Faculty Research 1990 - 1999

A comprehensive genetic map of the mouse genome [see comments] [published erratum appears in Nature 1996 May 9;381(6578):172]

W F. Dietrich
J Miller
R Steen
M A. Merchant
Boles D. Damron
Z Husain
R Dredge
M J. Daly
K A. Ingalls
T J. O'Connor
a l. et


The availability of dense genetic linkage maps of mammalian genomes makes feasible a wide range of studies, including positional cloning of monogenic traits, genetic dissection of polygenic traits, construction of genome-wide physical maps, rapid marker-assisted construction of congenic strains, and evolutionary comparisons. We have been engaged for the past five years in a concerted effort to produce a dense genetic map of the laboratory mouse. Here we present the final report of this project. The map contains 7,377 genetic markers, consisting of 6,580 highly informative simple sequence length polymorphisms integrated with 797 restriction fragment length polymorphisms in mouse genes. The average spacing between markers is about 0.2 centimorgans or 400 kilobases.