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Colobus type C virus: molecular cloning of unintegrated viral DNA and characterization of the endogenous viral genomes of Colobus.

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C-Type-Viruses: ge, Cloning-Molecular, Colobus: mi, DNA-Restriction-Enzymes, DNA-Viral: ge, Genes-Viral, Human, Phage-Lambda: ge, Phylogeny, Plasmids, Repetitive-Sequences-Nucleic-Acid

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J-Virol. 1982 Mar; 41(3):842-54.


The unintegrated viral DNA intermediates of colobus type C virus (CPC-1) were isolated from infected human cells that were permissive for viral growth. There were two major species of DNA, linear molecules with two copies of the long terminal repeat and relaxed circles containing only a single long terminal repeat. In addition, there was a minor species (approximately 10%) composed of relaxed circles with two copies of the long terminal repeat. A restriction endonuclease map of the unintegrated DNA was constructed. The three EcoRI fragments of circular CPC-1 DNA were cloned in the EcoRI site of lambda gtWES . lambda B and then subcloned in the EcoRI site of pBR322. Using these subgenomic fragments as probes, we have characterized the endogenous viral sequences found in colobus cellular DNA. They are not organized in tandem arrays, as is the case in some other gene families. The majority of sequences detected in cellular DNA have the same map as the CPC-1 unintegrated DNA at 17 of 18 restriction endonuclease sites. There are, however, other sequences that are present in multiple copies and do not correspond to the CPC-1 map. They do not contain CPC-1 sequences either in an altered form or fused to common nonviral sequences. Instead, they appear to be derived from a distinct family of sequences that is substantially diverged from the CPC-1 family. This second family of sequences, CPC-2, is also different from the sequences related to baboon endogenous type C virus that forms a third family of virus-related sequences in the colobus genome.

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