of 0.06 +/- 0.02 has been estimated for the recombination frequency between Mup-1 and Lps. We have used the polysyndactyly (Ps) mutation further to localize Lps on chromosome 4. Lps is located between the Mup-1 and Ps loci.

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