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SV40 stimulates expression of the transacting factor Sp1 at the mRNA level.

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Base-Sequence, Cell-Line, DNA-Binding-Proteins: ge, Fluorescent-Antibody-Technique, Gene-Expression-Regulation-Viral, Genes-Viral, Molecular-Sequence-Data, Promoter-Regions-(Genetics), RNA-Messenger: bi, ge, Support-Non-U, S, -Gov't, SV40-Virus: ge, Transcription-Factors: ge

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Genes Dev 1990 Apr; 4(4):659-66.


Expression of the trans-acting transcription factor Sp1 increased almost 10-fold after infection of cells by simian virus 40. This alteration, attributable to an early viral protein, occurred at the mRNA level beginning at 12 hr postinfection, shortly after the appearance of viral T antigen, and reached a plateau at 20 hr postinfection. The enhanced level of Sp1 message was accompanied by a marked increase in Sp1 protein in the cell nuclei. Furthermore, we have demonstrated that stimulation of Sp1 levels elevates expression from viral and cellular promoters. Enhancing the amount of this trans-acting factor may play a role in aiding the viral life cycle and in neoplastic transformation of infected cells.

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