Faculty Research 1980 - 1989

Papillomas and carcinomas associated with a papillomavirus in European harvest mice (Micromys minutus).

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Animal, Antigens-Viral: an, Blotting-Southern, DNA-Viral: an, Female, Lung-Neoplasms: mi, pa, ve, Male, Muridae, Nucleic-Acid-Hybridization, Papilloma: mi, pa, ve, Papillomaviruses: ge, im, ip, Rodent-Diseases: mi, Sebaceous-Gland-Neoplasms: mi, pa, ve, Skin-Neoplasms: mi, pa, ve, SUPPORT-NON-U-S-GOVT, Tumor-Virus-Infections: mi, ve

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Papillomaviruses, group-specific papillomavirus antigens, or extrachromosomal papillomavirus DNA were detected in cutaneous, mucocutaneous, and pulmonary tumors affecting a colony of European harvest mice (Micromys minutus). Skin lesions were classified as acanthomatous hyperplasia, epidermal inclusion cysts, squamous papillomas, inverted papillomas, trichoepitheliomas, and sebaceous carcinomas. Cutaneous horns (hyperkeratotic papillomas) were on mucocutaneous junctions of one animal. One mouse, with a cutaneous sebaceous carcinoma, had multiple pulmonary keratinaceous cysts. Papillomavirus antigens, detected by the avidin-biotin technique, were in 20 of 31 lesions tested. In contrast, by Southern blot hybridization all 28 lesions tested contained papillomavirus DNA. Papillomavirus DNA was demonstrated in two of ten benign cutaneous lesions by in situ hybridization.

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