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Genetics of intracisternal-A-particle-related envelope-encoding proviral elements in mice.

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J Virol 1996 Sep;70(9):6450-4




Intracisternal-A-particle-related envelope-encoding (IAPE) proviral elements in the mouse genome encode and express an envelope-like protein that may allow transmission of IAPEs as infectious agents. To test IAPE mobility and potential transmission in mice, we have analyzed the distribution of IAPE elements in the genomes of Mus spretus and Mus musculus inbred strains and wild-caught animals. Potential full-length (IAPE-A) proviral elements are present as repetitive copies in DNA from male but not female animals of M. musculus inbred strains and Mus musculus castaneus. Analysis of IAPE-cellular junction fragments indicates that fixation of most IAPEs in the germ line occurred in M. musculus and M. spretus after speciation but before M. musculus inbred strains were derived.