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A multipoint genetic linkage map of mouse chromosome 18.

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Blotting-Southern, Chromosome-Mapping, DNA, DNA-Probes, Female, Linkage-(Genetics), Male, Mice, Mice-Inbred-C57BL, Recombination-Genetic, Restriction-Fragment-Length-Polymorphisms, SUPPORT-NON-U-S-GOVT, SUPPORT-U-S-GOVT-P-H-S

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Genomics 1992 Aug;13(4):1143-9




We have mapped 13 loci on mouse Chromosome 18 by Southern blot analysis of restriction fragment length polymorphisms among progeny from an interspecific backcross: (C57BL/6J X Mus spretus) X M. spretus. Complete haplotype analysis of 136 of these progeny was used to establish gene order and estimate genetic distances between loci. The gene order (from centromere to telomere) and recombination distances (in centimorgans) were as follows: PGK-1rs5-4.3-Tpi-10-11.8-(Egr-1, Hmg17-rs9)-2.1-Fgfa-2.2-Grl-1-10.1-(Cdx-1, Csfmr, Pdgfrb, Pdea, Rps14)-2.1-Adrb-2-22.9-Mbp. Pgk-1rs5, Tpi-10, Hmg17-rs9, and Rps14 had not been previously mapped in the mouse; Egr-1 had only been syntenically assigned to mouse Chr 18. Nine of the loci, spanning 18 cM, have homologs on the distal long arm of human Chr5--a region rich in genes encoding growth factors and receptors. An additional previously unmapped gene, Drd-1, predicted to be on mouse Chr 18 based on its human chromosomal location, was mapped to the middle region of mouse Chr 13.

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