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Chromosomal mapping of the structural gene coding for the mouse cell adhesion molecule uvomorulin.

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Calcium-Binding-Proteins: ge, Chromosome-Mapping, Chromosomes-Bacterial: ph, Crosses-Genetic, DNA: ge, Genes-Structural, Karyotyping, Membrane-Glycoproteins: ge, Mice, Mice-Inbred-C57BL, Mice-Inbred-Strains, Polymorphism-Restriction-Fragment-Length, SUPPORT-NON-U-S-GOVT

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Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 1988 May;85(10):3489-93


The gene coding for the mouse cell adhesion molecule uvomorulin has been mapped to chromosome 8. Uvomorulin cDNA clone F5H3 identified restriction fragment length polymorphisms in Southern blots of genomic DNA from mouse species Mus musculus domesticus and Mus spretus. By analyzing the segregation pattern of the gene in 75 offspring from an interspecific backcross a single genetic locus, Um, was defined on chromosome 8. Recombination frequency between Um and the co-segregating loci serum esterase 1 (Es-1) and tyrosine aminotransferase (Tat) places Um about 14 centimorgan (cM) distal to Es-1, and 5 cM proximal to Tat. In situ hybridization of uvomorulin [3H]cDNA to mouse metaphase chromosomes located the Um locus close to the distal end of chromosome 8 (bands C3-E1). Since uvomorulin is evolutionarily highly conserved, its chromosomal assignment adds an important marker to the mouse genetic map.

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