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Mapping of the mouse Ly-6, Xp-14, and Gdc-1 loci to chromosome 15.

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Animal, Antigens-Ly: ge, Chromosome-Mapping, Comparative-Study, Crosses-Genetic, Genetic-Marker, Glycerolphosphate-Dehydrogenase: ge, Linkage-(Genetics), Mice: ge, Mice-Inbred-Strains: ge, Restriction-Fragment-Length-Polymorphisms, SUPPORT-NON-U-S-GOVT, SUPPORT-U-S-GOVT-P-H-S

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Immunogenetics. 1987; 25(1):21-7.


RR01183, GM20919


The Ly-6 locus is now regarded as a gene complex consisting of at least five closely linked loci (Ly-6A-Ly-6E) whose polymorphic products are identified by monoclonal antibodies and distinguished by different tissue distributions. Ly-6 has been assigned by other investigators to chromosome (Chr) 9 (linked to Thy-1) or to Chr 2. We report that the Ly-6 gene complex, together with the Xp-14 and Gdc-1 loci, is situated on Chr 15 linked to Gpt-1. These new linkage data are derived from four sources: (1) three separate crosses that failed to demonstrate linkage of Ly-6 to either Thy-1 on Chr 9 or to any of five genes present on Chr 2; (2) the NXSM recombinant inbred strains, which suggested the linkage of Ly-6 and Xp-14 to Gpt-1 on Chr 15; (3) several Gpt-1 and Gdc-1 congenic strains that confirmed the assignment of Ly-6 and Xp-14 to Chr 15; and (4) backcrosses that further confirmed the linkage of Ly-6, Gpt-1, Gdc-1, and Xp-14, the probable gene order being Gpt-1/Ly-6-Xp-14-Gdc-1.

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