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Murine macrophages and pancreatic beta cells. Chemotactic properties of insulin and beta-cytostatic action of interleukin 1.

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Chemotaxis, Insulin, Interleukin-1, Islands-of-Langerhans: de, cy, Macrophages: de, cy, Mice, Mice-Inbred-CBA, SUPPORT-U-S-GOVT-P-H-S

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J-Exp-Med. 1987 Oct 1; 166(4):1174-9.


DK27722, DK36175


This study has used in vitro techniques to investigate the potential interactions between mouse pancreatic islet cells and syngeneic macrophages (M phi). Islets strongly stimulated M phi migration from agarose microdroplets; insulin was the only one of four islet cell hormones tested that was effective individually. Chronic exposure of islet monolayers to recombinant mouse IL-1, an M phi secretory product, was not cytolytic, but inhibited insulin secretion, reduced intracellular insulin content, and produced beta cell-specific degranulation. These effects were unique to IL-1; another monokine, tumor necrosis factor, as well as the lymphokine IL-2, and lymphotoxin were all without effect on insulin secretion or monolayer viability at the concentrations tested. The potential pathological consequences of the chemoattractive action of insulin on M phi, and the inhibitory effect of IL-1 on insulin secretion, are discussed.

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