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Neoplastic transformation of rabbit cells by murine sarcoma viruses.

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Cell-Transformation-Neoplastic: pa, Cell-Transformation-Viral, Fibroblasts: mi, pa, Kirsten-Sarcoma-Virus, Moloney-Leukemia-Virus, Rabbits

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Int-J-Cancer. 1982 Sep 15; 30(3):365-9.


Neoplastic transformation of rabbit cells by Kirsten murine sarcoma virus (Ki-MSV), the Ki-MSV pseudotype of baboon endogenous virus (Ki-MSV[BaEV]) and the Moloney-MSV pseudotype of feline leukemia virus (M-MSV[FeLV]) is reported. Rabbit cells can be readily transformed by Ki-MSV, Ki-MSV(BaEV) and M-MSV(FeLV). Rabbit cells transformed by Ki-MSV and M-MSV(FeLV) were found to be virus producers, whereas those transformed by Ki-MSV(BaEV) were nonproducers (NP). The NP cells were obtained by simply infection rabbit cells with Ki-MSV(BaEV) and subculturing the infected cells. Although the morphologically altered NP cells did not produce infectious virus or murine leukemia virus antigen, they did contain a rescuable MSV genome. All of the transformed cells formed colonies in soft agar, grew to high saturation densities and produced tumors when transplanted into nude mice. The Ki-MSV and M-MSV(FeLV)-transformed cells produced tumors in newborn WH/J rabbits, thus providing an important tool for studying tumor immunity in the rabbit.

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