Faculty Research 1970 - 1979


Pinocytosis in L cells: its dependence on membrane sterol and the cytoskeleton.

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Colchicine, Cytoskeleton: ph, Depression-Chemical, L-Cells: ph, ul, Membrane-Lipids: ph, Mice, Microtubules: ph, Pinocytosis: de, Polylysine, Sterols, SUPPORT-U-S-GOVT-P-H-S, Vinblastine

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Cell-Biol-Int-Rep. 1979 Aug; 3(5):409-20.


Pinocytosis in L-cells, grown in serum-free medium, was depressed when cultures were treated with oxygenated derivatives of cholesterol which inhibited sterol synthesis and reduced the sterol concentration of the plasma membranes. Noninhibitory sterols, such as cholesterol or desmosterol counteracted the effects of the inhibitors. Treatment with polylysine increased the rate of pinocytosis in sterol-depleted cells to a level similar to the enhanced rate found in polylysine treated control cells. Drugs which interfere with cytoskeletal systems (microfilaments, microtubules) also depressed pinocytosis but their effect could not be overcome by treatment with polylysine.

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