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Hexokinase levels in discrete regions of rat brain: evaluation by quantitative immunofluorescence using interactive laser cytometry and comparison with basal rates of glucose utilization.

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Comparative-Study, Fluorescent-Antibody-Technique, Glucose, Glycolysis, Hexokinase, Lasers, Male, Organ-Specificity, Rats, Rats-Inbred-Strains, SUPPORT-NON-U-S-GOVT, SUPPORT-U-S-GOVT-P-H-S

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J Neurochem 1991 Aug; 57(2):441-6.


Relative levels of hexokinase (ATP:D-hexose 6-phosphotransferase, EC have been determined in 16 discrete regions of adult rat brain by a quantitative immunofluorescence method. The distribution of immunofluorescence in brain sections was determined by interactive laser cytometry and related to hexokinase content by comparison with standard sections containing known amounts of the enzyme. In many of these regions, referred to here as group I regions, hexokinase content was correlated with previously reported basal rates of glucose utilization. However, several regions (group II regions) in which hexokinase content exceeded that expected from basal rates of glucose utilization were also detected. Compared with the corresponding regions from albino rat brain, higher hexokinase levels were found in the dorsal and ventral lateral geniculate (group I regions) of pigmented Norway rats, a result reflecting previously reported increased glucose utilization by these regions in pigmented rats. There was no difference in hexokinase levels in the superior colliculus, a group II structure, from albino and pigmented rats, a finding implying that a reported increase in rate of glucose utilization in the superior colliculus of pigmented rats is effected without an increase in hexokinase content. It is suggested that group II regions may be adapted to sustain increases in rates of glucose utilization that are, relative to basal rates, considerably greater than those experienced by group I regions.

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