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The association of various D elements with a single-immunoglobulin VH gene segment: influence on the expression of a major cross-reactive idiotype.

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J Immunol 1985 Feb;134(2):1236-44


AI13357, CA28900, CA24432


A large fraction of the anti-p-azophenylarsonate antibodies of strain A/J mice share a major cross-reactive idiotype (IdCR). Structural analysis of monoclonal antibodies expressing this idiotype (IdCR+) indicates that a particular combination of variable region gene segments (Vk, Jk, VH, D, and JH) encodes the variable regions of the light and heavy chains of these IdCR+ antibodies. With the use of serologic methods, hybridoma cell lines have been isolated that produce monoclonal antibodies lacking IdCR determinants (IdCR-), but that are derived from most of the same combination of variable region gene segments that encode IdCR+ monoclonal antibodies. Structural analysis of these IdCR- monoclonal antibodies demonstrates that they are very homologous to each other and to IdCR+ monoclonal antibodies with respect to VH and VL sequences, but are markedly different from IdCR+ monoclonal antibodies in their utilization of D region segments. Comparisons of antigen avidity of these IdCR+ and IdCR- antibodies indicates that conservation of D region structure is not crucial for effective antigen binding. These results indicate the importance of the D region in idiotypy in the IdCR system and demonstrate the variation permitted in D region structure while maintaining antigen recognition.

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