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Intercommunication between mammalian oocytes and companion somatic cells.

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Cell-Communication, Female, Graafian-Follicle: cy, ph, Homeostasis, Mammals, Meiosis, Models-Biological, Oocytes: cy, ph, SUPPORT-U-S-GOVT-P-H-S

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Bioessays 1991 Nov;13(11):569-74


HD20575, HD23839, HD21970


Cellular interactions in the mammalian ovarian follicle between its germ-line and somatic cell components are crucial for its development and function. These interactions are mediated by both membrane gap junctions and paracrine factors. Somatic cell-to-oocyte communication is essential for oocyte growth and the regulation of meiotic maturation. In particular, granulosa cells provide nutrients and molecular signals that regulate oocyte development. Oocytes, on the other hand, promote the organization of the follicle, the proliferation of granulosa cells, and the differentiation and function of cumulus cells, a subset of granulosa cells. Determining the nature of the oocyte-to-granulosa cell signals remains a key challenge for future work.

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