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Preservation of functioning human thyroid organoids in the scid mouse: II. Biased use of intrathyroidal T cell receptor V genes [see comments]

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Base-Sequence, Blotting-Southern, Graves'-Disease: im, me, Human, Mice, Mice-SCID, Molecular-Sequence-Data, Oligodeoxyribonucleotides: ge, Organoids: me, tr, Polymerase-Chain-Reaction, Receptors-Antigen-T-Cell-alpha-beta: bi, ge, RNA-Messenger: an, SUPPORT-NON-U-S-GOVT, SUPPORT-U-S-GOVT-P-H-S, T-Lymphocytes: im, Thyroglobulin: bi, Thyroid-Gland: me, tr, Transcription-Genetic, Transplantation-Heterologous

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J Clin Endocrinol Metab 1993 Aug;77(2):311-5




The severe combined immunodeficiency (scid) mouse, which lacks functional B cells and T cells, has proven a useful model for exploring the survival of transplanted human lymphocytes and thyrocytes. In order to further characterize T cell infiltrates in reconstituted sc human thyroid organoids, we examined for the presence of 18 human T cell receptor (hTcR) V alpha and 21 hTcR V beta gene families using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) analysis. Human TcR V gene activity was confirmed by Southern blot analysis of the PCR fragments from all but one of the thyroid organoids, confirming the continued survival of human T cells within the thyroid organoids. However, only 3.5 out of 18 V alpha and 5.9 out of 21 V beta gene families were detected in these human thyroid organoids indicating a marked bias in T cell survival. Sequencing of the V-D-J regions of the amplified TcR fragments showed that approximately 60% of the sequences were representative of clonally expanded T cells. Hence, these passenger T cells exhibited highly biased use of particular TcR V gene families similar to that observed previously in thyroid tissue and intrathyroidal T cell cultures. Furthermore, variations in the V-D-J regions of sequences from similar V gene families indicated that the V gene region was important in T cell selection rather than the CD3 region.