Faculty Research 1980 - 1989

Hemopoietic precursor cell defects in nonanemic but stem cell-deficient W44/W44 mice.

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Animal, Hematopoietic-Stem-Cells: cy, Mice, Mice-Inbred-C57BL, Mice-Mutant-Strains, Spleen: cy

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J Cell Physiol 1988; 135(3):533-8.


Hematopoietic stem cell deficiencies cause a severe macrocytic anemia in W/Wv mice. W44/W44 mice, on the other hand, are not anemic, but, since they accept marrow implants without prior total body irradiation, they have inherited a stem cell lesion. In an attempt to identify the aberrant stem cell(s), we have determined the concentration in W44/W44 marrow of hematopoietic precursors known to be deficient in W/Wv marrow. The in vitro erythroid burst-forming units (BFU-E), the in vivo spleen colony-forming units (CFU-S), and the cells that repopulate the erythroid compartment of stem cell-deficient mice were examined. The progenitors of 7-day bursts are dramatically reduced in W/Wv marrow but are present in normal concentrations in W44/W44 marrow. W44/W44 marrow CFU-S, unlike W/Wv, generate visible spleen colonies 10 days after injection into lethally irradiated recipients. The colonies are, however, smaller and at least 2 times less numerous than those produced from equivalent numbers of +/+ marrow. An additional defect was the inability of W44/W44 stem cells to compete with genetically marked +/+ cells during erythroid repopulation. An estimate of the number of W44/W44 stem cells needed to compete with +/+ cells was provided by enriching W44/W44 progenitors fivefold. Twice as many enriched W44/W44 marrow cells as unfractionated +/+ cells were required to replace competitor cells. This suggests that there are up to 10 times fewer stem cells somewhere in the W44/W44 erythrogenerative pathway. The data support the conclusion that an erythroid progenitor less mature than the BFU-E is one of the cells most severely affected by expression of the mutant gene.

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