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Identification of human hepatoma-defined cell surface molecules.

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Antibodies-Monoclonal: im, Antigenic-Determinants: im, Antigens-Neoplasm: im, Antigens-Surface: im, Comparative-Study, Hepatoma: im, Human, Kidney: im, Liver-Neoplasms: im, Mice, Organ-Specificity, SUPPORT-U-S-GOVT-P-H-S

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Hybridoma 1983;2(1):39-47


CA10815, CA09171, CA25875


BALB/c mouse splenocytes from mice immunized with cells of the human hepatoma line Hep G2 were fused with SP2/0-Ag 14 mouse myeloma cells. Two monoclonal antibodies recognizing antigenic determinants (Hag-1, Hag-2) of hepatoma cell surface molecules were investigated. Analysis of immunoprecipitates by sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) gel electrophoresis revealed that the Hag-1 antigenic determinant is born ona 115, kD MW glycoprotein, and that the second antibody immunoprecipitates a group of surface proteins with MW of 230 kD, 79 kD, 23 kD, and 20 kD from human hepatoma cells. These antigenic determinants are present on cell lines derived from other human tumors, thus neither of the antibodies is hepatoma-specific; cross-reactivity with human colorectal carcinoma and some mammary carcinoma cell lines is notable. Using indirect immunofluorescence on frozen sections Hag-1 was detected in one of three liver biopsies tested whereas Hag-2 was demonstrated in all three. Both antigens were detected in sections of human kidney with Hag-2 localized to the proximal tubules.

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