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Cloning and developmental expression of Grg, a mouse gene related to the groucho transcript of the Drosophila Enhancer of split complex.

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Mech Dev 1993 Jul;42(1-2):67-76


Genes of the Enhancer of split complex are involved in neural-epidermal cell fate decisions during early embryogenesis in Drosophila. One of these genes, the product of the Enhancer of split m9/10 or groucho transcript, encodes a ubiquitous nuclear protein with homology at the carboxy-terminus to G-protein beta-subunits. Here we describe the cloning and RNA expression analysis of a mouse gene, designated Grg, that is homologous to just the amino-terminal region of the groucho product. Grg encodes a 197 amino acid protein that shares 53% amino acid identity with the corresponding region of the product of the Drosophila groucho gene. However, the mouse Grg protein does not contain the region homologous to G-protein beta-subunits. An analysis by in situ hybridization of the spatial and temporal localization of Grg RNA expression revealed that, while the initial pattern of Grg expression was quite restricted, by midgestation Grg RNA was ubiquitously expressed in the developing embryo. Widespread Grg RNA expression was maintained in adult mice. The implications of these results for the existence of separable functional domains of the Drosophila groucho product, and possible roles of the Grg gene during mouse development, are discussed.

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