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Sex reversal in XY mice caused by dominant mutation on chromosome 17.

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Chromosome-Mapping, Female, Genes-Dominant, Male, Mice, Mutation, Ovary: em, Sex-Determination, SUPPORT-U-S-GOVT-P-H-S, Testis: em

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Nature. 1983 May 26; 303(5915):338-40.


GM20919, RR01183


A Y-linked gene(s) is undoubtedly a prerequisite for testicular development in mammals. However, exceptional cases suggest that the mere presence of the Y chromosome or the Y-linked testis-determining gene does not totally control the fate of the bipotential gonad. For example, in the mouse, a major as yet unmapped autosomal locus is necessary for normal testicular development and at least one additional autosomal locus is implicated. We present here a third autosomal sex-determining locus. This dominantly inherited trait, tentatively named T-associated sex reversal (gene symbol Tas), is closely linked to or a part of the T/t complex on chromosome 17 of the mouse. Gonads of chromosomally XY individuals who inherit Tas on the C57BL/6J inbred strain background differentiate as ovaries or ovotestes.

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