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T-lymphocyte response to H-2 mutants. I. Proliferation is dependent on Ly 1+2+ cells.

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Antigens, Cytotoxicity-Tests-Immunologic, H-2-Antigens, Immune-Sera, Leukocyte-Culture-Test-Mixed, Mice, Mutation, Phenotype, T-Lymphocytes: im

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J-Exp-Med. 1978 May 1; 147(5):1395-1404.


We have determined the Ly phenotype of the T lymphocytes which proliferate in response to mutant H-2K and H-2D alloantigens in primary mixed lymphocyte culture. Responder T cells proliferating in reciprocal cultures of H-2d(KdDd) and H-2da(KdDda) lymphocytes were typed Ly 2+ through selective depletion with specific alloantiserum plus complement. Further, B6-Ly 1a lymphocytes proliferating in response to B6-H-2ba and B6-H-2bf stimulators were typed as Ly 1+2+ through similar analysis. These results are discussed with regard to their impact on views of lymphocyte differentiation and factors determining the identity of alloreactive lymphocytes.

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