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Mapping of the motor neuron degeneration (Mnd) gne, a mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

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Genomics 1992 Jul;13(3):797-802




The motor neuron degeneration mutation (Mnd) causes a late-onset, progressive degeneration of upper and lower motor neurons in mice. After establishing genetic and environmental conditions that distinguish the phenotypes of Mnd/Mnd from +/Mnd mice, Mnd was mapped to proximal Chr 8, using endogenous retroviruses as markers. The map location was confirmed with additional linked polymorphic markers. The outcross/intercross matings to the strain AKR/J, which were used to follow the segregation of the retroviral markers with respect to Mnd, also revealed the existence of a timing effect. Approximately one-fourth of the affected Mnd/Mnd F2 progeny showed accelerated disease. The Mnd mouse model should allow study of mechanisms affecting onset and progression of specific neuronal degeneration in both animal and human neurological disease.

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