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The decrease in long-term marrow repopulating capacity seen after transplantation is not the result of irradiation-induced stromal injury.

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Exp-Hematol. 1988 Jan; 16(1):49-54.


Marrow cells from nonirradiated F1-W/Wv mice repopulated slightly less well than cells from lethally irradiated recipients. Therefore, avoiding irradiation of recipients did not improve the relative repopulating ability of their marrow cells. In other experiments, F1-W/Wv mice were transplanted by parabiosis with marrow of WBB6F1-+/+ (F1-+/+) mice, avoiding cellular handling and irradiation. Marrow cells transplanted to F1-W/Wv mice by this procedure demonstrated slightly better repopulating ability than did marrow cells transplanted by injection. However, they performed no better than those transplanted by parabiosis to irradiated F1-+/+ recipients. Significant impairment of stromal function after irradiation was not indicated. Apparently, stem cell damage caused by transplantation may have greater importance in causing loss of stem cell replicative potential than effects of irradiation-induced stromal injury.

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