Faculty Research 1980 - 1989

[Genetic study of paradoxical sleep in mice. Connection with coloration genes]

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Chromosome-Mapping, English-Abstract, Genes-Dominant, Hybridization, Male, Mice, Mice-Inbred-Strains, Sleep-REM: ph

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Waking-Sleeping. 1980 Apr-Jun; 4(2):175-83.


The study of Paradoxical Sleep (PS) from 94 male mice belonging to five inbred strains: C57BR/cdOrl (BR), BALB/cOrl (C), AKROrl, A/JOrl (A/J) and C57BL/6-c2J (B6-c2J), reciprocal F1 hybrids between BR and C strains and backcrosses between F1 hybrids and BR or C was carried out. The results showed that 1) night PS duration was independent from that of day PS; 2) C type of PS seemed to be dominant over BR type; 3) C type is linked to the albino gene; and 4) the albino gene, per se, is not involved in PS regulation. From these results a two locus model was elaborated. This model explains most of the results. The nature of such a genetic support was discussed.

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